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Bukowski Grill, Brixton Market, London

We had the Reuben Burger (cheeseburger topped with pastrami) and the pork ribs. The burger was delicious - juicy, cooked medium, topped with luscious slices of pastrami. It was excellent.

The pork ribs were well cooked. Meat was tender, very easy to get off the bone. However, there was too much spice rub covering the meat which completely overwhelmed the pork. I scrapped off a good heaping tablespoon of the stuff.

Very nice coleslaw side. I love the addition of the raisins!

Definitely worth checking out.

Aug 25, 2012
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Some places in Brixton Village market, London

There are loos upstairs at the market. Sometimes the door is locked so you will need to ask the owner of the restaurant you are in for the key (and also directions on where they are!)

Feb 15, 2012
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

berlin - recommendations for a solo traveler

I just got back from Berlin and found a little gem in the middle of touristy Mitte. We were cold and hungry, wandering around trying to find more than just a kebab house or another uninspired restaurant when we stumbled upon Cafe Aedes. It's a small restaurant, a perfect respite from the cold. We both ordered the Grünkohl and it was really good. I know it sounds boring (three types of boiled sausages, boiled kale and boiled potatoes served with a dollop of mustard) but they were cooked perfectly. It was basic home cooking but done very well. We each had a glass of wine and the total came to a bit over €26. A real steal and definitely a place you could dine alone.

Cafe Aedes, Hackesche Höfe, Rosenthaler Str. 40/41

Mar 02, 2010
isabelle94 in Europe

Prenzlauer Berg - fun and good restaurants?

Thanks for everyone's recs! We had a great time in Berlin and due to too much meandering, ended up missing most of these great recs!

However, we did make it to Maria Bonita for Mexican. I was surprised that it was such a hole in the wall (in a good way!) We ordered tacos and flautas, beans and rice. For a Mexican restaurant in Europe, it's pretty good. Good beef tacos were the highlight although they really needed to double up on the miniature tortillas they were served on. Flautas were good too. I'm from California though so it's a bit of a hard benchmark to be judging Mexican by! But the guy from Virginia behind the counter gave us a free shot of tequila after we finished our meal. You don't get that from a taco stand in SoCal!

Mar 01, 2010
isabelle94 in Europe

Prenzlauer Berg - fun and good restaurants?

Very nice selection! I'm intrigued by the Mexican and Chinese. I'm a huge fan of dumplings (being of Chinese descent) and as a Cali native, miss getting really good Mexican. Do you have any good German recs in the area?

And as we are speaking about bars/nightlife, do you have any recs on that front? I'm not looking for high end, velvet rope bars. Anything down to earth with good music/crowd/vibes would be great!

Jan 28, 2010
isabelle94 in Europe

Prenzlauer Berg - fun and good restaurants?

I'm off to Berlin and would love to get some recs for restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg. Somewhere with good food, not over the top expensive, and a fun atmosphere. It would be a huge plus if it was near bars and nightlife.

We aren't picky eaters but no gastropub or Indian (we're coming from London and get enough of that here!)

Jan 28, 2010
isabelle94 in Europe


Thanks for this great list! I'm off to Lisbon in early September and bringing it with me!

Jul 08, 2009
isabelle94 in Spain/Portugal

London: Wagamama or Abeno Too?

My vote goes for Abeno. There are Wagamama-esque type eateries in most big cities (i.e. Republic in NYC) so it's hardly a 'now or never' experience. Abeno, on the other hand, serves okonomiyaki which is harder to find. The food is good and it's an interesting experience since they prepare the okonomiyaki in front of you. And what better place to warm up on a cold winter's day than in front of a hot grill, watching your food cook!

Feb 05, 2009
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Copenhagen - any tips?

I just returned from a weekend trip to Copenhagen and on the recommendation of a Danish friend went to Les Trois Cochons. We had a great meal with each dish being very well executed. I don't think it's particularly somewhere you'd go to for food that is new and innovative but the flavors and quality were all spot on. Just an fyi, it's a prix-fixe menu (about 280kr pp). You don't have a choice of starter or dessert (chef's choice) but you choose your main. Each main required a 2 person minimum which meant that my partner and I had to order the same thing. A bit ridiculous, especially since none of the mains (salmon, duck confit and entrecote) were complicated enough to neccessitate a 2 order minimum.

We also went to Cafe Gavlen (Ryesgade 1, 2200 Kgh N, tel: 35 37 02 37) for brunch. Brunch was a simple affair: rye bread topped with cheese, fried eggs and bacon with a salad. However, it was excellent. The bacon was to die for and a thousand times better than the Niman's Ranch bacon I've had (which I also think is fantastic.) Definitely worth a stop for brunch (they are not open in the evenings.)

One last mention, Temple Bar (Nørrebrogade 48) was a perfect spot for a late night drink. Cool, laid back, slightly edgy with a very friendly staff. We stopped by for a quiet cup of tea in the afternoon too. Super chill, it's on my list for the next time I go back!

Japanese Curry from Scratch (you're not going to like it though...)

