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Northside Social Coffee and Wine in Arlington, VA (Murky Coffee)

Just proves that proper technique is just as important as equipment and coffee. The Italians call it the "5 M's."

Mano - Hand of the operator
Macchina - Espresso machine
Miscela - the blend
Macinadosatore - Grinder/doser
Manutenzione - maintenance of the equipment

If any of these elements is neglected, the espresso will suffer.

Where to obtain non-canned GuandĂș (Gandules) in DC area?

I remember the guandĂș man in Panama walking up the street, pushing his cart, yelling "guanduuuuuu!"

Looking for something unique in Miami

Puerto Sagua in Miami Beach is good, authentic Cuban food, without the Miami Beach prices. I don't think that they've been covered by any TV show as it's not a showy place.

Las Vegas 2 in Jessup, MD.?

If you like pupusas, they've got some pretty decent ones.

Fresh, Hot Cup of Cockroaches

I've been in a large commercial coffee roasting facility and from what I've witnessed, it would be virtually impossible for roaches to infest coffee in this way.

Once the coffee leaves the roasting machine, it is transferred via enclosed pipes to the grinder, where it is ground up and put into large bags to "de-gas." After degassing, it is then packaged.

At what point between the roaster and the grinder are the roaches supposed to infest the coffee?

This story simply isn't true.

May 18, 2009
Beto_pan in Features

Blackberries in Atlanta

I'm helping someone who's coming into town for a culinary event this month and he has a recipe that requires fresh blackberries. Can someone tell me if the local markets are carrying these yet? I called the Dekalb Market, but no one answered the phone there. I've heard that they can be persnikity at times though.

BTW, I'm not in Atlanta right now either.


Best Mexican in DC?

I've heard that the ventworm nut at Rosa Mexicano is very good.

Source for dressed pig?

I'm not up to the task of roasting my own pig, so I'm having Cafe Pampanguena in Rockville spit-roast one for me.

If you call them, they might let you know where they get theirs.

Grilled meat heaven on Route 1

I'm going to have to check this place out. To answer your question, here is the translation:

Por favor, no voltees la carne tanto. Deje que se carbonice un poquito.

Please don't flip the meat so much. Let it char a little.

Gonna be in Baltimore for 2 days.

I would highly recommend Woodberry Kitchen. They got a mention in Bon Appetit last month (The photo in the article is them). If you go, make sure you finish your meal with coffee, since they do such a wonderful job of it.

Best Hot Dog Restaurant in Baltimore-DC-Va.

I'll second the vote for Ann's Dairy Creme. 12 inches of deep fried goodness served up on a hoagie roll!

Where to buy Guarana Antarctica? (soda @ Fogo De Chao)

The only places I know that carry that would the 2 Brazilian markets in Wheaton (yes, I know it's not DC).
One is called... get this... "Brazilian Market", and the other is "By Brazil."

Padron peppers in DC or MoCo?

I've never seen any, so I ended up growing mine with seeds sent from Spain.

Sam gyup sal -- pork belly

I always thought that it was supposed to be mostly fat...

Looking for Swedish Limpa Bread....

Sodium alginate in DC/MD area?

I've got some. Shoot me an email with your requirements and address and I'll hook you up.

beto_pan (at) yahoo

Trapeze (Maple Lawn) Closed??

Well, they're not taking online reservations and they don't answer the phone, so I'd say that it's more likely than not that they're closed.

Any good espresso near The Fairmont (2401 M St NW)

Dolcezza does an excellent job with everything, coffee included. They're not too far away from you.

Batali, Paltrow & Bittman in Spain...

I'm a big fan of Spain, but I found this thing unwatchable. It way too noisy... the incessant, overly-loud music and the nonstop chatter left me with a very uncomfortable feeling, almost as if I was being rushed. They talk over each other constantly and never seem to finish a thought. White space is just as important as what fills in the blanks. It seems to have been edited with a music video aesthetic.

...and the video quality is horrendous. I think that a handycam produces better images than that.

It's a pity, considering the potential that Spanish food and culture has for making a great show.

Oct 03, 2008
Beto_pan in Food Media & News

Penn Station Baltimore

We went to Thai Landing a couple of nights ago and it was very good. They haven't succumbed to the trend of dumbing it down that has befallen so many Thai restaurants. The owner is very charming.

It's only a block or so away.

Mini Bar At Cafe Atlantico

Which courses did they not try? Granted, some of the dishes are surprisingly different, but isn't that the whole point?

The BEST coffee and/or espresso inside the beltway?

Peregrine Espresso opened recently on Capitol Hill in the former location of Murky Coffee.


I've been there a couple of times and for me, it's no comparison to some of the better places in the Carolinas. It's maybe on par with Red Hot and Blue, and that ain't sayin' much.

Let the hate-fest begin.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

It looks like everyone's enthusiasm for Grace Garden has paid off in the form of a nice article in the Washington Post food section.

Driving to Baltimore from Northern Virginia...

Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Grace Garden! If you're going up the B/W Pkwy, it's only a five minute drive down Rt 175 east.

Best Coffee in Montreal?

Mirroring what most here have said, Caffe Art Java and Veritas are the real deal. Anthony wasn't on duty when I was there, but I had a really, really good espresso from a young woman. Didn't get her name, but she had a tattoo of Chinese script on her right forearm.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

We went for lunch today. One of the things that I didn't realize is that most of the really special dishes are only for dinner; so much prep is required that they don't serve them on the lunch menu. That being said, I had the basil chicken and it was excruciatingly good. Basil, chicken, garlic, spring onions, and ginger were some of the ingredients that were used. The chicken had a slightly smoky taste that only can be created in a wok that has the power of an F14 on full afterburner.

When I told the lady that I had heard some things about the place, she asked if it was from Chowhound!

The next time we go, we're going to call our order in a day in advance so we can get some of the more esoteric offerings.

Thanks for the heads-up on this place!

RIP Little Tavern, AKA Club LT, Home of the Slider

Dang. I remember chowing down on some of those sliders in College Park.

Central First Timer!

The rillette and faux gras don't come with the charcuterie platter. Personally, I love the faux gras. Unless you have more than 2 people in your party, I wouldn't recommend ordering both as appetizers... they are generously-sized.

Victoria Gastro Pub - Snowden River Pkwy - Columbia

Here's a link to a thread already in progress: