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4 hungry New York fencers (one w food allergies) and 3 adults

Coming into town on Thursday for a big fencing tournament at the Convention Ctr with my 14 year old son. His buddy can't eat anything that has touched an egg so we need a place whose menu his dad can preview. We also can't be too far from Convention Ctr and Couryard Marriott Downtown. Want some good Tex-Mex and hopefully a margarita made from scratch. Suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Nov 06, 2011
mlevine in Austin

eating w kids in SF

OP here. Thanks so much. Definitely not limited to Mission/Noe Valley, esp for dinners. Thanks to everyone. As for Tartine, I plan to eat breakfast there every day. I've been waiting a year for their bread and croissants.

eating w kids in SF

Im going to be in town from NYC for a week, staying in Noe Valley but in the Mission daily. My kids are 11 and 14. They're too old and sophisticated for kids' menus, but I can't afford to take them every night to places where entrees are $26.

Would love suggestions for interesting and/or ethnic food that is not crazy pricey.

I also need a fun place that will let me make a res for 8 on a Sunday night. I made one at Maverick based on what I read on SF Eater blog.

Thanks so much

coming in w kids for Orioles game- dinner and breakfast ideas?

Would love a fun place with crabs/good seafood that will either take a res for 6 or where wait won't be insane. Staying in Inner Harbor but have a car. This would be for a late Sat lunch before eve game. My boys are 11 and 13 and eat real food.

Also need a good brunch place for Sunday morning


six days and nights in Palm Springs: where to eat with two kids, grandparents, and Uncle Dave

We're 5 adults and two kids ( 10 and 13) from NYC who are good eaters and can handle something casual nice, just not too fancy/uptight or crazy expensive (would like to keep entrees under $20). We can find the cheap eats (burgers, Mexican) for lunch but need some recs for dinner, including a place on the evening of Christmas Day. Thanks

Dec 20, 2010
mlevine in California

Breakfast heading north on 95 from Rhode Island?

We're spending the night somewhere on 95 near Tiverton, RI and heading to Maine in the morning. Any suggestions for a great breakfast along the way? Would prefer something more than just diner food such as a great brunch place or amazing local bakery. When we get to Portland, ME, we'll be heading DIRECTLY to Standard Bakery.

Jul 24, 2010
mlevine in Southern New England

2008 Ice Cream Season starts-Central Maine

We went last weekend and were blown away by the extensive ice cream menu. Lobster roll was excellemt, as was the lobster chowder. And Tubby himself was a delight; he takes great pride in his food.

restaurant in Portland for 8 including tweens

I forgot to say we're staying at the Benson and won't have a car, so something walkable or easy to get to with public transportation would be great.

Apr 13, 2009
mlevine in Pacific Northwest

restaurant in Portland for 8 including tweens

I need a place for 4 adults and 4 kids coming into Portland for a fencing tournament. Kids are adventurous eaters but we don't want anything too stuffy. Would love a fun, hip environment , seasonal ingredients, and also not too, too pricey. Last year my kids fell in love with Bumblekiss; I loved the food but would like something with more ambiance for dinner. We also loved Nostrana, and so did the kids. Thanks!

Apr 13, 2009
mlevine in Pacific Northwest

Buttermilk Channel in CG

We also went around 630 (on a Sat night) w our two kids and it was almost empty. By the time we left at 8, it was packed w a wait of at least 45 mins.

I agree w others that the space and vibe are great. Nice to be in a more spacious room than some of the smaller places on Smith St, and it never seemed to get so noisy that I couldn't hear my husband.

Loved the "snacks" we tried - fluffy sweet potato and goat cheese croquettes w a nice contrast btw sweet and tangy, great, crisp pickles, indulgent bacon/maple almonds, and a tiny grilled lamb skewer that was nicely seasoned (perhaps a tad undercooked). Entrees were more disappointing: trout wrapped in bacon was bland and needed some kind of acid. Johnny cakes were dry and cold. My husband had a veggie cranberry bean stew that had almost no liquid and not a lot of flavor. Choc bread pudding had to be sent back to be warmed; they claimed it was meant to be served at room temp but it seemed like it had been briefly heated. Flavor was not great.
Service was warm and sweet w my kids.
I'll try it one more time as I did like the feel a lot.
Oh, and yes, a great menu.

Dec 20, 2008
mlevine in Outer Boroughs

good place for party of 13 (w lots of kids)?

Coming from downtown Bklyn Heights but have cars and would be willing to explore Chinese in Sunset Park, or something offbeat Italian. Nothing too pricey or uptight, but don't want kid food. Being able to reserve would also be great. I was thinking of Sahara. Any ideas?

Apr 02, 2008
mlevine in Outer Boroughs

quiet place south of 23rd


Dec 17, 2007
mlevine in Manhattan

quiet place south of 23rd

My friend has a hearing issue, so I am looking for someplace not too loud, but not necessarily romantic. I wanted to go to Perilla, but it was booked. (Looking for this Thursday/primetime). Any ideas in Manattan, south of 23rd? TIA

Dec 17, 2007
mlevine in Manhattan