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Kani miso & dobin mushi

Looking for two of my favorite seasonal delicacies - kani miso (Japanese preparation of crab mustard) and matsutake dobin mushi (dashi with yuzu and matsutake).

Anyone know of a restaurant where I can find these??

Any Natto Experts Out There? I Have Questions.

I bought frozen natto today on accident. I've never used it before. I don't have a microwave - should I just leave it out on the counter until it thaws? Can I heat it in the toaster oven?

Mar 25, 2008
dinogermz in General Topics

Searching for specific 2-step wine key

I have been looking for a very specific type of 2-step wine key for a few years. Instead of a hinged lever, it has a small metal semicircle on a hinge in the middle of the lever that you press that grips the edge of the bottle from any angle.
I've attached a photo in case it's unclear what the hell I'm talking about!
Any idea what these are called, and where I might be able to find one? By Christmas? Thanks!!!!

Dec 17, 2007
dinogermz in Cookware