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Cooking from DONNA HAY’S COOKBOOKS AND MAGAZINES – Please join us!

I am eyeing DH's New Classics book. Does anyone have it? What do you think? I have quite an extensive cookbook collection but nothing of DH.

Jan 04, 2015
HappyChow in Home Cooking

How to prevent ice crystals in Indian Kulfi?

I whisk mine twice during the freezing process and only then put it into molds. Once at around one hour in, once at 3 hours or so. I use a locking-type of plastic container to ensure no air gets in.

Feb 24, 2013
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

Last year we redid our kitchen and for at least a month, relied on premade entrees from Trader Joe's at least three times a week to get us through.

Both the meat lasagna and the roasted veg lasagna were delicious and well worth the price.

The orange chicken (with a bag of frozen peppers thrown in) and the beef broccoli stir fry were also frequent meals.

Also loved the sweet gnocchi as a side dish.

Would have loved the gnocchi with the red creamy sauce except there wasn't enough to really make two full sides.

Feb 18, 2013
HappyChow in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - February 2013 [OLD]

I panfried the tots in my crepe pan (no oil or anything) and shook them around quite a bit for about 6 minutes and they came out crispy! (This was after baking them for 10 min)

Feb 18, 2013
HappyChow in Chains

January 2013 Bon Appetit a monumental waste of paper

It was a fairly light issue, I agree. I get the magazine for free because of my (ahem) strategically timed purchases from Jessica's Biscuit. It is certainly a good value for the price I pay. :-)

Feb 18, 2013
HappyChow in Food Media & News

Smoked Salmon, what to do with it besides sandwiches?

My husband's Jewish grandmother made a smoked salmon quiche for years that was delicious, in this same vein. She used a quiche Lorraine recipe and simply swapped bacon for smoked salmon.

Jan 08, 2013
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Pani Puri recipe (tags: indian, chaat, pani puri, golgappa)

I have had coriander (dhania) flavored water as well as mint.

Jan 07, 2013
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Home Cooking Goals for the New Year

Totally agree, esp. re: the cooking with people. This is one of the few areas of disagreement btw me and my husband and I find it easiest to simply cook separately or in different zones.

Jan 07, 2013
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Home Cooking Goals for the New Year

I am hoping to do the Cookbook a Week Challenge in a particular way...

I have resolved to cook at least three weeknight meals a week for myself and husband and son from a non-family-oriented cookbook each week and post those reports in the CAW threads.

I am also hoping to eat through the pantry and freezer before Spring Break to make room for deliciousness at the farmer's market this spring and summer!

Happy New Year!

Jan 05, 2013
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Cookbook recommendation for a REAL beginner. I mean, a REAL beginner.

Which one did you end up choosing? Just curious. :-)

Feb 20, 2012
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Should I cancel my Cooks Illustrated?

I don't know about the magazine, but everything I have cooked from their recent Sunset Cookbook compilation has been wonderful.

Feb 20, 2012
HappyChow in Food Media & News

Cookbooks you covet - which cookbooks are on your wish list this year? Which books are just too expensive to buy for yourself without feeling guilty? – PART 2

I've just preordered

The Splendid Table How to Eat Weekends
The Comfort Food Fix (Ellie Krieger)
The New Betty Crocker Cookbook (I have several of the old versions too)

On TGC's sale I also ordered Alice Waters' new book and Fiesta at Rick's...prob
wouldn't have bought them but they were $10 with the $10 each for 5+...great deal,
plus I used some points.

Thinking about Mozza for next promotion.

Sep 07, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

My Dinners Are Going Downhill, Help!

I had a similar period over the late summer and early fall---it corresponded to a particularly picky time in my son's diet and a visit from my strictly-vegetarian and no-onion/garlic-eating mother. Then, a friend of mine pointed me to the Dinner: A Love Story website sometime in mid-October and I fell in love! It really did inspire me. I bought the cookbook and have found a lot of inspiration, both for cooking and for parenting. I recommend both very highly for parents who love food who want to raise kids who love food without causing a lot of stress for anyone.

Feb 05, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Cookbook Question - Whose Cookbooks Rarely Disappoint You? Books Where Recipes Always Appeal?

Ina Garten

Nigel Slater

King Arthur Flour Baking Books

Jan 30, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Aroma Indian Restaurant, South Portland, ME

We love Aroma! Try the chili chicken--it is wicked spicy but absolutely delicious!! Also one of the few places in Maine you can get authentic idli & dosa--South Indian dishes.

What were your last three cookbook purchases? - [Old]

Anjum Anand's "New Indian Cooking"
The Simple Art of Eating Well
Flour Bakery Cookbook (made the homemade pop tarts last weekend as soon as I got the book!)

Jan 17, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

The show I have cooked most from and was most influential to me was Ruth Rogers/Rose Gray's PBS series...I think called the Italian Kitchen? I had never seen anything like it before and cooked from those shows and those books for years.

Roasted Vegetables
Risottos (most of them, esp. the butternut squash one)
Canellini beans baked in an oven with olive oil

Jan 16, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Best and Worst Recipes You Made From a Cooking Show

Was just going to post the pan-fried onion dip--love it! The recipe is still on FN--I have it saved in my recipe box. With pita chips it is a great app...

