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Pizza in Baltimore

I tried a Verde pie and it was good, but rather small for the price.


Ikaros in Baltimore's Greektown serves a fine galaktoboureko.

Montgomery County Taquerias -- Taco Bar and Tortacos (and R&R in Elkridge, not MC)

IMO although R & R serves decent food, I have come to prefer both Lily's and Tere's on Route 40 near across the highway near the Normandy shopping center. Tere's serves excellent pupusas in addition to their Mexican fare.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

Promotion of Hawaiian Pizza is a serious offense punishable by bunga bunga.

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

Chowhounds focus on the substance, the tastiness of the food, while foodies emphasize matter of style such as ambience and presentation.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

Because we grow lotsa pineapples and bananas here in Maryland? One would think that they would have more common sense over there in the UK.

Maryland Style Fried Chicken???

Drew-a perfect description of the type of fried chicken I grew up eating back in the 60s.


Dona Raquel is reasonably close to Boca.

Jan 10, 2012
elgringoviejo in Florida

Need Current Info re: Best Crabcake

I endorse the Ocean Pride recommendation. Ocean Pride is an old school Maryland seafood house, a place for chowhounds as opposed to foodies.

best crab cake baltimore

Even tourists don't deserve THAT humbug.

Best Pancakes in Baltimore?

Jimmy's serves delicious pancakes. When I breakfast at Pete's I prefer their delicious blueberry waffles.

Weekday breakfast in Baltimore

Jimmy's gives one the best bang for a buck, with Pete's on Greenmount Avenue the runner-up. I went by Miss Shirley's at the Inner Harbor, took one look at the prices and eased on down the road to Jimmy's. I breakfasted this morning at Broadway Diner and found it to be similar to the Double T chain in its quality and pricing, so I will stick with Jimmy's and Pete's in the future.

Where's a place for one last good meal near BWI?

I endorse the Grace Garden recommendation.

Pizza in Baltimore

Thanks for your response. Sad to hear about King's Pizza, since his kebabs are quite good and his pita bread and baba ghanouj is truly excellent.

The End of the World's Biggest Slice?

Anyone been to Angelo's since they re-opened?

Solid Korean BBQ, nice atmosphere?

Haven't been to Woomi since June, but as of then IMO the lunch buffet was a good deal and priced right. Have never ordered off the menu, so I can't address that issue.

Pizza in Baltimore

Since Casa Mia is near Hampden, I would be curious as to how it stacks up to Angelo's.

Chinese in Chinatown

I like the noodles there, too.

Pioneer Pit Beef

I greatly enjoyed my pit beef sandwich from Beefalo Bob's at the Honfest. Charred on the exterior, yet moist and juicy. A new pit beef champion has arrived. Simply the best and desrving of chowhound recognition and patronage. Bravo Beefalo Bob's.

Beefalo Bob's
107 Mountain Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122

Single best Chowhound find in Baltimore

KIng's Kabobs on 36th Street in Hampden has truly excellent freshly baked Middle Eastern pita bread, baba ghanouj, and chicken kabobs and schwarma.

Two Dinners in Baltimore??

Anyone else remember when Captain Larry's was on the other side of Fort Avenue where the Southside is now?

Captain Larry's
601 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

Best Seafood Dinner for $100/150pp (post tax/tip)

For old school Baltimore area seafood, I recommend Ocean Pride on York Road in Lutherville.

Pioneer Pit Beef

Pioneer serves a fine pit beef. If I lived closer to Pasadena, I would try Beefalo Bob's for purposes of comparison, but the current price of gasoline precludes this for now, at least.

The End of the World's Biggest Slice?

Anyone have any idea why they went out of business?

Casual dinner in Baltimore

King's Kabob on 36th Street (The Avenue) in Hampden serves excellent freshly-baked pita, fantastic baba ganouj, and delicious kabos ( I like the chicken kabobs the best, but the lamb and kofta are also very good).

The End of the World's Biggest Slice?

Still am getting over Angelo's closing. Loved those ginormous slices. Hop that someone re-opens it and brings back the Slice.

El Puerto Jarocho--Mexican seafood restaurant, Baltimore

Number One Chinese Restaurant on Eastern Avenue. A little hole-in-the-wall right next to the larger Asian buffet that went out of business. The selection is limited, but IMO proprietors work hard to keep it fresh and give the customer a good deal. It is small though so it is probably a better idea to go there between noon and two, or between six and eight rather than eat there during off hours.

El Puerto Jarocho--Mexican seafood restaurant, Baltimore

I enjoyed El Puerto Jarocho as well, and agree that Chicken Rico is truly excellent. BTW I tried that little Chinese restaurant that advertises a $4.99 AYCE at was pleasantly surprised. Decent Chinese-American food at a very reasonable price. The proprietors make a real effort to have fresh and tasty fare on the buffet. Bravo for them.

The End of the World's Biggest Slice?

Very sad news indeed. Loved that bodaciously big slice.

Top ten over-rated restaurants in Baltimore

If I recall correctly, Blue Grass is occupies the space of the old Victory Tavern, no doubt named during WWII.