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Los Amigos West Roxbury

I got takeout last Thursday night. Sorry to say that it was disappointing. We got chicken burrito, carne asade burrito, al pastor tacos. The steak itself on the carne asada wasn't bad, but on both burritos the beans were undercooked. As sallyt said, everything was kind of bland. The al pastor taco appeared to be carnitas meat with some pineapple added. Not cooked on the rotisserie like Anna's does and no sign of any kind of spicy sauce which would have given the whole thing some much needed flavor.

I'm hoping they'll improve since I live in West Roxbury and reliable Mexican takeout is in very short supply.

Cutty's, Brookline Villiage, 2/25/10

I went this past Saturday. The pork/rabe/provolone sandwich was out of this world. Also got some of the house made potato chips. Really great. I agree it's a bit pricey, but I'm willing to pay for good ingredients and food that someone cares about making right.

Where to find good meaty short ribs

BJ's has always been good for short ribs.

This Vintage Leaves Sour Taste

As a West Roxbury resident, I would think someone would have notified me before they transported us to the South Shore. I was wondering why my commute into the city got longer.

Buying jalapenos for canning

Yeah, I know the quality would be better with locally grown and I am planning to do it in the fall as well. I've just got a hankering for some sooner.

Buying jalapenos for canning

I'm looking to pickle several jars of jalapenos soon and I'm wondering where the best place in the Boston area would be to buy them in large quantities. Most supermarkets only seem to have a small basket at a time. My first thoughts were Russo's and maybe Super 88. Anyone have any experience with this?

Sturbridge area baby shower

Looking to find a Sturbridge area restaurant to host a 15-20 person baby shower on a Sunday in August. This would be a lunch/brunch event. I've heard mixed reviews on the Publick House. Any other suggestions?

Where to buy local strawberries?

I got some at Russo's yesterday as well. Fantastic.

Cafe Italia on Huntington

Great review today in Globe's Cheap Eats.

Gran Gusto - good food, bad service

I also had very poor service in my one visit, although not nearly as bad as yours. Waited at every get bread, to order, to get our salad, entree, check, etc. Our waiter was dressed in a suit, whereas the rest of the servers were in casual clothes. I assumed that maybe he was filling in because they were short staffed. If he's a regular server, he needs lotsa work. The margherita pizza was absolutely out of this world, though.

Cafe D -- Great quick meal

Yes, he loved them. I've had them too. Best I've had in the area.

Cafe D -- Great quick meal

Hit Cafe D this past Saturday night. Walked in around 6:30 and got a table for three with no waiting. The chips and guacamole appetizer is fantastic. I hadn't had it in my previous few trips there. Wow. Homemade chips, still hot when they brought them out. The guacamole was a great mix of chunky and creamy with a lot of flavor. Since we were in a bit of a hurry, two of us got burgers and the third person the fish tacos. Amazing burger, cooked perfectly with a nice char and slice of cheddar. The fries were also done just right. I like the atmosphere of this little place. Even at $12, the burger is a must. Lastly...they had the new Harpoon Barrel series on tap...weizonbock. I ordered it since it's impossible to have chips and guac without beer. Really outstanding.

GREAT Le Creuset Price on 5.5 Quart

I bought my first Le Creuset last week at the factory outlet store in Wrentham MA. I got a 6.75 qt oval flame for $123. They were offering an extra 20% off the day I bought it. It was a "second" but had just a minor chip in the lid and on the outside of the pot itself. I cooked with it last night for the first time and made a braised beef brisket. Wow. Just great. Very easy cleanup too.

Jan 02, 2007
ChefOfTheFuture in Cookware

Missing Brambles from Hanley's in W. Roxbury

The bakery is named Sugar and, yes, it's owned by the same guy that owns the Real Deal (he also owns the Brookline Spa, BTW). They are planning to carry the brambles and it's scheduled to open before the end of Nov. I was by on Friday and it looks like they could open today.

All Star Sandwich Bar lived up the hype

The main story in the Globe food section today is on All Star Sandwich (I was tempted to use an acronym but thought better of it).

Looks like Alison Arnett visited last week. Some references to their attempts to get the process right and sandwiches consistent.

Teatro Tonight

I went last night after the movies. The antipasto was fantastic, especially the fennel salad and eggplant/olive caponata. We also had the chicken "lasagna" with smoked mozzarella (a nice reinvention of tradition lasagna, including a marsala sauce) and the orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. We also had a nice carafe of pinot grigio with dinner and then a chocolate crema with delicious pistachio biscotti for dessert. A really nice meal. Also, 10% off with your movie stub, so we got out of there for a little over $100.