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Thai food in Central Jersey

Far East Taste in Eatontown is the best I've had. Don't expect much ambiance, but they make some fantastic food. Richard, the owner/chef, will let you chose the level of heat that you prefer for your selected dish. You can go for a wimpy "1 chile" all the way up to a super hot "5 chile" mouth burner. Either way, you'll love the fresh and distinctive tastes of his entrees and soups.

Jun 30, 2006
Anco in New Jersey

BBQ in Newark NJ?

Well if you are talking about good old fashioned Texas BBQ, then I don't know of any places in Newark. If you want some great lip smacking, tangy sauce smothered, authentic BBQ, then check out Famous Dave's in Brick, NJ. I highly recommend the St. Louis ribs. It's well worth the drive from Newark. If you are looking for "Portuguese BBQ", then check out Iberia. It's basically, an all you can eat, Brazilian style "Rodizzio" BBQ. Very good in it's own right!

Jun 30, 2006
Anco in Mid-Atlantic