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Polpettina homestyle pizza kitchen (Fisher Ave. Eastchester) this is so much more than just pizza...

We are very excited about this place. Had lunch there and ordered a Neopolitan pizza which was outstanding. I also got a soft crab sandwich with frisee and spicy aioli which was also great (and unforeseen at a pizza kitchen). As mentioned above, the vibe is more Brooklyn than Westchester which is a breath of fresh air to us.

They are expanding into the space next door as soon as permits are approved. This space will include a coffee bar.

My wife wanted to go back for dinner the same day we ate lunch there! Can't wait to try more specials. The only minor critique is that they overloaded the pizza with pork meatballs which overwhelmed the delicate thin crust (we got half plain). But we'll be back again and again and hope they do well.

Now if we can get someone to put a high quality, simple "local, organic, simple, american" place in bronxville, we'll be all set. Maybe we'll convince the Polpettina guys to branch out!

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

This is what I'm talking about. THANK YOU. We will check it out very soon.

Tap house in Tuckahoe

My wife and I went just before they got their liquor license. We just had the mussels which we great and sat at the bar. The place looks great inside and the bar is beautiful. It's part of a westchester/ct restaurant group. Beer selection looks great.

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

GR, I guess I'd like not to be able to taste the Sysco in some of these places around here (Ciao's, Mama Assunta, Angelina, Roberto's, Valentino's, Gina Marie's etc.). These places feel like the crappy but successful restaurant in the movie "Big Night" i.e. really poorly executed Italian American.

Believe me, I LOVE great Italian American as well as really specific regional Italian but I'm just saying we haven't found either of these well executed in this area.

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

Thanks for the info on Nessa. Sounds perfect. We'll definitely check it out!!

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

Celeste is on 84th and Amsterdam. I've never had cheese with truffles there but I've never had as good a cheese plate at even the poshest places.

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

Celeste is a neighborhood place a block from our old place. The owner is from Rome and has restaurant there as well. The food is excellent regional romana. He goes back and forth from NYC to Rome every couple weeks. He always returns with a couple suitcases of outstanding cheese. You can get a plate with 15 cheeses each one paired with a compote, honey, jam etc.

Real Italian in Lower Westchester

My wife and I just moved up from manhattan and have been very frustrated that with all the Italians living in lower westchester, we can't find a decent authentic Italian spot. We've found only overpriced, low-grade red sauce places. Any thoughts?