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Puerto Morelos....

Yes - Isla Mujeres - it's not far - easy to get to - wonderful seafood places right by the ferry dock.

about 8 hours ago
Maggie19 in Mexico

Puerto Morelos....

Head over to Isla and you'll find many excellent restaurants and food vendors.

1 day ago
Maggie19 in Mexico

Sezchuan Spice

Was there last Friday - Late lunch of hot & sour and dan dan noodles. For the hotel later, a take out order of their Chinese BBQ. Every thing was just excellent. The dan dan noodle had more of a peanut sauce flavor than I remember from past visits - but worthy of ordering again and again.

Sep 01, 2015
Maggie19 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Favorite discontinued food items

Trader Joe's Chili Lime Pistachios

Aug 19, 2015
Maggie19 in General Topics

Eating Corn On The Cob--What's Your Style???

Lately it been Mexican Street Corn style. Pulling back the husk and grilling it - brush on Mayo blended with New Mexican or Guajillo chili powder - roll in grated Cotija cheese and squirt with lime .... Not a bad way to go.

Costco Food Finds - 3rd Quarter 2015

St Louis Park has it - and I've seen it up in Fargo as well.

Jul 16, 2015
Maggie19 in Chains

A Knockout Blow for American Fish Stocks

Thought TPP had language that protects fisheries and limits destructive fishing practices, along with other wildlife and forest protections. So are you saying that TPP is nothing but a sham regarding these issues? Not arguing - just asking - .

Jul 07, 2015
Maggie19 in Food Media & News

United Noodles revamped website has no product lists

Their site wasn't user friendly. Tried it and ordered a few things - but ended up having to call them to complete the order. If anyone is looking for a great online Asian (mostly Thai) store I highly recommend

Jun 04, 2015
Maggie19 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Neil Young's Anti-Starbucks Anthem

His Pono music player is one of the best things he has done for the younger generation. He really wants to show people that digital music can sound so much better than the MP3's of the world

Sriracha: Is it a Hype?

Speaking of brands of sriracha ... I don't care for Huy Fong brand - has a nasty 'bite' to me.. Much prefer Shark Brand from Thailand - it's so smooth and has nice flavors followed by real Thai Pepper heat.

May 26, 2015
Maggie19 in General Topics

China's Famed Street Crepes Come to Portland

My GF is from China - she was talking about these - and how much she misses not having them here in Minnesota. So I made her crepes and she was pleased but it's not the real thing... Probably need to head to Portland - another good reason to go to a fun foodie town :)

May 23, 2015
Maggie19 in Metro Portland

Bitter enchilada sauce from scratch

Try adding some Agave Sweetener (I get mine @ Costco)

May 22, 2015
Maggie19 in Home Cooking

New Mexican Chili Powder

Penzeys -- for a price I suppose. I'd go online and buy direct from the growers in Hatch NM .. Even there it's a bit pricey, but worth it.

May 11, 2015
Maggie19 in Southwest

What items do you wish Trader Joe's would make/stock?

Chili Lime Pistachios -- miss them in the Minneapolis area stores.

May 04, 2015
Maggie19 in Chains

Supermarket music

Hotel California . . instrumental. Need I say more?

How do you get the fine cooked ground beef texture?

I've had luck steaming ground beef (slowly) ... the texture breaks down nicely. Back in my hometown (Midwest) we had a Tendermaid hamburger place...They steamed their beef and for many it was an excellent way to enjoy a burger with or without cheese :)

Apr 21, 2015
Maggie19 in Home Cooking

Tacos or Street Food in Cancun

Head downtown to La Parrilla. Al pastor was excellent the last time I was there.

Apr 13, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Favorite restaurants from the past

What was the name of the Mid Eastern rotisserie chicken takeout place on Lake St just a block off Hennepin in Uptown? The chicken came with a couple of very interesting hot sauces - thinking it closed in 08-09 ish?? Loved that chicken - miss that as an option these days....

