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chamorro supper club on van ness? [San Francisco]

Where can we find you guys and your restaurant? My husband is from Guam and misses food from home. I would love to take him for Father's Day.

Steakout, unusual grass-fed hamburgers, downtown Mountain View

Was there a 3weeks ago and had their butcher platter. Best way to describe the meat - like someone opened a deli pack and served it. My husband was quite mad and about to say something about the safeway deli meat that ended up on our charcuterie platter but the place was busy and no one to really say it to. The pickles were nice the best thing on the platter- I think house made. They didnt offer any grain mustards but a weird chipotle cream cheese concoction -not particularly interesting. Maybe they were just having a bad day that day or something because the burgers were all just mediocre and the fries were cold - not to mention that most of the tables around us were quite angry their food hadn't come out. The beer selection seems quite adequate though. Thanks for mentioning the schnitzel - I have been looking for a deceit version closer to the peninsula.

Union City food truck Thursday

Does this event take place every Thursday? Definitely will have to go this week then. Thanks for the info in advance

Izakaya Ginji in San Mateo anyone?

Been there twice and was impressed both times by the chef's robata skills. The Yakitori chicken were all perfectly cooked with a great touch of smoke from the Bincho charcoal. Remember to ask for cartilage - it's not on the paper menu. I love love the skin and the meatballs. I usually like the salted versions of everything so don't know what the wet versions are like. I didn't try any of the sushi but had some of their appetizer and found them to be pretty decent. Overall I think their robata grill items are the star for me.

Best Pastrami Sandwich Joint in SF?

I too like the Pastrami sandwich at Tommy's Joint. I like the thicker cut and just the simplicity of the sandwich. The bread is what I find to be too chewy and hard on my jaw. Overall tho having had Langers, Katz, Millers and Saul's - Tommy's is not bad.

Best pad thai in Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara?

I like the pad Thai from Shana Thai in mountain view. I don't think they make their own noodles but it is better then most Thai restaurants in the area.

Shana Thai Restaurant
311 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

Gluten FreeDining -Silicon Valley

I know that the pizza place in downtown Mountain View - ZPizza- sells gluten-free pizzas. I got a flyer in the mail not too long ago. Red Rock on Castro also has lots of gluten-free dessert items. Good luck!

Red Rock Cafe
1010 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA 94558

Dirty's Chips in the South Bay

You can try Milk Pail grocery in Mountian View. I have seen it there before. They also carry California chips too (I think it is Dirty Chip's second brand). They sometime have it at the Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View off Castro street. It is in their bin of chips. Good luck.

T rex

We really enjoyed the duck confit hash and for dessert we loved the beignets with the fantastic espresso cream.

Fresh made Churro return to Redwood City

Thanks for the report!!! Are they the ones that are filled or the original ones? I will have to make sure to check them out very soon.

Thanks again!

What's your favorite bakery or pastry shop in the South Bay?

To add to the list Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos is also very good. I love Fleur de Coca and La Patisserie too.

Desperately Seeking San Diego Uni

I fell in love with San Diego uni years ago when I use to go down to San Diego for business but since I changed careers I haven't had a chance to make it down. Most of the reputable sushi restaurants in Bay Area seem to only use the Santa Barbara ones even though I feel the San Diego uni is much superior. Maybe the supply is limited or something but I am sure one sushi restaurant here must carry it sometimes. Let me know if anyone has had any up here in the Bay Area. Thanks in advance!

Jai Yun - Hands down the best Chinese food in US

I went this past Saturday night and found the food seem to have lost its freshness. I went years ago when they were still at the Pacific Street location and found that the main courses were more refined and original. The cold dishes are still good- I love the sheer number of them and that they all taste wonderful. I problem I had this past Saturday was that each dish the came out after the cold dishes and the nice abalone dish were very mediocre and contained very ordinary Chinese ingredients. None of the dishes were outright bad (but we did send the cuttlefish back because it was not fresh.) but nothing was spectacular. We spent $65/person + tax and didn't feel the worth of it this time. Maybe because it was a busy night. The front room was empty but the side room was full. I will have to give it one more chance before giving up all together.

Shanghai - Vietnamese pho

Hey what is the place called on Fu Min Road?

The VN coffee search in SF

I had a suprisingly good ones at Baguette Express on Larkin but once in a while they are hit or miss. The coffee is strong and has that strong chicory flavor. I think they even slip in a little baileys or something - it kinda tastes like there is alcohol in it. Give it a try.

Los Altos: Esther's German Bakery - May 16th - Beer, grilled sausages and live music

I think she had the bratwurst. The bratwurst itself was good but it was the potato salad and the sauerkraut that was a homerun for me. The potato salad had great flavor and was very well balanced and the sauerkraut was really good even just eating alone.

Los Altos: Esther's German Bakery - May 16th - Beer, grilled sausages and live music

Went last week for breakfast at the cafe off San Antonio road near Armadillo Willy's. The place was packed. I had the potatoe latkes and my friends had the sausage plate and some kind of omlette. The potato latkes were not bad - like crispy hash browns with a side of apple sauce. The winner out of all the dishes was the sausage plate by far. The German potatoe salad was fantastic and the sauerkraut was great!!!! I cant wait to stop by tomorrow at their May Day celebration.

