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Windy City Red Hots: Authentic Chicago Hot Dogs (i.e. Vienna Beef w/ condiments) from a truck!!!

There is no better dog than a Vienna Beef dog! But Ashburn VA is too far away... close to Baltimore there is Zack's Dogs in White Marsh and in Harford County. Not only can you get a classic Chicago Vienna Beef dog, but he also carries Italian Beef sandwiches au jus with the Giardiniera pepper mix on top!

Truly a wonderful taste of my ole hometown!

Zack's Hot Dogs
The Avenue at White Marsh
8137 Honeygo Blvd.
White Marsh, MD 21236

Another Bermuda question

I, too, am looking for recommendations, but I have a bit of a twist. I am actually traveling alone (by cruise from Baltimore) in mid-July, and will be based out of St. George, but am willing to trek. I'm looking for good, but not too formal or fancy, options for lunch and dinner. Also, not too dressy, as I would prefer not to have to return to the ship to change clothes. Thanks for your help!

Decent bagels in Baltimore?

Thanks for the recs! We love Goldberg's bagels and bought a dozen last Sunday, and while I agree their bialys are lacking, I like their sticks too. Reminds me of the delis in Chicago. Hope to get to Greg's soon, but I'm a traditional gal when it comes to bagels.

Breakfast in Rockville

Trekking down to Rockville early in the morning Sunday to send the youngest off to camp - anyplace y'all would recommend that's good for breakfast?

P. F. Chang's China Bistro in White Marsh

Opens on June 9th. I respect the critics, but I tell ya, I'll be there this week. Give it a try, before dismissing it. I find it tasty, not authentic. And, I'm a fan of their wine list - especially their red flight trio. Rumor has it they will be opening in Towson as well, with the town center expansion.

Jun 07, 2008
trillgirl in Chains

Non touristy Italian restaurant in Baltimore?

A second vote for Cafe Gia. Took my kids, DH and his parents there... a wonderful meal and the best Tiramisu I have EVER had.

Mexican food in the Balto burbs

Da boys and I went to Fiesta Mexicana tonight - THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the recommendation to go there. We loved it. Authentic, freshly prepared and tasty.

I had the enchiladas with the verde sauce - tangy & spicy (wonderful!); son #1 had the flautas with beef and son #2 wolfed down two of the beef tacos. Took a piece of flan home for dessert later. I'm sure I'll be back there very soon. FYI, dinner hours are only until 8pm for now, so go early.

P. F. Chang's China Bistro in White Marsh

You are exactly right - there is little better around here. Though I do not delude myself that PFC's is chow-worthy, or authentic, it will be a nice alternative to the other usual chain garbage in the area. I can't tolerate the Panera-like stuff anymore, and like most of us, only have an hour for lunch. So while it's not "chow", I'm glad PFC's will be there as an alternate choice from my usual brown bag.

May 12, 2008
trillgirl in Chains

Mexican food in the Balto burbs

Thanks for the recommendations, y'all! Do you know if Fiesta Mexicana is open for lunch at all? I live in Lutherville, but work in Rosedale (FSH) and lunch choices are often very limited (too many chain/fast food restaurants).

P. F. Chang's China Bistro in White Marsh

Plan to have a standing lunch order of the salt and pepper calamari appetizer... yum! I heard that they will be opening mid-June.

May 10, 2008
trillgirl in Chains

Take Out Indian- NE Baltimore

I thought Mt Everest was on the greasy side. Not very good. I don't know about the Frankford Rd location; only ate at the one on Belair Rd. Wouldn't go there again.

Mexican food in the Balto burbs

Is there any place (non-chain, please) for decent Mexican food in the north suburbs of Baltimore? We're certainly willing to trek into the city a bit if there is someplace great in Mt. Washington, Belvedere Square, etc.

We tried Mari Luna's on Reisterstown Rd in Pikesville. It was good, but not great food.

Any other suggestions?

Need suggestions - overwhelmed by choice

My family and I are going to be visiting SF (staying near Union Sq) for a few days later this month. I'm looking for options that are:

1) Reasonably priced. I don't need bargains (but always appreciate them) and am cool with entree prices $20-35.
2) I have two boys (9 and 14) with big appetites but very adventurous palates (they eat Sushi, Ethiopean, Indian, Korean food, etc.). So ethnic is great, but portions should be decent sized.
3) We're only in town for a precious few days, so I'd love suggestions that aren't too much of a hike from where we're staying.
4) Would also like a good Dim Sum suggestion.

