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Riverstead Inn Opens This Weekend! [Chilhowie, VA]

My wife and I are heading up tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the Shields do with more control/freedom.

Jun 20, 2014
kronik in Mid-Atlantic

Denver Business Trip - Feed me Seymour.

I've booked Luca D'Italia and Fruition but I thought I'd come to my good ol' Chow. I'll be in Denver for 3 days in a few weeks and need some recommendations on can't miss spots - no constraints on type of cuisine or price; I would like to keep it to Denver, however so Frasca is out of the question.


Nov 28, 2013
kronik in Mountain States

Special Occasion Restaurant?

Forgot to put Momofuku Ko on the 'did it' list - was there a few months ago. I'll look into Atera.

Nov 01, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Special Occasion Restaurant?

3 weeks out.

Any and all - will try anything.

You know, honestly it doesn't really matter - I like a well-appointed room, I like a dive with unexpectedly good food. We're a fairly casual couple.

Though I want to try Masa at some point - I don't think this trip is it.. so anything less than that. :D

Yes, we've been to all of them and we're going back to Per Se this trip. I thought all of them were phenomenal experiences with BF and Per Se in my top 5 of all time, EMP definitely top 10. I found the refinement of the Per Se experience second-to-none. Ramirez' play with rare fish even convinced my wife that maybe she liked seafood more than she thought she did.

Nov 01, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Special Occasion Restaurant?

If you were looking for the best meal in NYC, where would you go?

Excluding - Per Se, EMP, Brooklyn Fare.. got a return trip to Per Se coming up. JG or Le Bern? Or one of the newer spots like Jungsik?

Nov 01, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Upcoming B-day Trip to NYC

Our plan was to get there earlier to ideally avoid a long wait and subsequently a burger at MT.

Indeed, per your note on the reservations, I dropped Luger. We want to go to Shopsin's but there are tons of other places I'd like to try as well. The lines are not great, no?

Regarding the Italian restaurant, yes. It was between Empellon Cocina and TIS on Saturday night and my wife loves any and all Mexican food plus you mentioned their bar program favorably.

May 20, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Upcoming B-day Trip to NYC

Finalized, I think?

Thursday Lunch - Motorino
Thursday Dinner - Takashi
Thursday Dessert - Per Se Dessert Tasting

Friday Breakfast - Dominique Ansel Bakery
Friday Lunch - Minetta Tavern
Friday Dinner - Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

Saturday Breakfast - Murray's Bagels
Saturday Lunch - Momofuku Ko
Saturday Dinner - Empellon Cocina
Bar - The Wayland/Pouring Ribbons

Sunday Breakfast - Doughnut Plant
Sunday Lunch - $$ - [Red Hook Lobster Truck]
Sunday Dinner - NoMad
Bar - Raines Law Room @ 8PM

Monday Breakfast - Dominique Ansel Bakery, again? ;) or FPB
Monday Lunch - Katz's

Thanks for all the input!

May 20, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Upcoming B-day Trip to NYC

That time of year again where I come to the boards looking for recommendations on my tentative itinerary. Back to NYC it is..

So the short list of where we've been already -
Ai Fiori
Per Se
Eleven Madison Park

What we have planned this time around:

Thursday Lunch - Motorino's
Thursday Dinner - Tentative.. was thinking Peter Luger's?
Bar - Pouring Ribbons

Friday Breakfast - Dominque Ansel Bakery, love this place. (any recommendations for similar spots?)
Friday Lunch - open
Friday Dinner - Brooklyn Fare

Saturday Breakfast - Ess-a-Bagel
Saturday Lunch - Momofuku Ko
Saturday Dinner - open
Bar - The Wayland

Sunday Breakfast - Shopsin's
Sunday Lunch - Katz's
Sunday Dinner

Monday Breakfast - open
Monday Lunch - open

Hotel is in Midtown.. we usually take the train everywhere but sometimes will cab.

Honestly, I'm not sure where else to go. We like cocktail bars (D&C, AyA, Angel's Share, PDT) but I'm not sure I feel like going through the enormous hassle of 3 hour waits or needing to make reservations this time around. We have pretty broad palates and like trying new places. Torrisi and NoMad are what I'm thinking currently.

May 14, 2013
kronik in Manhattan

Saison Chef's Counter vs. Meadowood Chef's Counter

Anyone been to both? Which did you prefer.. why?

Sep 25, 2012
kronik in San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming San Francisco Treat

Well, here's the updated schedule though now I might try to finagle it further after reading the feedback in this thread.



12PM - La Corneta
6PM - Pizzeria Delfina
8:30PM - Alembic


8PM - The Slanted Door


8AM - Knead Patisserie
7PM - Saison Chef's Counter


8AM - Dynamo Doughnuts
6PM - Wilson and Wilson Detective Agency
8PM - Benu


maybe addenndum for lunch

10AM - Aubert Wines
1PM - Elyse Winery
3:45PM - Pride Vineyards

10AM - Del Dotto Vineyards
1:30PM - Hendry Vineyards
5:15 - Bottega


10:30AM - Joseph Phelps Vineyards
11:45 - Bistro Jeanty
1PM - Chappellet Vineyards
3PM - Paradigm Vineyards
7:15 - Ad Hoc

Sep 23, 2012
kronik in San Francisco Bay Area

Upcoming San Francisco Treat

I'll be in town for a conference and my girlfriend is tagging along. I'm trying to plan a reasonable itinerary and I think I'm doing a fairly acceptable job though I am always open to ideas. We start in SF and venture into Wine Country on the 4th. We have pretty wide tastes though a penchant for fruit-forward Cabernets and off-dry Chardonnays; we are always open, however, to broadening our horizons. No chance at TFL due to when I found out I was going to SF but we were at Per Se a few months ago so I figure a visit to Kostow is more suitable anyways.

Here's what I have currently:

Oct 2nd
Dinner - Saison

Oct 3rd
Dinner @ Benu

Oct 4th

Lunch - ?
1PM - Elyse Winery
Tentatively, afternoon - Hopper Creek Winery
3:45 - Pride Vineyards
Dinner - The Restaurant at Meadowood - 8:45

Oct 5th

Brunch - Bouchon - 11AM
1PM - Joseph Phelps
2:30PM - ? (was thinking Altamura)

Oct 6th

Brunch/Lunch - ? - 11AM
1PM - Chappellet Vineyards
3PM - Paradigm Vineyards
Dinner - Ad Hoc - 7:15

I'm certainly open to exploring more of Sonoma on the 4th but it will be a little more difficult to squeeze in on Fri/Sat.


Sep 16, 2012
kronik in San Francisco Bay Area

Staub Rectangular Casserole

So, in looking at the French Staub webpage, I ran into the perfect casserole dish. The problem is: I have no idea where to buy it in the USA!

Where do I go to get a couple of these bad boys? Any ideas?

Oct 27, 2009
kronik in Cookware

Crabs in the Outer Banks

Is there a place in the northern section (we're in Corolla) where you can get fairly priced crabs? We went to Steamers in Timbuk II which is good but they only serve Snow/King crab legs. We were looking for something more like Maryland Blues.


Jul 08, 2009
kronik in General South Archive

Large Group Venues?

I am looking for a restaurant for a large group (12+) in the DC area. Fogo De Chao is usually recommended but I'd like to try some place else. I was thinking perhaps Ethiopian (Etete?).. I'm not quite sure so your suggestions are welcome.