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La Puerta de la Sol

Has anyone tried this place yet? It's in the same building where Uncle Pete's used to be in Revere.

seeking hot cross buns ...

A&J King in Salem has excellent hot cross buns.

Persimmons: best place to buy/order a case

Was at the H Mart in Burlington today and they were well stocked with persimmons.

Recipes You've Never Heard of Outside Your Family

Cream cheese and jelly was the only sandwich my brother would eat through his whole childhood.

Jul 28, 2009
saltedherb in Home Cooking

Lucille's Fine Chicken, Rt 1, Lynnfield

We tried Lucille's the other night. There is a fixed menu: Pasta with tomato sauce, salad, chicken and Belgian fries, for $11.95 per person. The server said they offer other items in the bar area and may add other items in the future.

The food was average. The roasted chicken wasn't dry. The salad dressing was a little too garlicky and far too salty. The fries were limp and mushy. The pasta was overcooked, but the sauce was decent.

What was disconcerting was what they didn't do at Lucille's. They didn't change the decor much from when it was Naked Fish. They pretty much just basically slapped a couple of the Lucille's logos on the walls and light fixtures otherwise the interior is exactly the same as it was. It made the environment feel kind of creepy and uncomfortable.

Robin Hood Free Meetinghouse Georgetown, ME

Going here for dinner in a couple weeks. What I can expect?

Fuel: Lewiston ME

I was excited to hear that Lewiston has some new dining choices, but I was a little disappointed when I ordered a gift certificate from them as a Christmas gift for my in-laws. Fuel sent me a computer print out of a web page, something I could have done at home, but didn't want a cheesy printout as a gift. I would expect a restaurant which is considered to be upscale to have a better attention to detail.

Croissants & French baguette

A&J King in Salem has really good croissants and a decent baguette, if you're up for a road trip.

Restaurants Along Route 38 in Woburn

We recently went to Cousin's for breakfast. It didn't seem very clean. We were sitting at the counter and got to watch an employee running the dirty dishes and flatware through the dishwasher for a minute per load, unloading and starting over with the next load. We were there about 30 minutes and I don't think the dishwasher ever drained the old, dirty water or was run for the whole cycle.

Love, love, love Pho #1.

Ommegeddon in Boston Area?

I saw it at Kappy's in Danvers- across the street from the North Shore Mall, a couple days ago.

Dec 18, 2007
saltedherb in Beer