Thanks y'all for your help!

Trillgirl, hound in Balto, MD

"half and half" tea - Bmore

When I lived in Central Virginia and Tennessee, we called iced tea that was a mix of half sweet tea and half unsweetened tea, "half 'n half tea".

Pepper and Egg Sandwich?

Ah, you are bringing back some wonderful memories! Grew up in Chicagoland as well and ate them ALL the time during Lent. I've never seen them elsewhere.

hunt valley maryland + not a chain!

Went to Oregon Grille weekend before last and had a wonderful meal! Yes, it is expensive, but it worth every penny. I had a yummy calamari salad for starters and an incredible Chilean Sea Bass with homemade potato gnocci and brocchiolini for my entry. My fellow diners had shrimp bisque, beef barley soup, the grilled salmon, 8 oz filet and a superior veal piccota.

Jimmy Wongs is in the Hunt Valley "centre" and it's very good Chinese. Sushi is ok. I don't know if they have other locations. Have not been the Greystone Grill yet.

My vote is to splurge and go with Oregon Grille. I'll be back with an excuse for another "special event" soon.

King Cake in Baltimore

Any good bakeries in the City (or points north and west) that make a decent King Cake? Mardi Gras just wouldn't be the same without it, and I'd rather get it local if I can, than pay to have it shipped from New Orleans. Thanks.

Asiana Indian York Road anyone been?

We've been there twice for the lunch buffet during the week, most recently Christmas week. They have a nice variety of dishes, including the classics like Palak Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala. The taste was just ok, a little on the dry side. Good use of spices. One nice treat, though, was a surprise Southern Masala Dosai that was brought out as an extra and not part of the overall buffet. It was quite good.

That being said, it would certainly not be my first choice for Indian food overall, but it would do in a pinch. I'm much more likely to take an extra 20 minutes and head into the city or out to Columbia for food I know I'll enjoy more.

Chicago transplant seeks NYE deep dish pizza!

Edwardo's will ship, but you're right. It's too late for New Year's Eve. I especially love their spinach pizza. We've lived in the South and Mid-Atlantic for over 15 years, but I still find myself talking food with anyone else traveling to or from Chicago.

Every time we go back to visit I bring back El Ranchero tortilla chips, Salerno butter cookies and oyster crackers. I've also carried home a 20 lb box of Vienna Beef hotdogs (natural casing, of course).

Ok, I've digressed. This is the Baltimore board. And there's lots of wonderful food to explore here too! Happy New Year!

Pregame chow before Sunday's game

Any suggestions for nearby chow before the Ravens/Steelers game on Sunday? We'd prefer walking distance from the stadium. Thanks!

Columbia/Ellicott City Dining? We need new places!

I give a (third) enthusiastic vote for Mango Grove on Dobbins Rd. It's Southern Indian food, which is definitely harder to find than the usual Northern variety. They are exclusively vegetarian, but the menu is extensive and does include some Northern Indian choices too. Their masala dosai is great. And if you're in the mood for something different than the usual kheer for dessert, try their rasmali (sweet cheese with pistachio or a hint of rose water.

Decent bagels in Baltimore?

I'm fairly new to the area and am desperately searching for some good bagels. I can't stand the chain stuff (Einstein, Brueggers) or those fashionable fruity Panera concoctions that are pastries masquerading as bagels. I'm looking for someplace near Lutherville/Timonium or points east/north. Any suggestions?

Atlantis Paradise Island

Was in Atlantis about a year and a half ago.... The accommodations, pools, atmosphere, etc. were wonderful. The food, however, was an expensive disappointment. The only meal I enjoyed was the breakfast buffet at the far end of the Royal Towers (Marketplace). We also ate at several of the "dinner" places including the Cafe at the Great Hall of Waters. As I said, it's been a while since we stayed there, but the food was definitely the worst part; we truly loved everything else about our stay.

Cafe Gia & the the meeting of the 'hounds (Balto)

Just an FYI... the 'mother' really is the mom (also named Gia). It truly is family owned, originally from Sicily. The place is wonderful, and really does have a cozy atmosphere. Wish I worked downtown so I could get there for lunch more often.