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JapaDog May Be Coming to L.A.!

I had it for the first time a few months ago. Thought it was pretty good. Didn't blow my mind, but certainly would not hesitate to get another one if I happened to see the truck.
The concept seems easy to replicate, so I would imagine if you loved it in Vancouver, you would probably love it here

Trendy, good food for out of town guest from Hong Kong

Just wanted to +1 these sentiments.

Was in HK about a year ago, and tried a Vietnamese place near Central that had a giant line outside of it during lunch, and the much-lauded, now-closed TBLS that does some sort of new-American. Both very underwhelming to say the least.

Sep 11, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Singapore Leaf Open in Alhambra


Well, thanks for taking the hit for the rest of us.

Sep 10, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Gordon Ramsay - The London?

Just FYI, I don't think Gordon Ramsay has anything to do with this location anymore, other than it still bearing his name. Don't know whether that could affect your plans. Might have to do some googling.

Sep 10, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

LA "Musts" Tailored to a Strategic New Yorker

Not to rub it in, but I think the prime rib bowl is one of the best things there, and it's not super sauced up like the other bowls.

The SO is pretty sensitive to salt and she's never had an issue with it at n+m, so I might chalk that up to an off night, but I don't think you need to give it another shot.

Is it Last Call for B.o.s. ? (Closing)

I know the comments were just in passing, and the guy was probably a little defensive about it, but the idea of LA not "being ready" rubs me the wrong way a bit.

My kneejerk, angry response is, "Yes, LA isn't interested in the gimmick of nose-to-tail and is more interested in food that tastes good." Purely anecdotal, but between all the tacos and menudo and boat noodles and pho dac biets and chicken feet that are consumed in LA, I really don't think offal carries that much of a stigma to the people here.

I know CH isn't representative of the people out there, but all the restaurants that serve those dishes aren't being filled by CHers.

Sep 09, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Is Baco Mercat really this bad?

This type of experience is why I always opt for the bar when possible. Bartenders are usually easier to flag down, and seem to be more in the habit of checking on you every now and then.

Sep 03, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

friend wants to have dinner at bazaar - realistically, how much am i going to spend??

I don't know how plausible this would be for your friends, but you could try calling bazaar and asking if they could do a tasting of sorts at a given budget, say... $100/pp. But then again, with 2 cocktails and tax and tip, maybe that'll get you close to $200 anyway. But at least you will have been able to taste a representative sample of the menu.

Sep 03, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

3% healthcare charge: coming to more receipts near you

This topic didn't really shift things one way or the other for me. Most of these places are special occasion restaurants where a 3% surcharge won't make that much of a difference on the 5-6 visits I make in a year.

But reading that e-mail does get my goat a little bit. Their reasoning for using it and keeping the menu costs as is sounds like b.s. to me. Particularly when the RC people start talking about how hard it is to get by in the restaurant world...

They seem to be doing well enough to open up multiple ice cream shops, a large restaurant in Santa Monica, an expansion on an existing restaurant, a wine bar/store, and who knows what else that hasn't hit the newswire yet.

Chicken & Rice Truck - anyone been?

Might be two different things now? The other site and twitter are still active. I know there were some strange goings-on before. Don't know the relation between the two. If it happens to be anywhere I'm at, I'll give it a try though.

Edit: From the ChickenRiceLA twitter feed:
So our worst partner , shady, dirty, no passion just greediness has announced that he is launching a replica truck please don't support .GYB
We have a copy cat truck .. Please guys support us . Don't let these none passionate or creative people get the best .

Aug 27, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Pasadena City Hall lunch options?

Probably on the outer limits of your radius, but Union is my favorite restaurant in Pasadena right now. Outside of that, the only other things I eat when in Pasadena are Europane and the fast-casual joints like Blaze, Tender Greens, Lemonade, and Settebello.

Aug 25, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

LA "Musts" Tailored to a Strategic New Yorker

Probably worth mentioning in case the OP doesn't know...
Dodger Dogs are the worst. Just get one for the kid if he insists, and you can try a piece of that one.

Aug 14, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

LA "Musts" Tailored to a Strategic New Yorker

Some random thoughts (some might be redundant):

Would definitely skip Pot for someone that's willing to be more adventurous.
Would try Night+Market. I haven't eaten Thai in Elmhurst in 10 years (used to spend my summers there), but I really can't imagine it being the same experience. Especially considering how NY has flipped out over Pok Pok.
Like others have mentioned, if you have an extra meal, trying Langer's will show you how bread can take a pastrami sandwich to another level.

Not exactly a CH-favorite, but I would go to Philippe's before the Dodgers game for the tradition of it. And Chego is open late, so you can grab that afterwards. But I guess that might be tight if they're doing Friday night fireworks and the kid is pooped.
If Chego is closed, I would get some tacos. Everyone seems to have their own favorite truck/stand, so it just depends on what area you're in. I'm partial to the one on Arlington Ave. and Washington Blvd in the Chevron station. I know you're doing Guisados also, but it's just a very different experience.

Din Tai Fung is a great place. I think if you asked 10 people for their favorite dumpling place, you'd get 10 different answers, but for me, DTF is always consistent.

Not as big of a fan of Eggslut as others here are, but I don't really have an alternative for you.

Aug 14, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Beijing Tasty House Moves Into Jinxed Location

Have you been to either? Any recommendations on what to get?

Aug 12, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Wexler's Deli - Yesterday

Went today (Tuesday) around 11:30. A pair of seats available at the bar, line was about 4 deep.
At around 11:45, the line ballooned up to about 10-12 people, and it seemed like people tend to order individually, so it wasn't the fastest moving line, but it still moves at a reasonable pace.
Food comes out pretty fast.

