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Cambro Containers in Toronto

Nella Cutlery on Norfinch sells them.

Nella Cutlery
148 Norfinch Dr, Toronto, ON M3N, CA

Best and Worst World Cities for Food

Singapore for me was the best in terms of food choice. There are so many options at all budgets. From street food, to fine dining and everything in between, I am hard pressed to think of anywhere in the world that has so many options. Its also very clean!

The worst city for me is Kathmandu!

Feb 03, 2011
funfoodie in General Topics

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee in Toronto?

The Greenbeanery sells the beans green (unroasted), I'm sure if you ask they can custom roast it for you.

Replacement beaker for Bodum - where's the cheapest?

The Greenbeanery is what I would recommend too. If there is a sale, Home Outfitters is a possiblity for a replacement beaker.

You're Lame If You Use Briquettes

Not all briquettes or lump are made equally. Some briquettes are simply char wood and a starch that are compressed. Some lumps out there contain finished wood such as plywood and softwoods that are undesirable.

I use both. For overnight cooks I use all natural briquettes. For grilling and smoking where I can monitor the process I use lump

May 15, 2010
funfoodie in Features

Best Beef Ho Fun (aka Beef Hor Fun) in Toronto?

I still go to the Noodle Delight on Vic Park and Sheppard. Kobe, chicken wings and chili oil is still a great treat after all these years. Congee King and Queen make a great version of Beef Ho Fun consistently. Arden Fast food at the food court in First Markham Place makes does too.

Like an omelet in French kitchens many Cantonese restaurants use this basic item as a test for new cooks. It takes a lot of skill to make this simple dish of rice noodles, beef, bean sprouts and onions spectacular.

Congee King Restaurant
4271 Sheppard E, Toronto, ON M1S4G4, CA

ISO : Food Grade Pails/Buckets/Containers

Ask any restaurant or grocery and I am sure you can get more than you need! Any place I’ve worked, there was always an excess of food grade pails/buckets/containers. What area are you located?

Personal Chef Wanted for Dinner Party

Oro has a great catering chef Andy Edney

ISO dark glass bottles/jars in GTA

I have my homemade vanilla extract in an old Grolsch "swing-top" green beer bottle.

Harvest Wine Bar (Unionville)

I believe the restaurant is now called Unionville Pizza Company. Same owners, new concept.

ISO Mineral oil

I use food safe Tung Oil from Lee Valley Tools for my cutting boards, salad bowls and platters...

Discard milk solids?

At a restaurant I worked in we used to clarity 50lbs of butter once a week, as you can imagine a lot of milk solids were left over, but none of it was wasted! The majority was used to base grilled proteins and vegetables on the grill. A little was added to mashed potatoes. Some of the cream based pastas were finished with a little bit of milk solids. After large functions risotto was leftover so we made croquettes to which we added milk solids. Depending on the soup of the day a little could be drizzled just before serving.

May 13, 2009
funfoodie in General Topics

what is butterfish? [moved from Toronto]

It is also known as Sable or Black Cod.

Jun 30, 2006
funfoodie in General Topics

yummiest pho

Pho 88 Warden South of Steeles. Quickest and Tastiest bowl of Pho. Numerous versions and no split charge if you want to share.