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My Ebb Tide Experience

I know there have been posts here and there about Ebb Tide in Portchester. I went tonight at 7pm. There was a good line in the restaurant but still spaces outside. I love the casual/seaside atmosphere of this place; very different from most places in Westchester. Prices can be steep, but I enjoyed what we had -

Lobster roll
- My friend's comment was that it was smaller than he expected and the roll itself wasn't particularly great. But the stuffing was good

Plum tomato salad
- A great side dish

Fried clam strips
- I really wanted fried clam bellies but they weren't available. I didn't really want the fries on the bottom; I would say they were very good. Not too greasy and most pieces were big.

Dozen oysters
- Nothing to complain

I was looking @ what other people were having and I'd love to try the lobster set and also the bowl of mussels next time!

I think this is a really nice spot to visit with good seafood. But if you'd rather have AC and have waiter service, then this place is def not for you.

Q in Mount Kisco now open

Thanks for the review! I actually drove by the one in Portchester tonight and I can't wait to visit the Mt Kisco location. For people that don't frequent the area the strip mall can be hard to find but it's really right across from TJ Maxx.

Spoon In Chappaqua

Huh... I live like, right there and didn't even know about this! I LOVE Koo so I'll have to try this out for sure.

Whose Going to the Crawfish Festival next week, NJ??

I'm in Westchester. Probably a 2-3 hr drive. The word crawfish fest just make me salivate haha so I might just make the day trip to see what it's all about!

Whose Going to the Crawfish Festival next week, NJ??

Is it worth it to go for the day?

Koo in Rye

Was just there last week for lunch! I really love their food. Try the Sushi Bullet! That's my favorite there. It's a fried/tempura-ed sushi roll with spicy tuna on top.

Thai Angels in Kisco

I've only gotten take-outs from that place. But the lady Angela is really friendly! I had a nice chat with her while waiting for the food. It's not cheap but the quality's good and quite authentic. There aren't that many Thai places around here anyway. I used to go to one in Thornwood but never liked it much.

finally, Bisou Bistro/Patisserie in Pleasantville

I'd like to try it too! I, too, had bad memories at French Confessions. I alway wondered what took them so long to close :P

Iron Horse in Pleasantville, ny Anyone?

I totally agree with the casual but upscale attitude. The food was great too!

best korean in Westchester?

Exactly what I was going to say :)

Dim Sum at Kam Sen in WP

I think Kam Sen offers pretty good and authentic dim sum but you have to understand this is within the supermarket so you can't expect too much. I sugguest to try this Chinese restaurant in the bestbuy plaza on central avenue (with trader joes, marshalls, etc). They have a good selection of authentic dim sum there and it's a nicer enviroment than being in a supermarket.

Worth a Drive in Westchester - your picks

I agree too. Cheap and authentic!

Also, Aberdeen is good but for even more dim sum choices try the place in the best buy plaza on central avenue (I forget the name). The restaurant may not look as nice as Aberdeen but their dimsum selection is defnitely broader.

Unbelievable Indian find in Westchester

After reading about this thread a few days ago, I went to try it today! I've been in the area for a decade and have never heard of it. It's fantastic! The other (newer) commentors are right - the girl cashier is fluent in enlgish and they have a little white board that serves as the menu. My mom & I ordered 3 samosa's (at 75 cents a piece), a vegatable curry, a chicken masala and some nann to go. Total came out to be just under $14. Of the 2/3 tables available, they were all taken up by local Indians. There was some other people ordering take-out, I kept wonder if it could be anyone from here :) The food was delishish, especially for the price, this is a GREAT find - I never would've discovered it in a million years. Thanks!