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Just Moved to Silver Spring -- any recs?

Thanks all! We checked out Samantha's on the 21st -- very good and I look forward to exploring more of the menu. We actually went to Mandalay when we came out for an exploratory visit because we used to have a Burmese place a block away from our old apartment.

I'm sure we'll be hitting plenty of the other places listed over the next couple weeks. It's good to hear that there's good Indian in the area as well -- I think we became addicted over the last couple years in Berkeley. Thanks again and happy new year!

Just Moved to Silver Spring -- any recs?

My husband and I just moved to Silver Spring from the SF Bay area and we're starting to take inventory of our food choices. I'm guessing it's not quite as plentiful as in California, but any recommendations for delivery, takeout, or restaurants nearby would be very helpful. For more specifics, we live off of University between Franklin and Piney Branch. We're open to all sorts of food. Thanks!