Mountain View's Kitchen Table - neokosher

I too recently had the pastrami sandwich. Mine was tasty but drenched in grease with oil dripping off the sandwich each bite I toke. The pastrami itself was good (not too salty like most places) but nothing really to write home about. Maybe I had it on a bad day. I too liked the firm rye bread. The dill pickle was one the sweet side but I enjoyed it. As for the German potato salad it was fresh tasting but definitely prefer the German potato salad at Ester's off San Antonio much better.

The service at Kitchen Table was really good and the servers were well informed. Nice addition to Castro - can't wait to try the Lamb BLT.

Best West/South Bay Bun Bo Hue?

I think this place on 4th Street in San Jose that you taked about closed for awhile and re-opened in both Santa Clara and in San Jose. The place is called Ca Mau and New Ca Mau. They are located in San Jose and Santa Clara respectively.

Bun Bo Hue An Nam is also very good so I think anyone of these places would work.

As for stuff on the Peninsula - I have tried many and none have really made the cut. When I use to live in San Mateo the one at Pho Saigon would sometimes be just ok but not really. I think I had it at Ang Hong once and didn't like theirs at all.

Starving for BBQ

At Uncle Franks I would recommend the brisket with the sauce on the side. He also has mild and spicy sauce which you can ask for it mixed. At times he also has some specials that are really good. I've never been a big fan of the ribs but my bf (a southern boy) loves them. The meat is really nice and smokey. Frank says he smokes with a combination of cherry wood and something other wood (I don't remember).

Got recipe vietnamese roast crab/garlic noodles? [moved from San Francisco]

I complete agree with blackrosedragon that the secret is the granulated garlic. I have made this dish many a times with all the different ingredients mentioned on the post and the one that turns out the most similar to that of Thanh Long is the granulated garlic microwaved with the mix of butter and canola oil spread. I of course mix it with many other ingredients but the key is the granulated garlic and the mix of butter and another kind of oil that seems to be the things that make the difference. I have had many friends ask me for this same recipe because it taste so similar to the Thanh Long one.

As for the garlic noodles - I use to work at a restaurant that serves garlic noodles too and what they did was infuse their oil with lots of garlic. This mixture would sit for days and then when they made the noodles they would heat the butter and then put plenty of this garlic oil mixture into the butter and then mix everything together. It would also be topped with parmasean.

Mar 05, 2009
misspiggy in Home Cooking

Looking for Great Chinese Seafood place with live King Crab

Does anyone have any opinions on eating fresh seafood at Koi Palace or Hong Kong Saigon (since the reviews on Zen and ABC have only been mediocre)? I am probably going to spend a good amount just on this King Crab and I wanna make sure they do it right.

I normally enjoy R&G but they don't have King Crab.

Looking for Great Chinese Seafood place with live King Crab

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next week. He has declined my invitation to Manresa for a nice dinner but wants a great Chinese seafood meal instead. I know his favorite is King Crab and since the season is just starting I thought it would be great to take him to a place that has it.

The two restaurants that I have in mind are Hong Kong Saigon in Sunnyvale and Koi Place in Daly City. I am hoping CH-ers can help me decide or suggest another place. Thanks in advance.

Zpizza - has anyone tried it?

A ZPizza just opened up near me here in nor-Cal. I have had a couple of their different slices of pizza (they have a great lunch special with different slices) and really loved it - actually kinda hooked on it. The pizza is definitely a different kind of pizza with lots of interesting combinations - I love the mexican.

Wondering what others think of it?

Sep 21, 2008
misspiggy in Chains

What happen to Le Petit Robert (SF)

This is one of my favorite brunch spots in the city. Does anyone know what happened and why they closed =(. This is the one off Polk Street in the lower Russian Hill area.

Looking for best Bloody Mary

Great Topic!!! I love Bloody Mary's. From my memory - Fifth Floor has a pretty good one with great pickled veg they do in house. The one at Beetlenut is great but has an asian twist on it. Its on the spicier side but still wonderful.

your favorite Bay Area bakeries

I must agree with Icing on the Cake being on of the best in the South Bay. They a great Anzac cook and really flavorful cupcakes and hostess cupcake looking cakes. Yummy. I also like Fleur de Cocoa for their Royale Cake. The croissants are also great there. Ester's German Bakery definitely has some great breads too. They just opened two new locations in Los Altos/Mountain View.

Icing on the Cake
50 W Main St
Los Gatos, CA, 95030

Fleur de Cocoa
39 N Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA, 95030

Current favorites at Nha Toi and Vung Tau?

At Vung Tau in San Jose i would definitely recommend the bun khot for appetizer. It is cooked to perfection there. Have had it in many other places but no one does it as well. Everything else there is pretty standard and yes on the sweet side. They use to do a pretty good tamarine crab but now its a bit too sweet for me. Have fun and good eating!

Dinner Rec's for Mt. View/ Palo Alto?

Here are a couple of places you can consider:

Mt. View:
Cascal (Spanish Tapas) - They have nice atmosphere but the food is just ok. The Sangrias are not bad.

Palo Alto:
Lavanda (Italian) - this place is pretty decent. We had a great bottle of chianti here last time (not cheap but worth it).
Evvia (Greek) - their food is solid. Wine list is decent also.

Good luck!

Sonoma - Girl and the Fig - anybody been?

Last month a group of friend and I drove all the way from SF to have lunch because we had hear so much about this place on chowhound and thought it would be great. There was 8 of us to we got to try many things on the menu - most things were good, except for the steak. The steak was cold and was overly cooked and under-seasoned. I don't know what the big deal about this place. We sat in the garden so the atomsphere was nice and the drinks were good. But overall it was just ok. Not worth the 45 minute drive.