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Is there Singaporean Laksa in Toronto?

Hawkerbar on Ossington is a new trendy Singaporean joint that has laksa but I've never tried it

Kinton Ramen - First Taste

Went today and tried the shoyu and shio ramen. The soup base is not great; rather thin. Not much better than Kenzo. Also there was no menma (bamboo shoot), but the eggs were perfect 半熱卵 (half-boiled egg). Everything else was fine, but if for you the ramen is about the soup base, you will be disappointed.

ISO properly cooked tuna in restaurant

Friend of mine believes that the only good cooked tuna (when cooked in restaurants) is always of the sushi-grade, seared-outside-raw-in-the-middle variety. I remember having an amazing grilled piece of tuna when on travels in Italy and was hoping to find a restaurant that does similar justice to tuna and doesn't only do the raw-middle variety. I thought it would be easy to find, but haven't come across any recently. Any recommendations?

Izakaya Ju @ J-Town?

Sorry for laaaate reply lilith, here is a photo I snapped of the drink menu

'Tampopo' Style Bowl of Noodles

I personally don't feel ramen can be compared with udon. Udon soup base is basically just a dashi; maybe four ingredients and quick to make. Ramen soup base is like a dozen ingredients and takes all day to make with constant skimming and temperature control...

This is why I think any place that serves ten varieties of ramen along with a big menu of other dishes can't possibly be making their own real ramen soup base. Usually it is just dashi with soy sauce; not even made with chicken or pork. Exceptions in Toronto I think are Kenzo, surprising Ematei is actually chicken stock despite their huge menu, and the chain Ajisen. I've tried other places touted as good ramen on this board such as Tokyo Grill, Konnichiwa, and Double Happiness (when it existed) and liked none of them.

Just my opinion of course, as a moderate ramen groupie whenever I go to Manhattan, Vancouver or Tokyo...

good macarons, seriously.

If you live more downtown, the new chocolate place in Yorkville called Moroco has macarons; I think they are pretty good and yes I did have some from Laduree but that was a few years ago now...

Leslie/Finch plaza asian restos - which are good?

I disagree on Paradise for dim sum. It is above average; similar in price and atmosphere to say Dynasty at Bay/Bloor.

Leslie Cafe is the name of the HK cafe resto; it is so-so, Ming's Noodle at Kennedy and Steeles is much better (sorry I have limited knowledge of uptown so that's really my only other reference point).

I find Congee Wong very consistent, pretty decent.

Rice Paper is pretty mediocre, but at least you can always get a seat without waiting.

JK church street cafe now open.

I agree blackpearl. I was there maybe two weeks ago at night for a glass of wine and the selection of 5 tapas for $11 (did you say 3 tapas? I could be remembering wrong) and it was an interesting little appetizer/snack set. It was open late to about 10 PM Thurs/Fri/Sat I believe. But it was absolutely empty... Hope it survives...

Tapas-like restaurant

I third Torito. If you have an eye on budget, watch out for the sangria; it is pretty expensive and it adds up quickly! Mostly because it is so tasty, especially the white wine version.

Osteria Ciceri e Tria (Victoria St)

No you can't. The quantity is not all that much though if you go with the antipasti + pasta option at $23. Antipasti + secondi (which includes one contorni) was $28, and I think antipasti + pasta + secondi was $32.

Need Asian Resto suggestions for weekend in T.O.

While I agree that the dim sum at Rol San is decent, especially considering the neighbourhood, the non-dim sum food at Rol San is quite bad.

Best real Chinese food is definitely no longer in Chinatown. Fantasy Eatery, especially if you can speak some Chinese, is the place I bring people that want good Chinese food and can only go to one restaurant in TO. I believe it is mentioned in other threads as well, Midland and Finch area (but you need a car).

Osteria Ciceri e Tria (Victoria St)

I ate there yesterday. The way the food works is that you don't choose your anitpasto, you get a sample of each antipasti that is available. Then you choose a pasta, or a secondi+contorni, or both (depending how much you pay). Not cheap, but if you are going with just say two people, it is nice that you get to sample five different antipasti (otherwise you would only really order two appetizers max).

The antipasti and mains we had were all very nice, simple items. Portions are small, so don't expect to come out stuffed. Right now they take reservations, and it's still not too busy as it just opened. Probably it will become a madhouse again shortly so go while you can!


