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Kid Friendly, good restaurants in the area?

Thanks for the response. We took them to Punch and it was really good. We've been to Tilia once and really liked it (alone--not with kids). We're all the way off in White Bear Lake, so pretty much anything in the city is a trek. I suppose I should have asked for St. Paul recs too.

Kids are small, 1 and 3.

A good Vietnamese place is one thing I'd like to find. Is a place like Borough too high end?

Jul 09, 2014
haldi in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Kid Friendly, good restaurants in the area?

We'll be visiting family in the area at the beginning of August (suburbs of Minneapolis). I'm hoping to get a night off with my husband to go to Restaurant Alma or Piccolo.

But there are so many other great places in the area that I'd love to try--I'm looking for suggestions for good restaurants where I can comfortably take two small kids. They are used to restaurants and love Asian food. I don't want to take them anywhere where we'll annoy other patrons, but I don't want to miss out on all the great restaurants either.

Is Butcher and the Boar an okay place to take kids for an early dinner/lunch, for example? Other good spots?


Jul 09, 2014
haldi in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

Thanks for all the responses. I would not bother with the managers. I had a run in with a seafood "team member" as well and the manager was just as unhelpful as the employee.

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

I was just wondering if anyone else has had bad customer service experiences with the Whole Foods in Harbor East. We've been living in Baltimore for a year now, and we've had more than one issue with that store. I just got back from yet another disappointing visit to the store where I even took the time to speak with a manager who was totally unhelpful. Just wondering if it's just us or if there are other folks out there who have noticed issues with this particular Whole Foods. In future, we'll try to avoid them--easy enough to find good produce elsewhere in the summer.

Is Miss Shirley's Still Good?

Just went to Miss Shirley's on Pratt. The food was awful! The hashbrowns tasted like they had been frozen, my breakfast sandwich was greasy, the lettuce on my husband's burger was brown. Basically everything was awful. I have a feeling that the pancakes, sweet breakfast stuff might be a touch better, but we'll probably never go back to find out. Oh and the service was incredibly slow as well!

Baltimore -- what do you think of my choices? Or can you suggest something else?

I have to disagree with dcopeland about Lexington Market. I live a few blocks from Cross St Market and it is no where near as interesting as Lexington Market. Personally I find the clientele at Nick's seafood to be more frustrating then anyone you would find at Lexington Market. I don't know what "the other Baltimore" is either. I wouldn't recommend the Lexington Market area at night especially when you're not familiar with the city--but its perfect safe during the day. Faidley's for crabcakes is a fun experience and the market itself is an interesting place to look around. I'm a college professor and took a group of students there with no problem--but if you're with people who share the attitudes (or euphemisms) of other posters on Lexington Market you may not want to go.

Fish Market?

Hello chowhounds,
I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good place to buy fresh fish in Baltimore city. I know there is one place in Catonsville. I live in Federal Hill and while I don't mind some of the offerings at Cross St market they don't seem to carry very interesting fish, just white trout, salmon. I am a fan of the oilier fish, but don't seem to even encounter mackeral, red snapper or sea bass too often around here. Is Lexington Market my best bet?
Thanks for any tips!

Abbey Burger Bistro (Federal Hill)

Just wanted to report that we didn't have a great experience at this place. Seems a lot like other Federal Hill pub establishments. The burgers were okay, but greasy. The fries weren't great, and the onion rings were really gross, totally soggy and covered in grease. We won't be back anytime soon. I guess the search continues for a good burger place--all suggestions are welcome!

Ann Arbor - An Updated Survey of the best it has to offer

I've always refrained from posting about this since I feel like my opinions never match the boards, but since I am moving I am going to throw in my two cents. Also, I've found a ton of help off of this site (not for Ann Arbor, but for other cities).

After living here for 6 years my assessment is that Ann Arbor is always going to be pretty disappointing for anything high-end or upscale. I think you have to travel to other cities in Michigan to really make that happen (like Detroit or Farmington Hills) but I don't know for sure. For example, people like Eve and Logan, but I think they are both mediocre at best, particularly for the price. Eve is perhaps the most overrated restaurant I have ever experienced. But for some reason, people around here love it. Maybe it's me. Logan is better, but for the money, I feel like you can get a better meal elsewhere (like another city). Also, there is no good Thai, no good Indian but there is some good Korean, and almost decent Vietnamese. What Ann Arbor does best is the more casual American dining, and there is some good stuff to be had. Also, it's a good place for the at home cook, lots of good little markets with good ingredients. So here is my list. My best advice is to cultivate your at home cooking skills:

