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Michael Mina, Boulevard, Quince, Delfina.........

I am actually in SF with my husband now for an eat-well vacation! We just went to Fleur de Lys for dinner last night. The ambiance was great, very romantic, but the food was just above average. Throw in the $400 price tag for the meals and you get an "eh" from me. I'm very glad I went because I've always wanted to go to the restaurant and eat the dishes designed by Chef Hubert Keller. He was actually there at the restaurant and we got a glimpse of his crazy hair, so that was cool! Anyway, glad I went, but I don't think I'll go back. Food was good, but not great.

Today for lunch, we went to Aqua. It is definitely a business power lunch joint, but who cares?!! We went at 1PM, so the business people were just leaving. We ordered the tasting (6 courses), which was PHENOMENAL! I can't imagine the dinner tasting would be much different than the lunch except for the price. It was only $65 for 6 courses and the wine pairing was $40. For dinner, the 6-course is $130. Wine pairing would be about $80-$90 I guess. I am not frugal nor looking for a deal, but I am cognisant of price to value in terms of food, service, ambiance, experience, etc. I definitely recommend Aqua in general and especially for lunch. We may go there again tomorrow!

We have rezzies at Michael Mina tomorrow night. I have been to MM twice and my husband several times in Vegas and Scottsdale. All times were great. I'm wondering if the SF restaurant may not be as good as the others? I hope not, for my sake!

Tonight is open. Not sure where we will go, but after reading though the posts below, my vote is Boulevard. Will let you know.

Have a great 25th anniversary!

Seattle's Best Sandwiches

This is worth the drive to Bellevue...Porcella Urban Market is this little European deli/bistro/grocery store. They serve the best baguette sandwiches in Seattle. I would recommend the Croque Madame - prosciutto, gruyere cheese, and fried egg on a baguette. Yummy!

Another French baguette that is phenomonal is at Le Panier in Pike's Place. The baguettes are lighter sandwiches rather than heavy meal-like ones like at Porcella. However, the bread is the bomb. Get there eary in the day to get them because they always sell out.

Pho Cyclo has great pho, but their Vietnamese sandwiches are better! The traditional one is the cold cut combo, but the steak, chicken, and tofu are just as good. Each sandwich is less than $3. Awesome!

Dec 25, 2007
porkbelly in Greater Seattle

Best Braised Dish in Seattle?

You are speaking my language! Barleywino below mentioned Crush, which is my absolute favorite restaurant is Seattle. In fact, I rented the restaurant out for my wedding this past October. Anyway, Chef Jason Wilson's beef short ribs are to die for! He and his recipe was featured on Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels show when she was in Seattle!

Dec 17, 2007
porkbelly in Pacific Northwest