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Best Wineries to Visit in Woodinville?

I'm visiting the Woodinville wineries for the first time over Labor Day weekend. I'm going on Friday, since I can't go on Saturday, and found that the following wineries are open:

Brian Carter
Delille Cellars
Matthews Estate
Woodinville Wine Cellars
Chateau Ste Michelle
Columbia Winery
Janiuk Winery
Novelty Hill
Silver Lake
Woodhouse Family Cellars

I sincerely doubt that I'll make it to all of those in one day, so I could use some help in determining which wineries to prioritize-- I definitely want to go to Delille and Chateau Ste Michelle, but aside from that, I don't know! Any suggestions?

Aug 04, 2008
kmiltner in Pacific Northwest

Best restaurants/vineyards for first time Seattle visitor?

My boyfriend and I are visiting the Seattle area for the first time at the end of August, and I could really use some advice as to where to eat and what vineyards to visit. I was looking on TripAdvisor, and they suggested a few food tours and some wine tours, but there weren't many reviews, so I'm sort of skeptical.

I'm willing to go out of my way to eat the best food and drink the best wine that the Seattle area has to offer (of which I'm sure there is a ton), so any/all suggestions are very welcome! Thanks!

Jul 17, 2008
kmiltner in Pacific Northwest

Gramercy Tavern vs. Babbo- which to pick?

Hello all,

My boyfriend has reservations at both Gramercy Tavern and Babbo for my birthday (his sister is going to take the reservation we don't use). I don't know which one to pick-- I'm leaning toward Gramercy since I've never been there. Any advice from people who have been to both/either recently?


Dec 17, 2007
kmiltner in Manhattan