The takoyaki isn't really great. I think there should be one big piece of octopus inside each ball, but at Manpuku there are more like small pieces. Curry udon is what I would go for, it is pretty decent and not many places (if any?) in TO that serve it...

I admit I go there only half because of the food, and half because I like to support those small, specialized ethnic food places, because we don't have enough of them in TO :)

Looking for Hainanese Chicken with Rice in Toronto

I actually drive to the Phoenix at McCowan & Highway 7 (it's actually a block north of Hwy 7, on Raymerville). I've heard people say the Phoenix on Woodbine is not very good...

Tonic Water


About to embark on Gin/Tonic tasting extravaganza. Anyone know places to buy types of tonic other than Canada Dry/Schweppes? E.g.

*update* Found a listing of places in Ontario where Q tonic is sold:

Who makes the most authentic pain au chocolat in Toronto?

My wife and I have been to all of the ones listed in this thread, and luckily our preferences seem to match; we like Celestin best because we like flaky/crispy; we're not fans of the Clafouti big doughy/chewy type. Not french at all but you all should try Wagamama, which is on King West past Bathurst. It is actually Japanese, but you have to get there fairly early because they do run out. If you have it there, they will usually warm it up for you and it is really great.

Buying Chu-Hi in Ontario?

Thanks; I just sent them an email and am waiting for a reply...

Buying Chu-Hi in Ontario?

So from what I understand the LCBO basically has a monopoly on alcohol sales in Ontario. Does that mean it is impossible to get drinks that they don't sell at the LCBO? For example, I really have a craving for those Japanese carbonated shochu "chu-hi" or "chu-hai" drinks. I had one at Izakaya, but where does a normal person (i.e. I'm not a restaurant) go to acquire such beverages?


FYI I went to Pho Bo Tay today for the first time. It has since changed ownership and is called Pho 95. It was 8:00 on Monday and it was totally empty. I had take-out order of beef pho; the soup was not too salty but neither was it especially tasty. The scallions were rather old; they had that slight aftertaste they get after being around in your fridge for a couple of weeks; attribute that to the low number of customers probably... Probably won't be going back, but neither do I know any really good places in TO for pho...

Kubo Radio Delivery: Abysmal!

I have been there three times and always had poor to inattentive service, and food was mediocre. I've wanted to like it which is why I gave it three chances but I won't recommend it to anyone any more...

Do-not-miss dining: Toronto

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar, as others have mentioned.
For perfectly prepared seafood, someone has to mention Starfish on Adelaide...

"Western" Japanese food in Toronto?

Anyone know where I can find this? I don't mean California roll. I mean items like omurice, katsu-curry, hamburger - I think this is called Yoshoku rather than the traditional Washoku. So far the only place I have found is Green Tea Cafe in J-Town... anyone know any others?

Takoyaki - where art thou?

Also they have them at Kenzo ramen at Yonge and south of Steeles.

Chinatown on Gerrard

I agree pinstripe. I read some review pumping Rose cafe up on CBC Beyond Burgers but the sandwiches there were STALE and HARD. The ones from Chinatown on Spadina are more consistently decent, probably better turnover...

Jamie Kennedy - Wow! 1.5 Stars! - Food really THAT bad?!

My wife and I went a week ago. I also had the salad nicoise but I found it amazing. I prefer this type of tuna in a nicoise as opposed to the prettier but infinitely blander "seared sushi grade" tuna that is sometimes served. I found everything in the salad to be amazingly fresh and flavourful; better (but smaller and less filling) than any of the salad nicoise I had in Paris. My wife had salmon I think and it was also very well executed and tasty. Chacun son gout I guess...

Looking for Taiwanese restaurants in Toronto. More specifically : sway jiow

Confirmed with my wife who is Taiwanese; this is just a generic term for any dumpling that is boiled. That said, places that serve Taiwanese or at least northern chinese dumplings in Toronto: Asian Legend is one, this is a chain that is pretty decent and there is one downtown on Dundas near Chinatown. Up north at Highway 7 there is Ding Tai Fung (which some say has gone downhill recently) and I think even Fang's serves good northern chinese style food including dumplings.

yummiest pho

I think Pho Hung has changed owners. I believe they used to be run by Vietnamese owners, now seem to be Cantonese...