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Suggestions for dining near the C.I.A.

I just want to add a note for future people who search this board for Twist. My wife and I ate there Saturday night while visiting relatives in nearby Poughkeepsie. We had a tremendous experience. No reservations, but the wait was short (a bit after 8). The woman who is the manager (co-owner?) is very nice and is the resident wine expert. I prefer the simple things in life, so I was very impressed when the caesar salad arrived perfectly dressed, and my steak came out perfectly done. The accompanying ancho chile butter was amazing, and mashed potatoes with white truffle oil are pure bliss. Others enjoyed the scallops and duck and the spicy tuna tartare appetizer. All in all, it is just a great atmosphere with a cool vibe and an active open kitchen that is fun to watch. The food was simply divine and helped minimize the disappointment that we couldn't get into the actual C.I.A. (the chef/owners are graduates).

Lightfoot or Tuscarora for nice dinner in Leesburg?

Just to close the loop on this...

We went to Lightfoot on Sunday night. We arrived early and had a drink at the bar before being led to a wonderfully romantic table directly in front of a roaring fireplace. The whole restaurant was decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful. Our waiter was friendly and helpful. We snatched up the last lamb shank special at his suggestion and also ordered a pork chop special. Both were delicious. The pork came with a bread pudding-like side that had sausage, broccoli and cheddar cheese -- it was amazing. The sweet potato and garlic fries were okay. The salads were impressive; mine was a special with walnuts, pears, bacon and some sort of honey mustard-y dressing.

All in all, it was exactly what I was looking for and made for the perfect special evening with my wife.

Lightfoot or Tuscarora for nice dinner in Leesburg?

Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice, everyone! I've made a reservation at Lightfoot and will check back in to let other Chowhounds know what we thought. We have a bit of French food fatigue right now, so it came down to the two original options. Both menus looked good to me, but my wife loves prime rib so I'm hoping it will be available Sunday at Lightfoot. Plus we have a fondness for graphic art (Cappiello!), so Lightfoot looked like a really cool space. Thanks again!

Full Meals Delivered Daily

Diet to Go might be what you're looking for:

Favorite NEW restaurants of 2007

oops -- I meant Brasserie...Freudian slip?

Visiting D.C. for first time 12/22-12/25

Sorry for all the posting -- I forgot about Firefly, my favorite place on the other side of the circle (southwest -- 1310 New Hampshire) -- it's a great place for drinks, but the food is also pretty good (try the truffle fries -- oh my God!)

Visiting D.C. for first time 12/22-12/25

Also, beer after dinner...(I'm 28 and married, so same demo, I would think):

1) The Front Page (1333 New Hampshire, on the circle) is okay -- it's a meat market after work, but tamer after dinner

2) The Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut, south of circle) -- kind of a dive, but awesome draft beer selection, plus pool table upstairs

3) Childe Harold (1620 20th Street, north of circle) -- a fine British pub, if that's what you're into

4) Gazuza (1629 Connecticut, north of circle) -- a Latin-themed lounge if you want something more "hip," but not a dance club (of which there are plenty in Dupont)

Hope this helps!

Visiting D.C. for first time 12/22-12/25

Hey there - welcome to DC! Here are a few of my favorites that won't break the bank:

1) Pizzeria Paradiso (2029 P Street) -- great pizza (try wheat crust for lighter option) and paninis, plus Italian beer and okay wine selections

2) Logan Tavern (1423 P Street) -- a few blocks east, but great American food with added touches (try the wasabi meatloaf!); just opened a second room so it's easier to get a table

3) Lauriol Plaza (2009 18th Street) -- Decent Mexican food (upscale, not street) at good prices, with great margaritas -- always busy, though, so be prepared to wait (that's what the margaritas are for!)

4) La Tomate (1701 Connecticut Ave.) -- decent Italian food, in a bistro-type atmosphere, not ultra-formal

but if you want the best Italian food and can afford a bit more...

5) Al Tiramisu (2014 P Street -- downstairs across from Paradiso) -- the most authentic I've found anywhere -- the butter/sage ravioli will bring tears to your eyes

Lightfoot or Tuscarora for nice dinner in Leesburg?

Well, that's one vote for each. Anyone else? Also, anyone have any other suggestions? I've seen good reveiws of Vintage 50, the beer/wine bar...what's the atmosphere like? I don't mind casual, but don't want loud/bar-like.

Mexican food

Mixtec in Adams Morgan. Best mole sauce in DC, but everything else is good, too (except the tortilla chips, for some reason).

Chicken wings

Ooooh -- I love this post, because my friends and I debate it constantly. First, I will second the suggestion of 51st State on Penn. Ave. in Foggy Bottom. On the Hill, Tortilla Coast and Capital Grille have decent wings.

BUT, for my money, the best wings are at Old Dominion on 9th by the Convention Center. Combined with a bar that usually isn't crowded, but also has lots of big high-def TVs, and you've got just what you're looking for.

Favorite NEW restaurants of 2007

I would go with Central, Brassiere Beck, Proof and The Source. BB might have opened in 2006, but it was new to me in 2007!

Need a place to impress.

Tell them to go to The Source, Wolfgang Puck's new restaurant in the Newseum. The food is American with an Asian influence, so it won't seem too far out there to them. Plus, the space is beautiful and Puck is a "name" so it would probably be impressive to outsiders.

Lightfoot or Tuscarora for nice dinner in Leesburg?

My wife and I are staying at the Landsdowne Resort on Sunday night and their own formal restaurant is not open on Sundays. So where should we go for a nice dinner as part of her Christmas present? I'm framing it as a battle of the traditional favorites in Leesburg, but if there's something else besides Lightfoot or Tuscarora that will blow us away, please feel free to add it to the discussion. Thanks!