I had a bagel w/ lox and cream cheese, and it also came with capers and onions. I thought it was pretty good. I wasn't very excited about it, but then I thought, I don't know where I could go around here to get anything better.

Guidance needed for week-long LA visit

+1 on all these and CiaoBob's sentiments. To me, an itinerary like the original one is why a lot of people travel here and don't think much of the food scene. There are restaurants like these popping up all over the country and none of them comment on much about what is going on that is unique to LA.

Aug 05, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Valley Blvd Eats - looking for eating partners

Nobody's saying don't go to Old Country Cafe or Shau May, or that those places are bad. If you're just going to the places that have some nostalgia for you, I don't see any problem with that.

I just don't know why you would take a shotgun blast approach to eating all these things again when sites like CH exist to share that knowledge. Even if I had a near-death experience and a new lease on life, I still don't think I'd enjoy Wonderful.

Anyway, if you find 2 others daring enough to join you on this, report back!

Jul 31, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Is peach pie in season yet say at bake n broil or pie n burger or fill in the proverbial blank with your particular pie shoppe of choice, ?????????????????????????

Pie N Burger had it today.

Jul 30, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Where To Buy Quark?? Kwark?

I don't know what the Franse means, but if that's the same as plain Quark you can get it at Whole Foods in Pasadena. Might wanna try your local Whole Foods. They had a few other flavors like lemon and strawberry also.

Jul 26, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Alimento Silver Lake

Just wanted to pop in to say that I had dinner here on Saturday night and had a really good time. Food was great.

Very tight seating, so hope that your neighbors are friendly. When we were there, one of the tables was being pretty loud, and it distracted our neighbors a bit. So if you're easily put off by that kind of thing, might want to go earlier, when it's less crowded.

They have 2 beers on tap (Ommegang something and Mama's Lil Yella pils) and a few bottles (Didn't bother to hear the list) to go along with their wine list.

We had 5 dishes (3 starters, 2 pastas) between 2 people, and pacing was pretty good. 1 dish brought out at a time, with a few minutes break after each dish was done. The portions are not the biggest, but we're not the biggest eaters, so that amount of food was perfect.

We also had the almond cake for dessert, which I just found to be decent. I think I might skip dessert there next time, but I will definitely be back.

Jul 21, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

GCM is Getting The Best Ice Cream Parlour

I think McConnell's is pretty good (emphasis on pretty), and I usually make a visit on my annual trip to SB. Where they shine to me is the straight fruit ones like roadside raspberry or blueberry. No funky combinations (which I think some shops in LA are better at), just good fruit in good ice cream.

Jul 19, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

SGV Changes: Man Chan Cuisine, Hot Kitchen, Bambu Desserts & Drinks

Haven't been to this location, but I was not a big fan of the Hainan Chicken I had at the Rowland location. For reference: locally, I prefer Savoy, then #2 Green Zone, and #3 Dong Nguyen.

Jul 13, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

2 days in LA Mid-City area

If you do make it to RM, then you might as well grab the Redwood Ice dessert.

I can't think of anything too interesting around Koreatown that would work as a lighter mid-day bite. If you are a Roy Choi fan, I think the Commissary at the Line Hotel will be open by then, which should have lighter fare.

Jul 06, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

2 days in LA Mid-City area

If he's going from Hollywood, he'll go through downtown anyway. At least, that's how I'd drive it.

Jul 06, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

2 days in LA Mid-City area

If you don't land on time or get held up at the airport, Guerrilla Tacos could be a problem. I think your schedule could be adjusted to do Guerrilla Tacos on Saturday morning (although you don't have breakfast plans on any of the days, so maybe you're busy in the mornings?), which will be on your way to the airport. That would also allow you to visit GCM on Saturday and free up a different mid-day bite for Friday.

Like others have mentioned, Animal over Red Medicine, or even better, Animal followed by dessert at RM.

Personally not big on Pann's. I usually don't send out of towners there.

Jul 05, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

3 Questions about Gjelina

I usually end up parking on the small streets to the west of Abbot Kinney.

I don't think there are too many misses at Gjelina, so just order what you like. A friend of mine went a few weeks ago and said he didn't enjoy the mushroom toast. So I asked him if he liked mushrooms that much, and he said, "No, but it was recommended on Yelp." ... ...

Jun 23, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

Frontera Grill Strategery

I'm an LA-hound currently on vacation in Chicago and just wanted to report that I had lunch at the bar at Frontera Grill today (Thursday). Showed up at 11:35AM, it seemed like the restaurant was half full, and the rather long bar was empty except for a pair of diners.

The place did start to fill up around 12:15, but there were still plenty of seats at the bar, which looked like it could hold around 20 people.

Jun 12, 2014
andytseng in Chicago Area

ISO: high quality Old Fashioned cocktail (2014 edition)

Really enjoyed by barrel aged old fashioned at Spago a few nights ago. $22.

Jun 09, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

The Pastrami List 2014

I thought that it might be a reference to Ugly Drum, but the guys that make the pastrami definitely are not Korean American. But I guess the chef at mendo might be?

Jun 07, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area

The Pastrami List 2014

Just curious... Does anyone know what

"Some of the best around is being made in ugly drums by Korean-Americans"

is in reference to? I always wondered if there could be some interesting takes on pastrami with different spices, smokes, etc...

Jun 06, 2014
andytseng in Los Angeles Area