Jan 16, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

February 2011 Cookbook of the Month WINNER

Very excited to join this COTM, which was one of my New Year's resolutions...just got it from TGC last week and am enjoying browsing the recipes.

Jan 16, 2011
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Just One Indian Cookbook

I'd suggest two cookbooks that are both excellent that have good-quality photos and excellent recipes:

Curried Favors by Maya Kaimal

Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran

I have every cookbook Jaffrey and Sahni have every done, as well as some
Indian authors like Neeta Desai and Tarla Dalal and these two books are the
best. They are lovely to look at and turn out delicious food everytime.

Jan 25, 2009
HappyChow in Home Cooking

Local 188 -Reservations

I wish I had read this before my birthday dinner last night. My hubby and I went there for a 7 p.m. reservation. We were told to sit in the bar area until the previous patrons were done with our table, and that they had already paid their bill so should be gone in 10 minutes.

45 minutes later, we were led to our table with no apologies. We had already read the menu and so were ready to order immediately. We had to ASK our server to tell us the specials...and indeed she didn't tell us all the specials until we specifically asked. We ordered 3 tapas dishes and 2 main courses, and made sure the tapas would be ready soon.

10 minutes later, we noticed that the other couples around us had bread on their tables. We couldn't spot our server so asked another server if we could have some bread. After ANOTHER 10 minutes, our server brought us some bread. It was now 8 p.m. and all we had was bread. At 8:20, a different server brought us our two main courses (seafood risotto
and grilled scallops). We asked what had happened to our tapas order, and the server
shrugged. We asked to cancel the tapas, as it would now be ridiculous to eat appetizers
AFTER the main course. As soon as that happened, the tapas (only 2 of the three) appeared.
We now had 4 dishes on the table (mussels in red sauce and garlic shrimp too).

The server, to her credit, told us to enjoy the tapas and that she would take it off the bill. She
told us that the kitchen was actually out of the meatballs, our 3rd tapas that hadn't shown up.
And then, 10 minutes later, she showed up with the meatballs!!! What a comedy of errors
this whole evening was.

I'm not even sure about what to say about the food itself, because all the dishes we got
were hot dishes that needed to be enjoyed at a hot temp, but because they were all on
the table at the same time, inevitably they had cooled down too much by the time we
actually ate them. This was especially true for the garlic shrimp--already too cold by
the time they reached our table, and ice cold by the time it reached my mouth.

The mussels were the first dish I tried, and they were delicious--piping hot, bathed in
a delicious tomato and garlic sauce (not broth) with some lemongrass, and just cooked
until tender.

THe meatballs were delicious as well, though the sauce seemed similar to the sauce
for the mussels, a little more sweet and sour.

The space itself was gorgeous, and I would definitely go back and sit at the bar for
a quick drink and tapas. I imagine the food is truly delicious and unique in Portland
if it were actually served hot. I will never go back for a dinner at a table...At least the
server had enough class to comp us the tapas.

Do Indian people complain about spicy food? (and other late night musings)

One major difference in my family (Indian) is that I was never allowed to eat a separate meal than what the rest of the family was eating. My mother and grandmother made one set of foods that everyone was expected to eat. Even if I didn't like something, I ate it. This only changed if I was sick.

We ate out so rarely that it was a treat, no matter what we got.

I think this is a problem primarily for middle-class or upper middle-class folks, as the poor folks and somewhat-poor folks in India didn't have a choice...they were happy to have dal and rice.

Dec 17, 2007
HappyChow in Not About Food

Allergic to tikka masala?

Vindaloo mix usually has turmeric in it. See the following ingredient list from Penzeys:

Hand-mixed from: coriander, garlic, cumin, ginger, Korintje cinnamon, crushed brown mustard, cayenne red pepper, jalapeño pepper, cardamom, turmeric, Tellicherry black pepper and cloves.

Often restaurants use the same spice mix in more than one dish...maybe if you could give
other dishes that you eat and don't eat, we could do process of elimination?

Dec 17, 2007
HappyChow in Not About Food

Dieting Foodie??? (moved from General Topics)

I lost quite a bit of weight this summer by 1) going for a walk or run every day, 2) drinking no soda at all, and 3) cooking through Deborah Madison's Veg cookbook soup section and through the Greens cookbook. I found that I lost quite a bit of weight, tho' I was eating quite a bit of buttery quiche pastry and paninis.

Losing weight in the winter is harder--I eat more cheese, more meat, drink more beer, and eat a lot more pasta & baked potatoes. I'm trying now to do a lot of Thai-style curries so that the bulk of my diet is lowfat coconut milk and veggies and a little meat. We'll see if I can hold on through the winter. I still go to the gym but not quite as often--I am dissuaded easily by a snowstorm.

My advice would be to choose a cookbook that is genuinely foodie in nature but has healthy
ideas, such as Deb. Madison, Michael Chiarello's Casual Cooking or one of the Madhur
Jaffrey Indian cookbooks

Dec 17, 2007
HappyChow in Not About Food

Any suggestions where to find authentic *Idli patram*

Hi there,

I bought mine at a local Indian grocery shop. I would look in a phone book and call up all local Indian grocery stores and ask if they have one.

Also, I have had good success buying items at various web sites...such as:


Dec 16, 2007
HappyChow in Cookware