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Chicken shawarma on Yonge between College and Dundas

Milo's is definetly the best in downtown. Me being such a shawarma junkie, iv'e tried others in the downtown area, Ali Baba's, Red and White's, none of them compare to Milo's. It's just something about the actual shawarma meat with the pickles and onions, its just so damn tasty! I don't mind paying the extra 1-2 dollars for such a fantastic shawarma!

Best Fries and Gravy?

Allergic to beef? Woe, is you!

Best place for fried rice?

Sounds pretty good. Anything else you would recomend from there?

Best place for fried rice?

It's on the south-east side of Broadview, next to a Vietnamese restaurant.

Best place for fried rice?

I'm interested in hearing opinons about which restaurant has the best fried rice. Be it chicken, beef, pork etc. So far I can say that the best i've had in Toronto has to be the bbq pork fried rice found at Golden Embassy at Broadview and Gerrard.

Gale's Snack Bar - Cheapest Place In Toronto?

Gales is THE place to go when you don't have much money in your pocket. You don't go to Gales because the food is awesome. You go because Gales has decent food that is cheap. -

Best Place to Find Korean Pork Bone Soup....

Yes I will try It.....And about those rumours.........?????

Best Place to Find Korean Pork Bone Soup....

I Have tried this amazing spicy soup at Minerva's Owl, at Yonge just south of Finch. Any ideas were I can find another place to try this soup?