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Driving recs please

I will be in San sebastien and driving to Bordeaux. Then TGV to Paris for 3 days. All dining, sightseeing and lodging info appreciated

Jun 10, 2013
manic2 in Spain/Portugal

Palm Beach for the Weekend

Palm Beach Grill is Houston's with a bar scene.. Don't understand why it is so popular. Buccan is excellent...but has become a scene. Forget the Omphoy...was mediocre even when Michelle B was there. Cafe boulud might be the best restaurant down here ..special occasion place as it is $$$$. Cafe Sapori on Southern is good Italian, interesting crowd. Mix between aged Palm Beachers and young wealthy wannabes. Cucina has decent food and a good energy

Burger Bar by Chef Allen in Palm Beach Gardens

service and attention to detail is non-existent. Always amazed how a chef with a great reputation could endorse a restaurant and not make sure it was up to his standards..pathetic

Palm Beach County closings 2012

Ochna Vietnamese on US 1 in NPB has closed

Cha Cha - Palm Beach

Tried it...Has potential but a little uneven..I think it's worth a try.

Nov 27, 2011
manic2 in Florida

Fine Dining in Palm Beach Area - Suggestions Needed

I believe Cafe Boulud is the best spot for a special occasion. Some people like Chez Jean Perre (
The other choice though not as romantic,l is Cafe Chardonnay in Palm Beach Gardens

Blowout, romantic 50th birthday for 2 NYC foodies - suggestions?

I would suggest Corton....or Blue Hill Stone Barn if you don't mind traveling..

Jul 19, 2011
manic2 in Manhattan

Any Restaurant Recommendations in West Palm Beach

India Palace Okeechobee
Tacos al Carbon military and Lake Worth Rd
Golden Lake Chinese Okeechobee & Grand Lake
Kubo Crystal Tree Plaza in N Palm Beach
Jade Kitchen on Northwood

The India Palace
4778 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Apr 06, 2011
manic2 in Florida

Breakfast near PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens

Sara's Kitchen

all on your route... all good

Apr 06, 2011
manic2 in Florida

Breakfast in Palm Beach Garden area

Sara's Kitchen on PGA excellent breakfast.
Boulevard on PGA and Military
Southern Kitchen on US 1 just south of Military

Southern Kitchen
801 US Highway 1, West Palm Beach, FL 33403

Apr 06, 2011
manic2 in Florida

95 south

driving 95 south from NY to FL... Please recommend lunch/dining spots not too far from highway.

Oct 10, 2010
manic2 in Southeast

upcoming trip

will be in Hampshire (Four Seasons Dogmersfield), Kerry, Cork, Dublin and London in mid-Sept. NY ethnic foods, good without pretense.

Any suggestons would be much appreciated. Love Indian!

Aug 22, 2010
manic2 in U.K./Ireland

England/ s. Ireland trip sept 14-25

Spending 3 days in London, 3 days in Hampshire, 3 days in Kerry/ cork region, 1 nite Dublin,

Love good regional and ethnic food (NY foodies)
Indian, African, English, Irish

Don,t care about white tablecloths..but maybe once in London (staying at Berkely)


Aug 13, 2010
manic2 in U.K./Ireland

trip to No. County San Diego

Will be in Carlsbad for a week.. Any new recs? Have been many times and visited all old "standards"

Love ethnic as well as all cuisines...

Jul 05, 2009
manic2 in San Diego

Toronto Chowhound needs recos in NYC

Marseille is always reliable and good....and perfectly located for your Mary Stuart performance (down the block)
Don't have too much wine....Mary Stuart is 3 hours!!

Jul 05, 2009
manic2 in Manhattan

5 Best Restaurants

Cafe Boulud
Per Se
Nobu (Tribeca)

Jun 08, 2008
manic2 in Manhattan

Visiting NYC - can finally afford a GREAT meal. Help!

Try Cafe Boulud on Mad/76..or Chanterelle in Tribeca...both special places..

Jun 08, 2008
manic2 in Manhattan


I will be in Rome for 3 days and Positano for 3 days end June/early July. Any fantastic recommendations? All categories welcome...Pizza..Pasta..fab views .trattorias etc..Not interested in fancy...fine dining but need a birthday dinner in Rome...

Mar 14, 2008
manic2 in Italy

Palm Beach Area - Top Restaurant "Finds"

Best by far for casual great food is food Shack in Jupiter..although getting in can bea challenge.
Capt Charlies Reef Grill in Juno.
Spoto's Oyster in PBG
Taboo in Palm Beach..eclectic menu..great (older) people watching)
Solu on Singer Island..$$$$ Asian/Caribbean
PA Barbecue...good cheap BB ribs
Vic & Angelos....decent pizza good crowd
Thaicoon on Northlake

Dec 26, 2007
manic2 in Florida


take thawed frozen puff pastry...put slices of prosciutto, basil leaves and shredded gruyere and roll up...refrigertate...the cut rolls into 1/2" pieces and bake...375 for 10-12 minutes....easy and delicious (and impressive)

Nov 24, 2006
manic2 in Home Cooking

Best Tapas - NYC?

Liked Boqueria on 19th st....Good energy...good food

Oct 27, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

Need suggestions for business dinner for 14 people

Tabla has a great private area that I believe would accomodate 9

Jul 26, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

Tapas in West 20s, 30s, 40s?

I second Tia Pol..One of the best tapas spots in NYC

Jul 26, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

12th Anniversary Suggestions for late August?

My wife and I celebrate most big occasions at Chanterelle... Beautiful small restaurant with fantastic food...romantic and elegant.. Trust me on this one....

Jul 26, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

going in a month with two teenage daughters, suggestions please

Sripraphai is excellent but most definitely a little trip (only 10 minutes over 59th St Bridge.)

Great Thai on 3rd Ave (28th) Jai of the best in NYC
Also, if you want to travel a little and show the teenagers a real NY experience...go to Sea Thai in Williamsburg around 9:00 on THurs or Fri for wow people/food experience...and you will not believe how inexpensive it is..

Jul 06, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

SF hound looking for 2 must eat dinner places in Manhattan

3 Faves if price is not an issue...
Cafe Boulud\

Jul 06, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

Mama's in town. Beautiful and different dining spots to show her (good food a given)?

Morimoto is a wow..visually. BLT Prime on 22nd St great steak.. Blue Hill...Lupa for lunch...
I fyou really want to wow her..(.a little over your budget though) Chanterelle.. Also Cafe Boulud

Jul 06, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

Restaurants in North County San Diego

I have been spending a week in Carlsbad for the last 10 years. I am looking for new, great restaurants to add to the below repertoire...which are getting old.

Cafe Japengo
Mille Fleurs
Pacifica Del Mar


Jun 30, 2006
manic2 in California

Mesa Grill Last Night - Why All the Complaints?

I have worked in the MG area since it opened. For some reason, maybe it's Flay's pomposity, it's the restaurant you love to hate. However, I have always found the food excellent with wonderful seasonings...and always comment to myself when I leave..why don't I eat here more often?"

Jun 30, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan

Enoteca Barbone - E Village

Not really the same, but small, quiet, elegant with an unreal wine list...Veritas on W, 20th St

Jun 30, 2006
manic2 in Manhattan