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Kosher Shabbat in Rome

Thanks to all who responded. We ended up eating both meals at BaGhetto and enjoyed both. Although Friday night definitely had better food. There was a meat lasagna course that was probably the best of everything we had over the course of both meals.

BaGhetto dairy was fantastic and we also liked Yotvata. Bella Carne was not open for shabbat meals, but we had a great dinner there. Definitely the best meal of all the ones we ate in Rome.

Fonzie's burgers also gets an honorable mention!

Aug 10, 2015
cb3 in Kosher

Kosher Shabbat in Rome

Heading to Rome this week. Which is a better choice for shabbat meals? Ba'Ghetto? La Taverna Del Ghetto? Something else?

Jul 28, 2015
cb3 in Kosher

North Jersey Kosher Caterer needed

I second the motion re: Gary. He's a great guy -- real mentch

Mar 06, 2015
cb3 in Kosher

Best dairy in nyc

We just tried Butterfish and loved it. I definitely wouldn't think of it when considering dairy restaurants. However, the sushi was really good as were the other fish dishes we tried. There's a 5-course tasting menu with sea bass, sashimi tuna w/ root vegetables, and grilled lamb. The duck pad thai is also a stand-out. Great place, beautiful inside and excellent service.

Feb 16, 2015
cb3 in Kosher

Kosher Place for Business Lunch in White Plains, NY

Does anyone have a recommendation for kosher places in White Plains? I know about New Rochelle, but it's a bit far. I saw that there's a vegetarian Indian place called Masala Kraft Cafe. Any reviews?


Jan 06, 2015
cb3 in Kosher

kosher wild salmon?

Is there a way for a customer to tell the difference? Our retailer tells us our salmon is wild but I have no way to verify that

Dec 30, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Butterfish NYC

Has anyone been to Butterfish? Any good recommendations from their menu? THanks

Dec 23, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Meatos Revisited

Having provided a lukewarm review of Meatos in the past, I wanted to update it with a better opinion. I was back there recently for lunch and the food was terrific. I'm not sure if it has to do with the menu being different, but it was definitely worthwhile. I'd go back there for a business lunch any time with confidence.

I sampled a number of tortillas/wraps. The lamb kebab was the best of the bunch, but the entrecote was a close second, with a little heat from jalapeno inside. My companions enjoyed the entrecote burger and the sandwiches, which had similar fillings to the wraps.

Side dishes were great. Everything came with fries and we ordered a few additional ones. Grilled veggies were good and we also had some thinly sliced roasted potatoes with something great drizzled on top (not sure what it was -- some kind of spiced mayo)

I can't say anything further about the steaks on the dinner menu. I hope they've also received an upgrade.

Also, they are finally serving liquor. The wine list has some great high end selections. Very few choices for beer.

Dec 18, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Queens/Main Street Take Out

I second the Grill Point and La Bella recommendations. The burgers at Hapisgah are also fantastic, but I'd recommend calling that in ahead of time. It's not really fast food.

Dec 07, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Kosher Smoked Turkey Delivery Service Comparisons

I concur. We also had the same meal and it was delicious. Extra kudos to the stuffing and the beet/jicama salad.

Sunday night leftovers were still amazing. I haven't looked forward to reheating leftover turkey in a long time :-)

Dec 01, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Can someone please open an upscale Italian Kosher Dairy restaurant with excellent fish dishes in Teaneck?

I've been following the conversations on this board for a long time, and this is one of the best comments ever. I really did laugh out loud

Nov 17, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

luxury Queens dining

I really wish I could recommend Meatos. The setting is perfect for the type of dinner the poster is looking for. But the food is just not good (I've tried it twice).

Sushi Metsuyan is a great option, but the tables are awfully close together and it gets pretty crowded and noisy during busy times. Cho-sen is conventional, but dependable, and easy to have a business conversation.

If you're OK with fish, Turquoise is a pretty good option. But, once you move past fish, the menu is rather limited.

La Bella is not a bad option if you're looking at the Main St area. Not too fancy, but it's got white tablecloths, good service, and a varied menu (it's dairy). They have a huge selection of fish dishes, all very good. And then there's salads, pasta, pizza, soups, etc. I've had several business lunches there that went well. (Not "high powered" -- but you're not going to find a Reserve Cut in Queens)

Oct 30, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Need Jerusalem update - for breakfasts, dinners & Shabbos meals

We stayed in the same area recently. We got takeout for Shabbos from 2 places: Heimishe Essen, which is down the block from the Kings Hotel (look for the windmill on Ramban St); and Marvad Hakesamim, on Emek Refaim. Marvad Hakesamim told us that they are opening a new takeout location on King George in November. Overall, we enjoyed Marvad's food more in just about every category, except that Heimishe Essen's kugels were pretty good.

