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Susur disappoints NY Times reviewer

Susur's new restaurant Shang gets one star (out of 4) from the NY Times reviewer Frank Bruni.

The last line basically says it all:
"Pleasant, but inconsistent and uneventful. The magic that Mr. Lee reputedly made in Toronto hasn’t followed him here."

Read the full review at:

Feb 18, 2009
yyzgirl in Food Media & News


I recommend the oven roasted chicken wings at Mitzi's Sister at Queen W and Sorauren - just had them the other night - they were substantial and meaty, a welcome change from the typical anemic version drowned in batter and fried (1 pound for $9.95). My mouth was on fire from the hot sauce on the side, but nothing a cold hard cider on tap couldn't cure ($3)! See

Looking for Best Frites in Toronto

I am searching for the best frites in Toronto - defined as cut thick and long, brown and slightly crunchy on the outside, white and soft on the inside, with a touch of salt, and tasty on their own, ideally but not necessarily served in a paper cone. Thanks!