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This Friday dinner Montreal

Thanks! We're planning to do Dominion Square Tavern another night over the weekend. We are willing expand our area for Friday night - sorry if that wasn't clear. I'd just like the place to be easy to get to from the area of the Bell Centre - by subway is certainly fine - as we won't have a car.

This Friday dinner Montreal

We will be in Montreal this weekend for a Habs game Saturday night. We arrive Friday afternoon. I'm looking for someplace to eat Friday night - easy to get to from the Bell Centre area (where our hotel is), casual (bringing warm but not dressy clothes), that isn't a chain eatery or someplace I could just as easily find in the states. There are three of us - all adults -and all fairly adventurous eaters.

Seaweed near OOB/Portland?

This is famcruisefun's Daughter--my boyfriend is coming to Maine this weekend and he wants to have a clambake. We are searching for a place to buy seaweed--specifically rockweed, and seem to be striking out. It would appear rockweed is protected in ME?

Anyone have any leads, or decent substitution ideas?

Much appreciated!

Bouchon reservation [Yountville]

This is the week for me to make reservations for our upcoming Napa/Sonoma trip. We are going to try for French Laundry - but my luck is rarely that good - haven't been able to make it happen on previous trips, so I'm not getting hopes up for this time. We've eaten at Bouchon in the past - loved it - and we're hoping to take friends this time if TFL doesn't come thru. I'm wondering what time Bouchon reservations open up on Open Table? Is it midnight 2 months before? If midnight - is it midnight Pacific or would I be able to book at midnight my time here on the East Coast? Or is it a different time of day?
Thanks so much for any info you can pass along.

Lunch near National Mall

We will be in DC this weekend on the way to a wedding and we are looking for a place to have lunch - near the National Mall - we're going to hit some museums before heading to our hotel in Virginia. We're parents with two adult children - we have very few limits as to what we'll eat, but we're not looking for a fancy lunch - just something to hold us over after a long train ride and before a late afternoon/early eve walking around a museum.

Lunch between Mystic and Old Saybrook?

I am trying to find a place for a weekday lunch somewhere between Mystic and Old Saybrook CT. Family here visiting in the Hartford area. Trying to meet up with other family members from Southern RI at a point about half way for both. We'd like to find a place for a good meal where we can sit and visit for a while. Someplace near or overlooking the water would be a bonus - but not necessary.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Weekday Brunch?

From my daughter:

Meeting a friend tomorrow, she told me to pick a brunch spot. Was wondering what recommendations people have for 2 college students looking for casual, inexpensive brunch-y food (pancakes, waffles, bagels, the usual stuff). Midtown/Flatiron/UWS preferred, probably don't want to go too far south of Greenwich Village.

Any ideas?

Mar 14, 2011
famcruisefun in Manhattan

Lactose free, nut free, eggnog

Hoping someone here might be able to help. We have a recipe we want to make for Christmas morning breakfast that calls for eggnog. One among us is lactose intolerant - but I knew that Silk makes a soy eggnog - so planned to buy that. Well, got to the store yesterday and the Silk may contain almonds - the person who is lactose intolerant is also allergic to tree nuts (as is one other person in the group). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other brand of lactose free eggnog? Or - is there an eggnog flavoring I could add to a brand of soy milk that is safe for the nut allergic?
Thanks for the help - I'm hunting for a different recipe in case the answer is what I think it will be - no such luck!
Merry Christmas to all!

Dec 22, 2010
famcruisefun in General Topics

Breakfast near Drexel

Unfortunately, we're all attending the events at Drexel which start at 10. Maybe if we're there at 8 when they open? (Wish me luck getting a 17 year old up and out that early...) I was thinking we'd walk, but with the South Street Bridge closed...hmm - - any hints how to get there - or should we just save this one for the fall when we move him in at Drexel?

Feb 15, 2010
famcruisefun in Philadelphia

Breakfast near Drexel

Ants Pants looks terrific and my son is thrilled as he has friends in Australia that he would love to visit. This will at least be a bit of taste of Australia until he can get there.
Thank you so much!

Feb 14, 2010
famcruisefun in Philadelphia

Breakfast near Drexel

Hello all - first time posting on the Philly board - thanks in advance for your advice. We will be at a program at Drexel next weekend with my son and we're looking for a great breakfast place. Staying at the Sheraton University City and we won't have a car - taking the train in and out. Would love to find a locals kind of a place that serves a great, standard breakfast. Nothing fancy needed - just good, hearty breakfast food. Thanks for your help.

Feb 13, 2010
famcruisefun in Philadelphia

Between NYU and Penn Station

Nothing particular - we're willing try just about anything. Price-wise - don't want to break the bank - good food is more important than price tho.

May 20, 2009
famcruisefun in Manhattan

Between NYU and Penn Station

We are headed to NYU for a day of college-looking this coming Friday. Will be arriving Penn Station in the morning - spending 11-3 busy on "campus" and then have to catch a 6:45 train at Penn Station to head home.
Hoping to find some place for an early dinner/late lunch before the trip home. We'll probably walk the trip back to Penn - and could just take our chances and pick some place that looks good and try it. (That's worked well in the past - in other parts of the city.) We're not very familiar with the area between NYU and Penn - so wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or if there is a "best route" for us to walk that will yield the most/best choices.
Not too picky what we eat (only restriction is son allergic to tree nuts). The timing is kind of between meals - so not sure what would be best - thanks for any thoughts on the matter.

