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How to eat Momofuku chicken if less than 4

Anyone have suggestions on how to try the momofuku chicken if I'm an out of town visitor by myself? Thanks in advance

Oct 18, 2013
cookiedsf in Manhattan

Recommendations for Williamsburg Sunday late lunch

Hi. It will be my first time going to Williamsburg this Sunday for a late lunch. I've thought about pies and thighs but am open to othe suggestions. Thanks in advance

Oct 18, 2013
cookiedsf in Outer Boroughs

Vegan restaurant in Berkeley?

Does anyone have a good recommendation of a nice vegan/vegetarian restaurant or at least one that has a choice of vegan options on its menu?

SF Foodie going to Seattle - Etta's for Seafood?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Halibut - prefer Salmon, Trout and Mahi Mahi. Since I live in SF = we have crab readily available here. Any recommendations involving King Crab Legs or NW seafood? Also saw Anthonys (which seems very tourisy) and Flying Fish menus but nothing stuck me as great.

Apr 27, 2009
cookiedsf in Pacific Northwest

SF Foodie going to Seattle - Etta's for Seafood?


I've been reading the boards and tour books but am confused on where to go for good but reasonable seafood. Any suggestions? Have a tentative reservation at Etta's.

Apr 26, 2009
cookiedsf in Pacific Northwest

Blue Jay Cafe?

Hard Knox Cafe - 2nd location at Clement & 26th Avenue
Americana Grill - combo Vietnamese and American food at Balboa and 29th Ave

Kind of Nice Breakfast Place Near SFO?

Ditto on Joanne - the place uses fresh ingredients in a more original combination dishes than a traditional diner and the muffins are very good. Across from Kaiser South San Francisco and by the South SF City Hall.

Another place is inside the South San Francisco Flower Mart but can't remember the name of it. It has a large sign on top of the building that faces the 101 freeway. Lots of sports memobralia inside create the interior and (note it has been a while) the food is plentyful and good.

Where can I find Coffee Crisp in SF?

There is a corner market on 9th Avenue and Kirkham Street in San Francisco that has alot of British snack foods. You could check with them?

Anyone gone to Ame recently?

Looking for suggestions as to what to order for dinner at Ame? Going there on Sunday?

Las Vegas Epicurean Affair?

Hi - asking for any opinions on the Annual Epicurean Affair? I'm visiting Vegas during the day that this event is on and it seems rather interesting. The price appears to be about what a really good dinner would cost. The primary heistation I have is about the size of the portions as some of these tasting events give you small portions. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Mar 16, 2008
cookiedsf in Southwest

seeking lark creek steak feedback

I ended up eating a NY strip there tonite with spaetzles and brussel sprouts (yes, I am know I am in the minority.) I thought the 9 oz. steak was very tender and tasty as well as being perfectly served (much better than the more expensive NY strip at Bobo's from the week before). The decor and environment doesn't seem like you're inside the mall. The only drawback was that the host didn't mention the counter seats being available (that's where I'm going on my next visit). As I only had a short time period to eat, I missed out on the desserts. Oh well, there is always next time.

Roadside BBQ - 2nd Ave.and Geary Blvd

Went there on Sunday nite (10/22) and they were pretty busy. I ordered the 3 smoked meat combo which I thought was fine (though I like it dry with no sauce)and seemed enough to feed 2 people. Perhaps the earlier folks who were disappointed in the texture may not have noticed the side stand with the different bbq sauces. If you eat there or get take out, you need to get your own sauces. The M&C was not that good but everything else seemed tasty.

Any recent meals at Bobo's?

Hi - researched earlier posts on Bobo's but want to see if anyone has been there since April 2006. One person in my group is a big steak fan so it is important that the steaks be more than just satisfactory. In fact, the "dried age" process will probably be a major discussion point when we get there next month. If anyone can recommend a "cut" as well, I would greatly appreciate it.


need a chinese banquet restaurant in the city (kirin or mayflower?)

I can speak favorally about either one and you won't go wrong with whichever restaurant you go to.

We went to Mayflower earlier this month and had a really good meal - they had this lobster dish which is coated with the preserved duck egg that was excellent (they explained that it was the newest dish from Hong Kong). Also try the lotus rice dish which my two nieces (ages 2 & 4) really loved. The manager there is either Albert or Alfred who is very helpful. I think that they are also affliated with Hong Kong Flower Lounge in Millbrae.

As for Kirin, my family has gone to this restaurant for years and they have always been very consistently good and the staff very friendly. They have minced squad with lettuce, the steamed minced pork dish with dried fish, braised rock cod, etc. The prices will be slightly more reasonable than Mayflower. The owner/manager Henry and staff are all great.

Elephant Ear Cookies

MeeMee Bakery on Stockton off of Broadway in Chinatown is the actual bakery where the cow ears are made. They also have flat fortune cookies...

Anyone gone to Boulevard lately?

Hi - Not having gone to Boulevard for about 9 years, is there any item special or outstanding that we should order? How is the quality? A large group of us are going to Boulevard this Friday. Thanks in advance

TAKARA in Japan center

Haven't been there for a couple of years but they were known for the cooked rice pots (seafood, chix & pork) with veggies. They do take 30 minutes to prepare and are somewhat pricey but worth the experience.

Plan my Trip!

On Clement - China First (6th Avenue) or Ocean City (8th Avenue), for Dim Sum, Good Luck (also 8th Avenue) - if you like spicy, go for Spices I (off of 8th ave) or II (6th Ave).

For Steak, Harris on Van Ness & Vallejo or House of Prime Rib (very traditional - Van Ness & Pacific); burgers - Bullshead (West Portal)

For Italian, Delfina (18th Street & Guerrero), Incanto (Church St?) Cafe for All Seasons (West Portal - Angel Hair pasta) or Kuleto (not really that traditional) on Powell