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Ordering lunch in Red Hook

The spanish steam table place is great! The food is so fresh that when they run for the day (can be as early as 1pm) they close. They have a really fresh and tasty avocado salad. I remember that they did say they deliver locally.

Jan 04, 2008
Live2Eat in Outer Boroughs

olive oil

At Fairway there is an entire section of oil that are not FW's. There are several, very good EVOOs that are from some of the better known towns in Italy and Greece.

Dec 21, 2006
Live2Eat in Outer Boroughs

Pfeffernuesse cookies...HELP!

Sahadi had them this past weekend for $1.00 for a bag. Perhaps they have them still.

Dec 19, 2006
Live2Eat in Outer Boroughs

Best Mussels on Smith and Court?

Bar Tabac mussels rock. The fries that come along with the huge order of sweet bivalves are crispy and well salted. I now have a craving!

Dec 13, 2006
Live2Eat in Outer Boroughs

Lunches in the City Hall area

The indian place is called Pakistani Tea House. Great food...a bit spicy but lots of variety and CHEAP!

Dec 13, 2006
Live2Eat in Manhattan

Where is the Best Spicy Tuna?

I love the spicy tuna roll at Kotobuki on Columbia Street

Dec 13, 2006
Live2Eat in Outer Boroughs

Schokinag Drinking Chocolate

OMG tried this stuff at the NYC Fancy Food Show. It is incredible!!! Enjoy