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A nice dinner in Salt Lake City on Christmas Day?

Hi, and thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have!

My husband and I are going to be in Salt Lake City for just one night -- and that night happens to be Christmas. I'm trying to figure out a) which restaurants will even be open, and b) if any of the open restaurants are good restaurants -- REAL restaurants, rather than overpriced hotel steakhouses that cater to lonely travelers (like us!) and businesspeople.

We'll have a car, so we don't mind driving; we're adventurous eaters; and wine/drinks aren't a major consideration (I'm pregnant, so I can't drink anyway!).

Thanks so much. I love SLC, but haven't been there in far too long!

Nov 16, 2008
susannajones in Southwest

My list: four nights of dinners

These suggestions are all fabulous! Thanks so much -- I've been revising my list and will let you know what I finally settle on. La Maison Bulgogi has to stay on my list, though, because I'm absolutely obsessed with kimchi chigae, especially when it's cold, and someone here posted that they did a very good version. Honestly, I'd take a big, spicy, pungent bowl of wonderful kimchi chigae over any other food in the winter!

I think I'm going to substitute Au Petit Extra for L'Express, given the noise factor, and perhaps change our dinner at Bouchonné to lunch at 5e Péché -- like I said, we're really trying to make the most of a small budget. Some of the other suggestions here looked wonderful, but are just a tad too pricey for us. We could always hit Bouchonné for a glass of wine and some cheese later, after all!

Olive et Gourmando looks terrific, too.

Just one quick questions: how late is the Marché Jean Talon open? I definitely want to go.

Thanks again -- your help means a lot. I was in Montreal for the first time last December, but was traveling with some very finicky people. I'm over the moon to be able to actually EAT this time!

My list: four nights of dinners

Thanks for the feedback so far -- cherylmtl, may I ask why you prefer Au Petit Extra to L'Express?

The "scene" at L'Express that carswell mentioned would probably not be in evidence by the time we arrived -- alas, my parents aren't night owls, so we're having dinner at 6:00! (Ugh.) My boyfriend and I plan to head out for a digestif after dinner, though -- we hate eating early!

My list: four nights of dinners

With the help of the wonderfully descriptive past posts on this board, I've put together a plan for four nights of dinners for when I visit Montreal with my boyfriend and my parents next week, from Wed -- Sun. We are staying downtown, but have (obviously) decided to travel to where the good food is!

What do you think of this list, considering that:

--All four of us love to eat, but reasonably healthfully -- hence no foie gras/poutine quests, and no APdC;
--As teachers and artists, we're not rich, so we're really trying not to spend an arm and a leg (the trip itself is our Christmas present to each other), but we want to have some memorable meals;
--My father doesn't enjoy seafood;
--My mother is a bit hard of hearing, so anyplace that's terribly loud would make conversation difficult for her;
--We enjoy restaurants that are beautiful, cozy, atmospheric, creative, warm!

Please tell me: is this list repetitive? Anything you think I should change?

Night 1: L'Express (Is it really loud? Expensive? Should I replace it with Au Petit Extra?)
Night 2: My parents are going to BU; my boyfriend and I to the 10:00 special at Leméac
Night 3: Bouchonné
Night 4: La Montée de Lait (this night is my birthday, and their four-course menu sounded fun and special)

For lunch, I'm hoping to get Lebanese food, pho/noodles, hit La Maison Bulgogi, check out holes-in-the-wall, etc. -- my parents will be on their own.

Many thanks for all your help.

comptoir à vin « bouchonné »

Carswell mentioned, in his first post, that Bouchonné is open for lunch, too. Have any of you tried lunch there?

Ricoré (French chicory/coffee)

Zerlina, that's amazing -- we have been searching for it for months! We'll order it online. Thanks so much!

Ricoré (French chicory/coffee)

Does anyone know of a good grocery store with imported French products that might carry this? It's a soluble chicory-coffee mix that I used to drink in France when I was young -- you just add it to hot milk (and dip a really buttery tartine in it). It's a really odd thing to crave, but I'm trying to find it for nostalgia's sake. It comes in a large yellow tin...and alas, it does not exist, at all, in the U.S. Has anyone seen it in Montreal, or do I need to wait until my next trip to France to stock up? Please help! Thanks!

An interesting restaurant downtown?

Hi, and thanks in advance for any thoughts you might be able to offer!

I'll be in Montreal with my boyfriend and my parents for four nights next week. We're in our 30's, my parents are in their early 60's, we all live in Boston, and we all love to eat. We'll have a few meals as a group, but my parents will probably split off on their own a few nights, too.

But don't worry, this isn't yet another "where should I eat in Montreal" post! I've been reading the Montreal board obsessively over the past few days, so I know where I'm hoping to go with my boyfriend -- Bu, Bouchonée, and perhaps Bazar Anise or Leméac, some of the neighborhood bistros mentioned in other posts. We speak French, and we can't stand boring, touristy restaurants -- so I'm really grateful for the info I've found here.

The problem, however, is where to eat on our first night in Montreal, when my parents will be tired and will likely want to stay close to the hotel. We're staying at the Sofitel (Sherbrooke at Stanley), and I haven't read about any interesting restaurants in that neighborhood.

Any thoughts? I'm looking for a place with a nice atmosphere, great/interesting food, not terribly expensive, and not terribly loud (my mother is a bit hard of hearing).

Thanks so much!

comptoir à vin « bouchonné »

Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try it -- do you know if they take reservations, or are they not really necessary just yet?