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Babka in Boston?

Just bought a Chocolate Brooklyn Babka at Trader Joe. Very tasty.

El Potro, Lowell?

Lots of Lowell posts on Greater Boston board. You might get more of a response.

Baked goods that aren't overly sweet

I find most purchased baked goods, even from good bakeries, too sweet for my taste. When I bake, I typically cut the sugar in the recipe by at least one-third. If I cut the sugar more than that, the taste is affected.

Any cookbook or recipe suggestions for baked goods that aren't too sweet?
I'd like a bit of sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.

Thank you.

What do you appreciate when you come home from international trip?

Yes!!! to the to-go coffee
I miss this hugely.
I've got places to go and I want to drink coffee on my way.

Sep 28, 2013
three of us in General Topics

renting in Rye, NH (Portsmouth, Kittery ideas welcome too)

Yummy's Candy store in Kittery is fun. It's a small storefront with hard to find candy, anything you can think of ! It's fun to take a kid, and help them pick out treats.

Mother's Magic: What Can You Never Make as Well as Your Mom Did?

My Polish mom made the best stuffed cabbage! I have never tasted any as good as hers, and have not been able to duplicate her tasty "golombki".

Jul 14, 2013
three of us in General Topics

Passing thru Syracuse report

That does look good!

Passing thru Syracuse report

Terrific! We wanted really good, nourishing food after driving from Boston. This place has something for everyone, and our vegan and carnivore eaters were very happy with the choices. The beer selection was super, and the staff were very friendly and caring. Highly recommended.

I don't get the raves we heard about this place, nor the lines waiting to get in. We got the house-made linguine. I got the red sauce with portabella mushrooms. The pasta was very good, the mushrooms excellent with a nice flavor of balsamic marinade. The red sauce was poor and overcooked. No seasoning, either. How can a pasta-based restaurant not serve a decent red sauce? My companion got the pink vodka sauce which was very zesty, but not described as such on the menu. He was not happy.

Our order took forever to come to the table. So long as to be unacceptable, and we were ready to leave when our server promised to get it right then. The kitchen is open, and things looked pretty disorganized. It was Sunday evening, but even so the crew looked lost.

Definitely would not return. Across the street is Kitty Hoynes (sp), an Irish pub that came highly recommended. It is closed on Sundays, or we might have gone over there.

Vicki's soft serve in Liverpool
Fun, local place. Chocolate, vanilla, or orange soft serve -- take your pick. We enjoyed the chocolate and vanilla, but would give the orange a pass.

Looking for Breakfast/Lunch in beautiful settings

I ate at Cafe G a couple times this spring, and would not go out of my way to have lunch there. I think the MFA restaurants are better, and the setting and seating more comfortable.

Lowell Burmese Food Fair coming up

Next Saturday
noon to 3

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

Ouch, you guys are a tough crowd. Never expected kale, never had it served to me even in cute, non-mainstream places my mom would call "hippy cafes". Never thought to ask what would be on the eggs bennie.

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

Love collards! Love mustard greens! I cook up a mean batch with cornbread and beans. Don't like kale, don't want it on eggs bennie. S'okay.

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

Why do you think I complained so much Nancy had to come out to appease me? Not true. I told the server I would never have expected kale and don't like it and likely couldn't digest it. Nancy came out based on that. It was nice but if she hadn't come out, it would have been okay.

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

Went to Nancy's Airfield Cafe in Stow, MA for breakfast and ordered eggs benedict. After a very, very long wait (and it was not busy), the waitress brings my plate. I looked at some rough looking greens under my eggs and asked, "Is that Kale?"

"Don't you like kale?" she asked back.

"No, not for breakfast and not on eggs. In a million years I wouldn't have thought there would be kale on my eggs bennie." I tried a little anyway and it hadn't been cooked long enough,

Yeah, I know it's a wonder food and good for all that ails you but it tastes like yuck.

Ugh. If they're going to put kale on the veggie eggs bennie, please say so. It's just not something you encounter when you go out to eat. Nancy -- I think -- came out of the kitchen and told me she is on a "kale crusade (krusade?)" and customers like it. She gave me a coupon worth $10 off my next meal, which was nice. Given the high cost and small portions (2 pieces of french toast for $9) and it's not on my way to anywhere, I doubt I'll use it.

Road Trip! Michigan to Maine!

Born in MI and lived there until 20 years ago, when I moved to the Boston area. Having driven home to see the folks many times, my preference runs to going through the U.S. We usually stop around Syracuse, and then again before Cleveland. Geneva-on-the-Lake has a great hot dog stand called "Eddie's", IIRC. Upstate NY has Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and the Finger Lakes. Ontario is a shorter drive, but I just like the trip thru Ohio and NY state better.

