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Iowa City

I would recommend giving David's Place another chance. As a huge fan of Ethiopian food, and someone who spent 3 months in Ethiopia, I used to travel to Chicago or Minneapolis just to get my fix, and was thrilled when David's Place opened in IC. After my first dinner there, I didn't go back for a year, I was so disappointed. The injera was crusty, the selection slim and not very flavorful. My husband talked me into trying it again and I have to say it has improved dramatically. The selection was better and the food was much better. We've been back several times since. I don't think the injera you get in the US is ever going to have quite that sour taste that makes Ethiopian injera so distinctive, but as far as American Ethiopian food goes, I am very happy with David's Place and glad to have it in town.

Dec 18, 2007
christyw in Great Plains