Mar 26, 2015
Maggie19 in Minneapolis-St. Paul


Ok here's a list of places on the beach that you can't go wrong with:

Restaurants....Hartwood. Et Tabano. Mezzanine. Casa Jaguar. Casa Banana. Posada Margherita. Coqui Coqui. Ziggy Beach (bar) .. and LaZebra (bar)

In the pueblo don't miss Pollo Bronco - El Tacoqueto - LaChiapaneca - El Camello Jr - and street food vendors....also the markets in town for fresh veggies and fruit, along with the occasional bakery/coffee shop.

Mar 25, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico


Staying on Tulum Beach or in town?

Mar 24, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Mayan Riviera - don't want resort food. Looking for great, authentic, local food.

-- I'll mention a few places in Isla and Tulum --

On Isla -- the beach bars to near the ferry dock. All have excellent fresh seafood and tasty menus in general. Try Minino's Cocteleria which is a couple doors down from the dock. On Sundays - find Tino The Rib Man Ribs .. in a courtyard off Ave Matamoros - you'll smell and see the smoke. La Lomita for traditional Mexican chicken and seafood. The Mercado Municipal for fresh fruit/veggies & small food stalls.

Tulum -- In town head to Pollo Bronco - best take out chicken - really quite amazing. El Camello - seafood. Street food vendors - numerous and excellent. Tamales and other treats available. On the beach--- OM Cafe for pizza - Casa Violeta for grouper and tuna - Le Zebra for more or less anything on the menu..

Mar 05, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

MEGA shopping in La Cruz, Mexico

I would get fresh poblano and guajillo peppers / tomatoes / onions / and various fruit. Make a couple different types of salsas. Find some freshly made chips and fresh corn or flour tortillas. Maybe some fresh shrimp for Chili Rellenos? Queso Fresco Cheese. Slow roast pork with dried guajillo powder/onions for burritos or enchiladas..SO MANY GOOD OPTIONS.

Feb 27, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Isla Mujeres Eats

For anyone heading to Isla - don't pass up Tito's The Rib Man ribs.. On Ave Matamoros behind a wall in an open courtyard, you'll see the smoke and smell the ribs. Only open on Sundays - grab a bag of ribs and head to Playa Norte...

Feb 20, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

First Trip Ireland

When in Doolin, don't miss McGann's Pub. Really excellent live music and very decent pub food. Just up the road from the cliffs...

Feb 16, 2015
Maggie19 in U.K./Ireland

Costco-January 2015

Kirkland Albacore canned tuna.

Kirkland EVOO

Organic Blue Agave sweetener

Kirkland whole peppercorns

Gedney dill pickles (gallon)

Organic frozen chicken thighs

Boneless pork chops

Fire roasted canned tomatoes

Large A1 Steak sauce bottles

Jan 28, 2015
Maggie19 in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Valladolid trip report

Nice review - the Cochinita Pibil sounds fabulous. Love that little town. Stopped there once for lunch and did some shopping - while on the way to Chichen itza.

Jan 22, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Anybody stayed in Zihuatenajo lately?

Thanks for the info - can't wait to hit the markets and take some back to the room. They sure do look like heirloom tomatoes.

Jan 20, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Anybody stayed in Zihuatenajo lately?

Can you tell me more about the 'tomates criollos' ?? Are these unique to the area or are you talking about hybrid 'Creole' tomatoes??

Jan 20, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Anybody stayed in Zihuatenajo lately?

Did you find any places for that cost?

I'm staying just off La Ropa in a couple weeks - and found a room with a patio kitchen for $85 US per night.

Jan 19, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico

Cancun February 1 for eight days staying in time share with no food plan...where to eat?

That looks great - I don't believe they were in business the last time I was on Isla. There are many good to great restaurants all over the downtown area, beach areas, and down on the south west side of Isla... If you go - rent a golf cart and cruise the whole island.

Jan 16, 2015
Maggie19 in Mexico