Merrimack Valley/North of Boston 'Hounds--product question

I do not buy canned beans at MB b/c the brands add extras like a lot of salt and even sugar. I haven't seen soy beans, but sometimes there are selections from Eden that do not have extra ingredients.

Vegetarian Indian Food in Greater Boston Area

There's a place in Lowell across a parking lot from a temple. It's down from Edwards Field, by the Merrimack River. Anyone remember the name?

Destination Restaurant in northern New Hampshire?

A cocktail on the porch is a lovely idea. However, that is all I would recommend re. food and drink at this Hotel. They are way too ambitious for the skills both in the kitchen and the servers. OTOH, there was a restaurant in a house on the grounds that I heard good things about but have no first-hand experience to share.

vegetarian in the White Mountains

In Littleton, there is a diner on the main drag that serves typical diner food but I you should be able to get some non-meat items like grilled cheese, eggs, potatoes, etc. There is also a candy store in Littleton with the world's longest candy counter!

Best places to buy cases of good wine cheap?

There's a wine store in West Concord, before the train tracks on the left if you are coming from Rt 2. I have often gone in, said give me a couple cases with a $10/bottle limit, and let the staff pick out the wines. We have always enjoyed their selections.

[Concord] Colonial Inn

It's been a few years, but this is the only place aside from Mom's where the boiled potatoes tasted heavily of salt.

Where can I find Boston's best and freshest fried haddock plate?

My husband recently had a terrific fried haddock plate at Bob Lobster, which is on the road to Plum Island. My lobster roll was also very good, and well-priced at $10.49 as a daily special.

Feeding a new diabetic?

Grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet and amaranth are lower on the glycemic index than many other grains.

A serving size of hummus is 2 tablespoons. That is a pleasing amount to eat with veggies, rather than hummus being the main and veggies a side.

A nutritionist will recommend a total carbs/meal. That is helpful in meal planning.

Apr 15, 2012
three of us in Special Diets

Lunch after butterfly place, westford

The Boston Board might have more answers for you. Are you looking for family-friendly, ethnic, anything-that's-good?

Where are you coming from?

Nashua is not even 10 min. up Rt 3. Plenty of chains if that is your thing. Lowell is also 10 min or so away. Vietnamese, Indian, Cambodian. Doing a search on these towns on the Boston Board is a good source of info.

Off 495, there is Gibbett Hill in Groton, Moonstones in Chelmsford, and Nashoba winery in Bolton.

Neilio's Lexington is a Gem

I am surprised at the raves for this place. I used to eat there once a week when I had a contract job nearby. I never had anything that was an OMG experience. Simply ok.

Help for "Dummies" at H Mart Food Stalls.....

My teenage son and I had lunch at this food stall, today. Very lovely counter staff. The seafood pancake was terrific! Nice and hot, fluffy, with plenty of seafood. #15, marinated short ribs, was dominated by sweetness and not much other flavors, plus too much of the meat was gristle and unedible. #10 was a generous serving of noodlesl but the broth was bland. Next time, I'll get something zingier. Although I didn't pay extra for seafood, that's what was in the soup. We got there right before 11:30 and had no problem getting a seat. By noon, the food court was slammed.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Belmont/Boston Area-recommendations needed!

Dalya's in Bedford is serving Thanksgiving. It's been a nice place for us to go, but we've never tried a Holiday dinner. I really don't like Great Wall in Bedford. They don't even do American Chinese that well and we've gotten take-out that smelled "off" so we just pitched it in the trash.

The 8 year old may just need to have an alcohol free cocktail, bring some amusements, and take the experience for what it is- Thanksgiving dinner at at restaurant.

Dalya's Restaurant
20 North Rd Ste 1, Bedford, MA 01730

Birthday dinner in Reading or Andover? (or Burlington, etc.)

What's your budget?

Markets in/near Lexington? Meat, fish, bread, produce, wine...

So, you're standing in front of Quebrada's in East Arlington and look at Mass Ave. Cross the street and turn to your right. Keep walking a block or two and there will be a coffee bean shop called Barismo or something like that. If your are serious about your coffee beans, this is a good place to check out.

169 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02474

ISO Thanksgiving To Go?

I agree re. WF thanksgiving to-go. We thought the heirloom turkey was horrible, and the sides bland and smallish. Our food-loving neighbors swear by Roche Bros. so we are going to try them next.