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Wedding Cake in East Bay?

Walnut Creek baking Company is AMAZING (though a little pricey), but amazing and worth it. Also La Gateau Elegant in Martinez was incredibly tasty. but of the two I would check out WCBC.

Benicia -- what's to eat?

Sala Thai is great, and fun setting too if you sit up front in the recessed pits (for lack of better description), pretty cheap too.

807 1st St
Benicia, CA 94510
(707) 745-4331

Good local beer?

Update: Bison brewery does still exist and there office still is in Berkeley, they have just worked out a deal with Butte Creek to rent out space, the brew master goes up once week to do the brewing (apparently they were forced out of their Telegraph location by the city) there are details on their weebsite if your interested

Good local beer?

Yea, I definitely don't like Butte Creek, but they are apparently brewing and bottling Bison which is great (IMHO), and definitely not local (but started in Berkeley), I was just kind of joking because this started as a local list and ended up just being more of a norcal list (which they do fit that bill). I had not heard that about the sub of Bud though, I would be interested to find out for sure.

Good local beer?

Bummer! though I guess it could still be local (kinda, but not really)

I suppose if I read the bottles I would've seen that!

Good local beer?

Surprised not to see Bison brewery on here (Berkeley) Great IPA & Chocolate Stout
(I know you can find it at Elephant Pharmacy, Berkeley bowl, and I am sure some others

Also surprised not to see Lost Coast Brewing Co. (Eureka) My Fav brown ale-->Downtown Brown also a great IPA--> Indica pale ale
(you can get this stuff anywhere,; even Safeway has it now)

Also, though it is very hard to find is Six rivers brewing Co. (arcata) great brews

And I definitely agree with everyone who mentioned Bear Republic (Racer 5), Anderson Valley (Hop Ottin' IPA & Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout<-- great just slightly chilled)

Also right now Lagunitas has their Gnarly wine in pint bottles and I liked it a lot.

(and I know some of these last one's were mentioned before, I just figured I would re-assert their tasty-ness)

One more place to check out if you are going to hit up the bars is Tripple Rock (I'd go there over Jupiter's, unless you want a full meal)

Camino in Oakland?


Camino in Oakland?

Anyone know when this is slated to open? Last I heard it was April (but no firm date). Any leads are greatly appreciated.

Recommendations for 3 Days in Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill

Indian: one of my favorites is Sargam in Walnut Creek.
140 N Civic Dr
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(925) 937-2700

Mexican: your choices are endless, but a couple of my favorites:
Los Panchos in Pacheco (not very far away) very very limitted seating, best for takeout but the food is very authentic and very good and pretty cheap too.

Salsa (across from Park and shop in concord) They have great pollo de rotisserie.
1680 Willow Pass Rd # C
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 687-9300

Also pretty much any taqueria on monument blvd. would be worth stopping at.

and La Pinata in Concord is pretty decent as well, plus they have a great tequila bar

Recommendations for thin crust pizza in east bay?

Melo's in Pleasant Hill-great New York style pie's.

Best selection of wild mushrooms in the east bay?

So I know that Whole Foods and Berkeley Bowl are great resources for wild mushrooms, but I am wondering if anyone has any other good spots for hunting down wild mushrooms (any Variety)? Thanks.

In Search of Breakfast Tacos

I realize this is a really old post, but if you have yet to find those breakfast taco's try Salsa's in Concord. It's right across from park and shop (on the petsmart side), they have great breakfast Taco's and Burritos. Not to mention the awesome rotisserie Chicken they have in there. They make one of the best chicken quesadillas around (order it extra crispy).

Also I think La Pinata in concord has Breakfast Taco's

Best restaurant in Contra Costa, Orinda

I completely agree with you on this, We actually had the Mediterranean Cater our wedding. Their food is some of the best casual Mediterranean fare I've had, and it's crazy cheap. don't let the location fool you, these guys do it right. Try the Mujadara salad, the best one I've had anywhere.

also with taquerias making the list should be Salsa's (across the street from park and shop, by thew old pier one) the have some of the best rotisserie chicken around, it's free range natural fed chicken and the chicken quesadilla's are one of the best in the area. Also if you can get there before 11 am they have a killer breakfast burrito.

I would also like to reiterate someone's earlier post for Los Pancho's in Pacheco, I have been eating here since they opened in the now chinese food place next to their current location and it was no more than a counter to pick up from and you used to have to stand in a line that almost always went into the parking lot. Their food is very authentic and CHEAP, you can get a BCR w/ Guac & Sour cream for like $2.25 or something (though it's no .75 cents like it once was.)

Bangkok kitchen for Thai on Galindo (across from Brenden theaters) has some really great dishes and the staff is always incredibly nice. This is one of my favorite spots for quick cheap Thai. (but if you want great Thai, which we luckily have an abundance of, go to Benicia and try Sala Thai)

Pizza, hands down goes to Melo's. Consistently great pie's, though service often blows, but you just can't beat those pies. ( and while de vino's,which is in an earlier post, is good, the owner is a former Melo's trainee, it's just not as good or as clean as Melo's)

Though I have yet to try Gigi, in Lafayette I am surprised to not see it on this list anywhere. It's been consistently reviewed very well, and the chef who is the former head chef at Chow Lafayette and San Francisco prior to that, is from what I have seen putting together some really clean and elegant food. I have been meaning to try this place since it opened and just haven't made it out yet.

Inexpensive Vegetarian Near AT&T Park

Town's End looks pretty good. Hows the food? Service?

Inexpensive Vegetarian Near AT&T Park

I was looking at Mochica (and I know it's not right by the park, but pretty close) they look like they have some good veggie options on there menu. Any feedback on them?

Inexpensive Vegetarian Near AT&T Park

Hey all,
I am heading out to cirque du soleil on Friday evening, and was trying to find somewhere near the event with good fairly inexpensive vegetarian choices. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Christmas Dinner?

Thanks :>)

In Healdsburg for several days - food/wine recs?

up dry creek rd. Some of our favs are: Amista Vineyards, Unti, Yoakim Bridge (all of these have great alternatives to the Zins)

or into Alexander valley one of our all time favs is Stryker Sonoma.

(also Santi is fantasic)

Christmas Dinner?

Hey All,
I was just wondering if anyone was aware of any fine dining establishments doing a special Christmas dinner? Not to picky on the type of food; mainly just something really nice and maybe not $$$$. Thanks.