I haven't tried Eric's recipe (although I'm sure it's great) but have been using a recipe I found on Saveur's website. I searched high and low for a Japanese curry recipe from scratch and this one is very nice. It's also fast and easy to make.

Oct 05, 2008
isabelle94 in Home Cooking

London - where should I live for eating purposes?

Although you won't be around during the day, there is a market on Whitecross Street and on Thurs/Fri, there are vendors from Borough Market such as Neal's Dairy Yard, the chorizo and rocket sandwich guys and the bakers selling brownies (sorry, don't remember their names now!) The area isn't great for ethnic stuff though.

Aug 18, 2008
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Question on water (also for the rest of Europe)

I agree, London water tastes horrible (despite the fact that it is perfectly safe to drink!) Filtering it is key!

Jul 24, 2008
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

canned sardines for a newbie

I can't believe this post exists, fantastic!

The best canned sardines I have had are from a French brand called La Perle des Dieux. I first had them in a French restaurant in Paris (who would have imagined tinned sardines on a restaurant menu??) but they were divine. The cans they come in are also beautiful.

I tried ordering some online through their website but to have them ship outside of France was too expensive. They quoted me €25 to ship to England! Alas, I'llk have to wait to my next trip to Paris to seek them out.

Jul 22, 2008
isabelle94 in General Topics

Best canned food of Spain

These all sound quite nice! I'm taking notes because I wanted to bring a few things back to the UK so suggestions are very welcome!

mielmato - I'll keep an eye out for CUCA. Brand suggestions are very useful as I can only imagine how wide the selection will be.

May 21, 2008
isabelle94 in Spain/Portugal

Best canned food of Spain

I was reading a Mark Bittman piece on Barcelona which said:

"Spain produces what is probably the highest quality and most expensive canned food in the world, and many tapas bars rely on it."

I was hoping to do a bit of food shopping this weekend in Barcelona and wanted to get some feedback from you. What are some of the best tinned foods you can buy (preferably from a good supermarket) in Spain?

May 21, 2008
isabelle94 in Spain/Portugal

Brixton/South London recs

I'll add Brazas to my list of places to try!

I've been to O Cantinho, on Stockwell Road. Whenever I passed the restaurant, it seemed constantly packed with people so we decided to give it a try. We essentially ordered tapas and for the most part, all the fried food seemed tasted processed and previously frozen and the flaming chorizo was so strong tasting that you could really only take a couple of bites before wishing you had some nice bread to offset the taste. That said, the quail was quite good.

I've also tried Cafe Madeira where I had their deep fried salt cod. It's one of the few occasions that I wished I had answered the waiter's question, "How is everything?" with an honest response! The salt cod was horrible and could have done with a good 12 hours of extra soaking.

If you have any other possible Portuguese suggestions, I'd be curious to hear your suggestions.

May 18, 2008
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Brixton/South London recs

Wanted to add a comment about The Gallery which I went to last night based on recs from here. I was very disappointed, as I have been with all the Portuguese places in Brixton/Stockwell. Maybe I am missing something as I have never been to Portugal but the salt cod had not been soaked long enough. Some pieces were very salty still. Is this normal in Portuguese preparation? It's not the first time that I've had it served like this in Portuguese restaurants around here and I'm wondering if I'm missing the point.

Very disappointing experience as the food took ages to come out and was pricey to boot.

May 04, 2008
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Brixton/South London recs

Another tentative rec would be The Hive which is near the Brixton leisure center. The food seems to have improved over the last year or so (perhaps there's a new chef in the kitchen) and I had a really nice burger there. The smoked haddock and duck also got good reviews from my dining companions.

May 03, 2008
isabelle94 in U.K./Ireland

Kyoto Recommendations?

I just got back from Kyoto and food was generally very good. Most of the places we went to did not have English menus and I don't even know the names of them. Feel adventurous and try a place that looks nice (and is full of people!)

One restaurant that was definitely worth going to was Spoon. We stumbled across it one evening. They had only a very limited English menu so we asked the waitress for omakase. She was very sweet and helpful and asked us how many courses we wanted and started bringing out the food. We sat at the bar which was great because we got a chance to have chat (albeit slightly hampered by language barriers!) with the chef who was assembling stuff in front of us. We had sashimi, a lovely green salad with yuba, tempura, broiled chicken and rice cooked with mushrooms and scallops. We washed it all down with beer and between the two of us, it came to l less than £30 (¥5300). This place was definitely a find.

Here's their website:

Apr 04, 2008
isabelle94 in Japan

St Ouen - marché aux puces - food ideas?

Great, I'll keep that in mind as we are wandering around the market. If it's a destination spot despite being near the market, that's a good sign!

Dec 30, 2007
isabelle94 in France

St Ouen - marché aux puces - food ideas?


I wanted to spent Sunday meandering around the marché aux puces but wanted to see if anyone had some good restaurant suggestions. I'm not looking for anything high end or super expensive but rather a good place for some honest food in the area. Your thoughts would be helpful!


Dec 25, 2007
isabelle94 in France