Oct 27, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

takeout for shabbat in jerusalem

We are heading to Jerusalem for sukkot. Does anybody have updates to this thread? Are the places mentioned still there? Any new options? Thanks and shana tova!

Sep 22, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Turquoise, Great Neck

It depends what kind of place you're looking for. Meatos is a beautiful place that I'd classify as a steakhouse. There were a couple of entree menu items that were chicken and pasta, but most were steaks and burgers. Think Le Marais. Basic good steaks. I was comparing it to the places that I really enjoy that surprise me with things I'd never make at home. It's not that, at least not yet, from the single visit that I experienced.

Aug 28, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Turquoise, Great Neck

In Queens, you can give Meatos a try. It's new (about a month old). Menu is mostly steaks and burgers, with some interesting appetizers. Very nice place, even nicer than Chateau Steakhouse (the space they took over)

There's also a new asian place scheduled to open on the corner of Main St and 73rd, where Kosher Corner used to be. I don't know their timing.

Aug 28, 2014
cb3 in Kosher


They have been open for a couple of weeks. I have been there once, but I'd like to go again before writing up some thoughts. Bottom line: beautiful & elegant decor, good food, but not yet a place I would put in the same category as Mike's, Pardes, or Chagall. With the build-up and the reputation from Israel, I expected to see more creativity on the plate. I'll let you know more after another try.

Aug 27, 2014
cb3 in Kosher


They opened last night. Did anyone try it? We have high hopes. How many days should I give them to settle in before going?

Aug 11, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Good Eats in Philadelphia

If you're in Center City for lunch, you must try the falafel at Mama's

Jun 13, 2014
cb3 in Kosher

Turquoise question (Fresh Meadows)

Did you go? How was it?

Dec 19, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

Center City//Merion

Ditto. We were in Philly a couple of weeks ago and went to both Mama's and in Center City. The falafel at Mama's is outstanding. We went on a weekday during lunch and there was a line out the door. I'll bet it's less crowded on a Sunday.

Dec 10, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

New supermarket near St. Johns?

I stand corrected. Looks like it opened last Thurs. I hope they do well. Looking forward to trying it out...

Oct 28, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

New supermarket near St. Johns?

No, it has not

Oct 25, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

Anything new in Queens?

Nothing new and noteworthy comes to mind. On Main St., you still have Sushi Metsuyan (meat) and L'Bella (dairy) for nice sit-down meals. Elite Cafe is also pretty good.

Union Tpke -- you've got Hapisgah, and further down is Turquoise, if you like fish. Cafe Muscat and Turnpike Cafe are also good.

Chateau Steakhouse was a real disappointment and has closed. There's no real upscale, fine-dining option.

Oct 09, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

Great kosher fish restaurant in NY?

If you're willing to go to Queens, it's worth checking out Turquoise on Union Turnpike

Aug 23, 2013
cb3 in Kosher


We went last night and had the opposite experience. The wait staff was quite attentive. There was a brand new server who couldn't answer some of our questions so she quickly brought over someone else. His suggestions were spot on, we didn't feel rushed even though almost every table was full, and the food was fantastic. The only minor issue was mentioned here by another commenter: we ordered several dishes between the two of us and sometimes, so many of them showed up at once that there wasn't room for everything on the table. If anyone goes this week, be adventurous and check out the dessert parfait with the candied olives

Aug 06, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

Kosher Protein Powder

I use whey protein powder that I get online from I usually get the Nutri-Supreme brand -- the vanilla and coffee flavors.

The vanilla provides a great base for any fruit. I'll blend water, powder, half a banana, and then strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango, etc. whatever you have. Or, you can do a combination of watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew. Blend with ice. If you want to indulge, use low-fat milk instead of water.

The coffee flavor goes great with banana, a little peanut butter and/or strawberry. Sometimes, i throw iced coffee in there too.

These are great after a workout or post-run.

May 31, 2013
cb3 in Kosher

Breakfast in KGH Queens?

Turnpike cafe on union turnpike. Shakshouka is great and they bake their own pastries.

Oct 14, 2012
cb3 in Kosher

kosher restaurant jezebel to open in nyc

Please also report back on who the kashrut certifier is. I called them up and they said it was Rabbi Mehlman and the OU. Not sure what that means. There's nothing about them on the OU Kosher website. Thanks!

Jul 11, 2012
cb3 in Kosher

new stuff in queens/long island

Nope. It's across 188th from the bagel store, same side of Union, a couple of storefronts off the corner.

Jul 06, 2012
cb3 in Kosher