May 20, 2009
famcruisefun in Manhattan

Plan B Glastonbury recently?

We went to Plan B twice soon after it opened. Food was great both times, but the service was lacking. First time waitress was great, but kitchen was extremely slow. Second time kitchen timing was fine - but our waitress was horrible. Wanting to try again - really craving a pretzel burger and green fries (oh, and the apple pie pizza...)
Anyone been there lately? Any info as to how it's doing and whether things have gotten any better? And how horribly long will the wait be on a Friday around 6?

Woodstock CT fair...

Two spots to go to:
Stuffed Potato from (I think) Holy Potatoes. Run by a local Catholic church - excellent potatoes and toppings.
Clam Fritters and Rhode Island style chowder from Kenyon Corn Meal Company (or Kenyon Mills). They are from Rhode Island - grind all their own grains on an old grist mill. If you stop at this stand - see if Paul is working and tell him Vinnie and Kelley say hi - we're friends from college.
Enjoy the fair!

Tibetan in CT?

Our all time favorite restaurant was Little Tibet in Middletown. We brought more people there and all of them - no matter what their tastes and preferences - loved it. Then it closed. We mourned for weeks, and still mourn when the name is mentioned. Does anyone know of a really good Tibetan restaurant in CT? Maybe Massachusetts? Thanks for the help!

Dinner near Providence Piers

In case you haven't heard of Providence Piers (one family member in RI had, one hadn't) it's at 200 Atwells Ave in Providence. Looking for someplace to eat tomorrow night not more than 10 or 15 min away (even with pre-waterfire traffic). I know there are a ton of great places downtown - but with the Saturday night, waterfire crowds - wondering what else might be out there. (Dropping teens at a 4:30 concert at the Piers, looking for place to eat while they are there till 7:30 or so).

Good places to eat in Old Orchard Beach ME?

Ate last night at Yellowfin on Temple Ave in the Ocean Park section of Old Orchard Beach. It's small and wonderful. Lots of seafood, other stuff as well. On the first floor of a typical Ocean Park Cottage. Beautiful inside, great service, delicious freshly made food. It's about 2 houses off of the ocean on Temple Ave. One important note - Ocean Park is dry - so no liquor license - but they do allow bring your own.

Corinth New York Anyone?

Thanks for the input so far - had heard that Corinth is less than wonderful - you've just confirmed what I've been told before.
Didn't imagine there would be any "chowhound-able" spots in town - but thought this would be the best place to ask for places that are clean, safe, and produce food that a college student can eat when exhausted after too many hours of work. This is her first time "out on her own" without a dining hall or a mom to provide meals, so looking to give her a bit of direction.
Pizza, chinese, diner - any would be fine - if they exist.
Again - thanks for the help so far!

Corinth New York Anyone?

My college age daughter will be in Corinth NY for the summer for an internship. She cooks a bit - but not a lot and I'm wondering what she will be able to find in the way of eating places that have decent food that won't eat up all of her cash. (Not getting paid much, and with gas prices what they are...) Also wondering about grocery stores. Any input would be greatly appreciated. (She'll be commuting Corinth to Glens Falls - so places there are good too - and in between - if there is anything in between...)

Saratoga Springs for Easter?

Chez Sophie was my first thought - but have read mixed reviews here. Good to hear you like it. I'm keeping an eye on their website for news of their plans for Easter. Thanks!

Saratoga Springs for Easter?

Thanks - checked their website - looks great - but says they don't reopen until April - will have to try it when we're up there in the summer.

Saratoga Springs for Easter?

Anyone with any thoughts? I know it's early to be thinking about Easter - but we may have some extended family to include (and please) so I'm trying to get a list of places now. Thanks again!

Saratoga Springs for Easter?

Hello all!
My daughter is in her first year at Skimore, and loving Saratoga Springs. As she doesn't have Good Friday off from classes, we are planning to go to Saratoga for Easter weekend. We know there are great places to eat at every turn in Saratoga - but also know that places which are wonderful any other day can be horrible on a holiday. Anyone have any experience or suggestions for Easter brunch/lunch in Saratoga? Thanks to all!

Japanese, Tibetan in Hartford area

Thanks - any other thoughts on Japanese in the area?

Japanese, Tibetan in Hartford area

Are you referring to Little Tibet? That's the place we loved - but it closed earlier this year. We went in one night to eat and there were notices at every seat that they'd be closing the next day. We couldn't even speak we were so upset - it was really our favorite place for a great, different meal. We ended up changing some other plans and going back the next night for one final tibetan meal.
If you know something I don't about it having reopened - would love to hear from you. I tried calling the number the other night just on a chance - but the "number is not in service at this time".

Japanese, Tibetan in Hartford area

Because we cook for a crowd on Christmas day, our tradition is to eat out Christmas Eve. Not many places are open for dinner that night - so we've tended to do Japanese (hibachi). We love this - and will probably keep up the tradition - but I'm wondering if anyone has reccomendations for really great hibachi in the area. We've done Ginza in Bloomfield, and Chicurin in Glastonbury. Looking for a new place to try this year.
While I'm asking - is there any other tibetan restaurant in CT now that Little Tibet is closed? That was our all time favorite place to go and eat and to get take out from. Some of the best meals I've ever had - and we loved the place and the people who worked there. So sad to see it go. We miss tibetan food - no other cuisine seems to measure up. Would love to find another place to get our favorites.
Thanks for your help!