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La Sicilia, Belleville

Worth a trip. The Palermo is an "inverse Grandma": moz underneath, sauce ontop, garlic and parm added in. I thought it was even better the day after, reheated in a toaster oven. You'll have plenty leftover to do that - it's a big, square pie. FYI my top 3 in the area: 1.) John's of Bleecker St., NY 2.) Frank Anthony's, Verona, NJ 3.) Kinchley's, Mahwah, NJ. Any of these are worth the trip and back!

Mar 25, 2011
yemoss in New Jersey

Can we talk about canned salmon?

Ngal you'd be surprised how many cultures leave virtually no part of an animal or plant left to waste when it comes to dinnertime. Brasil and China come to mind. Compared to them, they sure do make us Yankees look like prisses. Nonetheless, there are canned salmon varieties made just for you. Me, I like the skin and bones - it does a body good. I also eat shrimp unpeeled with the tails on, it gives them greater texture and again, the calcium can't be beat.

May 15, 2008
yemoss in General Topics

Best bottled salsa?

anyone can get a great jar of salsa from an online specialty retailer - there's a plethora out there. the trick is finding a decent jar in, say, Shop Rite. Currently I've found a winner, not as hot as I'd prefer, but the taste is better than most - look for Zapato brand (might be in the mexican/spanish foods aisle), in roja and verde flavors - right now, my store fave. Forget Ortega, Chi-Chi's, Old El Paso, they all have the same formula. This stuff is rich and lingering, a nice change from the ancient offerings.

Dec 19, 2007
yemoss in General Topics