Sushi: Saica (reasonable but consistently good) and Yotsuba (pricier but very good)
Chinese: Great Lake (particularly if you're willing to order some of the less common dishes they serve. Their soups are great, good dimsum)
Steak: Knights (such a great place! best burgers in town in my opinion with Old Town a close second (they use Knight's meat I think too)
Indian: Don't bother anymore.
Vietnamese: The place in Ypsi is fine, and Siagon Garden is passable if you're dying for it. Nothing stellar though.
Thai: Don't bother (I am very picky about Thai food though so perhaps you should listen to other posters, I happen to come from a part of the country that has an unusual concentration of AMAZING Thai.) The least worst place in my opinion is Old Siam.
Lunch: Kosmo's and Monihan's in Kerrytown Market are excellent. Also, Sparrow has a great butcher. The co-op's salad bar and hot bar are really good. Everday cook was great, but its closed now. The chef who ran that seriously needs to open up a restaurant in this town and show some of these other folks how its done.
Korean: Arirang (this place is great. the dumplings are homemade)
Upscale: If you must, if you need a good dinner out, then the best options are Zingerman's Roadhouse and Zola. Pacific Rim is okay too if you like that kind of thing. Everything else I've tried in the Main Street area has just been really disappointing. The Earle is fun for drinks, especially in the winter, but the food isn't so good. I like Common Grille in Chelsea, but weirdly the restaurant is better when its really crowded. They tend to run out of things too.
Mexican: La Fiesta Mexicana in Ypsi
Pizza: NYPD or Anthony's
Breakfast/Brunch: Northside beats Angelo's any day of the week in my opinion. Again though you're going to hear a lot of people recommending Angelo's.

Jul 15, 2008
haldi in General Midwest Archive

Special Occasion Restaurant Baltimore

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great recommendations. One quick question: I was looking at Charleston's menu online. It looks pretty great--is it worth the money? These are two very special occasions that we're celebrating so splurging a bit might be okay. It seemed that if you did the 3 course menu, (posted at $79) that with wine you'd be looking at say $100 per person (without tip)? Am I totally off base? Anyway, that might be do-able if you all think that the dining and food experience is worth it.

Anniversary and Travel Suggestions in Michigan

My husband and I are celebrating our first anniversary this month. We're strapped for time and cash, but we'd love to take a little trip somewhere in Michigan (perhaps the Lake Michigan shore)--we live in Southeast Michigan right now, but are moving soon and would like to use this little trip to see something in the state (we haven't traveled around here much). Are there any towns on the shore that have good food, good restaurants and are worth a visit? Anything we shouldn't miss? Anyone out there like Saugatuck (sp?)? We'd be willing to sort of plan our trip around one good meal, particularly if we could find a nice, relatively inexpensive place to stay for the weekend. The usual suggestions like Traverse City or Mackinac Island are welcome if they come with suggestions for how to go about the visit affordably (we're willing to pay for one good meal though!) Honestly, any ideas are welcome, particularly ideas that don't involve spending 300 a night for a place to stay!

Jul 14, 2008
haldi in General Midwest Archive

Special Occasion Restaurant Baltimore

Hi everyone,
I need a restaurant recommendation for a special occasion.

I will be moving to Baltimore in August for a job. At the beginning of September, I'm planning a small party to celebrate a number of things. I'm originally from the DC area so I'm pretty familiar with restaurants there, but I'd like to plan this celebration in Baltimore.

I'm looking for a restaurant that could comfortably serve a small group (10-12 people), not necessarily in a separate room, but I'm open to that as an option. While I love ethnic food, I was thinking of something more French Bistro, New American, even Italian since it seems that having options might be good in this situation (we have a mix of folks in this group, different ages and preferences). Also, a quieter restaurant with nice ambiance is important. Does anyone have any ideas for a place that might work? How is Charleston Restaurant or Petit Louis Bistro? I love places like Eve (in Old Town Alexandria), Vidalia, Black Salt, Palena, Mendocino Grill. Something nice but not too too pricey (20-30 entrees is good) would be perfect.

Thanks for any recommendations!

Good food, reasonable prices?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to plan a trip to Chicago the weekend after Christmas and I need help figuring out good lunch and dinner options. We're staying in the magnificent mile area (surprise, surprise) and as far as I can remember rooting out good places to eat that are in walking distance can be a bit difficult. I would really LOVE some suggestions as we're planning on doing some sightseeing during the days that we are there. Ideas for good lunches?

Also, other questions:
On both Thursday and Saturday nights we won't be able to get to any restaurants before nine, but I still want to go out for some decent meals. I was thinking Frontera and Kaze as two options. Other ideas? Again walking distance or easy access by the train on those two evenings would be particularly great.

Any ideas for a nice meal that's not TOO pricey (entrees in the $20 range) on Friday night (the only night where we can make reservations for anytime)? I'd be interested in small plates, new american, eastern European...I'm really open to any ideas. What I'm looking for is a nice relaxing, unhurried meal with good drink to go along...a quiet place would be ideal.

And finally any good dim-sum suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help you all can provide!

Dec 20, 2007
haldi in Chicago Area