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Palo Alto Hot Spots-What did I miss?

i doubt a 23 yr old isn't going to be that concerned about the food, per se. for a birthday dinner, it should be a fun place...and you should be ordering a round of cocktails or two. she might really like nola's, because it has a party atmosphere and decorations. or maybe gordon bierch, or cheesecake factory.

nothing more annoying that being taken to some fuddy-duddy old people restaurant like osteria on your 23rd birthday !!! show some consideration, it's not your birthday!!!

San Francisco on the Semi-Cheap

the wine is going to blow your budget. if you go out for indian or thai instead you can spend more on the food.

Delicious purple tomatillos at Catalan Family Farm

wow can i be your friend

SF romantic dinner for under $50 for two. Possible?

this is simple question - zazie, cole valley

dont order drinks, share an appetizer, get your own entrees and share a desert.

Does good teriyaki exist?

you could consider going to one of the top korean bbq places. at least you'll be satisfied with what you get that way.

Breakfast w/ good coffee in Sunnyvale area?

advice from bbulkow is good.

Local crabs in the peninsula?

if you're bored, maybe drive 92 over to the hmb and stop at that fish market there.

Must Go places in SF?

>How about in Fisherman Wharf, any good market/seafood place?


>When I mentioned market, rworange was right, i was thinking fish market mainly and those sidewalk crab stands. is any of those market stands particularly interesting?


Mountain View: Clarke's Charcoal Broiler - wild cherry shake

your review of clarkes is quite accurate. i agree with it word for word. didnt know about that cherry shake. thanks.

Looking for Italian Grocery/Specialty Stores in SF

just go to molinaris, you already know about the best place.

not greener; the grass on other side.

Suggestions for whirlwind pastry tour of SF?

am curious which place you went to ended up being the best/worst in terms of prices/selections/service. i bet your experiences varied a bit...

High-quality butcher near Burlingame/San Mateo?

just roll into draegers or whole foods. dont make it complicated.

First time in San Francisco from London

if the point is to be adventurous, see the city, and have a good brunch at the same time, try making a trip out to fort mason and eat at greens restaurant, theres some little shops there, you can walk around the harbor and see the golden gate bridge.

my personal opinion is very few downtowny expensive places are really any good, i promise you wont be wowed at all. ya i promise, europe has way better fancy restaurants than here.

for your american food request, you'll be pretty close to mels diner, at 4th and mission, so that could be easy to complete. they also have breakfast. its not like omg wow or anything though.

by the way, san francisco has lots of neighborhoods each which has a few decent places, so a little rambling around the city would good. so like if you wander into china town, and do that whole tourist scene, i recommend brandy ho's. it's the best experience when you order up a whole bunch of dishes...after you've had a long day walking around.

Searching for French Restaurant Serving Christmas Goose Dinner

ya i dont know and dont see anything on google ... tell your husband that was a pretty good idea but you cant make san francisco into being something that its not. anyway if there was a place that served french christmas goose dinners, oh it would cost so much, like $$$$$.

best burger in Palo Alto?

places where i have eaten burgers many times and enjoyed them:
alpine beer garden
the oasis
gordon biersch
university cafe

shamefully stuck on themself overpriced place that i really hate and dont recommend:
pennisula creamery