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Best Dishes in NE List

Lobster Pie, Joshua's Wells, Maine

Old Orchard Beach - 1 night only - any nice dinner recs

About 10 minute drive to Saco is a very nice little place with excellent food.

Reservations probably needed.

Day Trip and Casual Dinner

Pier 77, in Cape Porpoise. Has 2 spaces- one a bit more formal, but still casual

1363 Clairmont Road, Decatur, GA 30033

"Huge" Lobster Roll Coming To Portland ME [Moved from New England]

Miracle Whip?!!! The horror!!!

May 25, 2009
joaninmaine in Food Media & News

Chocolates in southern Maine

I'll add Haven's to Len Libby's in Scarboro. Both excellent. I don't think you can beat Harbor, though.


I highly recommend The White Barn Inn, Kennebunkport, and Joshua's in Wells and I'm sure others will chime in. Do a search for Portland restaurants in this board and you'll find a bunch of good ones.

There's Shrimp Boats a Comin' There's....Maine Shrimp!

This guy sells roadside. It's a great idea. We're about 20 miles from the coast, and I'd rather buy from him than the grocery store. Super fresh and great prices.

There's Shrimp Boats a Comin' There's....Maine Shrimp!

I bought a couple of pounds from a guy who sells out of his car and they were awesomely fresh, with the heads on. I've never had them that way before. We boiled them with a little Old Bay for 2 minutes and they were heavenly. $1.10 a pound here. I kind of felt bad getting such a treat so cheap. I'll have to buy some of his haddock next week.

What we ate in Maine, Circa...

Like most 1950s housewife's, my mom loved convenience foods and we ate a lot of them. I recall a lot of Kraft M&C and Prego, or something like it. A big dinner was a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and gravy. My father liked to make SOS, with canned chipped beef and homemade white sauce. Seasonal? We used to pick the asparagus that grew behind my neighbor's barn.

Ogunquit in Winter

This might do the trick. Reservations recommended. Very close to Ogunquit and open Monday and Tuesday.

Heading to Orlando, St Petersburg/Clearwater and Tampa – looking for healthy everyday eats and chow-worthy hole-in-the-wall finds

Wish I were heading there now, myself. Just outside of Clearwater is the lovely little town of Dunedin, which has the nicest beach- Honeymoon Beach. There is also a treasure in a strip mall called Ivory Mandorin. Excellent Chinese food.

Jan 31, 2009
joaninmaine in Florida

Ogunquit, Maine

I wrote a review of Joshua's a few weeks ago. It's in Wells, just up the road from Ogunquit.

I am a well reviewed chef in Ogunquit and this is where I like to eat on my time off.

Thanks for the recs. I live in southern Maine and love to hear about good places nearby.

Great meal at Joshua's - Wells, ME

After reading a couple of recs here, and local word of mouth, we decided to try Joshua's for a birthday celebration. We were warmly greated and showed to a comfortable table in the dining room, next to the huge, colonial era fireplace. This was given a pleasant glow by candle lanterns in the nooks and crannies-a very nice touch. Fresh flowers on the tables and little votives. Our waitress was efficient, helpful and non-intrusive.

My husband had the duck pate as a starter, and enjoyed every bite, including the fresh greens with a light dressing that served as a base for the meat. My daughter had the beef tenderloin brochettes, grilled on a rosemary skewer. Very nice. I had crabcakes, which were practically all crabmeat, barely held together with a bit of breading and served with a light lemon/dill aioli.

We were very pleased with a basket of three kinds of bread, made in-house.

Hubby the meat-eater went with tenderloin for his entree and pronounced it the best he's had, with a chewy outside from the cooking and amazingly juicy for that cut. My daughter loved the chicken stuffed with prosciutto, basil and provolone. I had a perfectly cooked duck breast and a leg confit. All these were served with wonderful mashed potatoes and steamed seasonal vegetables.

The kitchen never put a foot wrong, right down to desserts and we will definitely return. The place was full of the buzz of happy diners, which always adds to the enjoyment of a lovely meal, cooked well.

Kennebunkport -- Bandaloop?

Anutha Mainuh chiming in for Pier 77. Food, service and atmosphere are top notch.

Mia's at Pepperell Square in Saco is also very nice, if a bit slow for service. It's also tiny and reservations are a must.

Best Jam in Maine

They're just around the corner from me. Thanks for the tip. I just ran out of strawberry jam today so the timing is great!

Road trip west of Portland, ME. Any suggestions?

I haven't eaten there myself, but have heard that this place is excellent.

Portland Maine Restaurants

This website has links to most Portland restaurants.