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Oak Island, NC - Great eats!

I grew up on Oak Island and have recently fallen in love with two new places:

Shagger Jacks - Yaupon - The most innovative and yet reasonably priced meals on the island. Some of the best Mahi in the world and do not leave without at least trying their Fish Tacos...amazing!

Pelican Seafood - Long Beach - They just opened a second location (first one on Beach Rd, which has dine-in area) where the Beverage Barn used to be. It is take-out or drive-thru only, but apparently has a market inside with fresh seafood and produce. Anyway...their food is GREAT and LIGHTLY breaded. My husband cannot leave the island without getting a Shrimp PoBoy...unreal amount of HUGE shrimp.

Shagger Jacks
8004 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

Jun 17, 2011
shrixer78 in Southeast

Cary, NC - Domo (Sushi)?

Thanks ncn8tive for testing it out...better luck next time I guess. I hope they get their act together....can't have too many good sushi options! :)

Cary, NC - Domo (Sushi)?

I have heard that they recently opened. Anyone been?

(It's at Maynard + Harrison...on Maynard, across the street from the Harris Teeter)

NC Triangle - non-chain Mexican in Cary?

My husband and I have been going to La Cocina (right off Hwy 64 on Lake Pine Drive) and we love it. I believe it used to be a Bennigans. Anyway, I know it is a family-type chain...typical authentic Mexican, but so so good and the margaritas and service are simply outstanding.

Oak Island, NC

I grew up on Oak Island and still go frequently to visit my parents.

I gotta say there are only a handful of places I LOVE:

Provision Co, Southport - grab anything on the menu, a beer and take in the scenery

Turtle Island, Long Beach - grouper fingers are awesome as well as the grits. Trust me.

Lil Bits, Long Beach - I haven't been, but have heard they have *the* best burger.

Oak Island Restaurant, Long Beach - best fried flounder on the island

Thai By The Sea - I haven't noticed any changes, but lunch is definitely the better deal.

Jul 16, 2008
shrixer78 in Southeast

Cary, NC - Any new restaurants worth checking out?

I mean...the only reason we frequent Jack Astor's is because on the weekends there isn't a crazy wait for the bar area and it's one of the VERY few places in Cary that has a true, smoky, noisy but REALLY friendly bar scene.

Hibernian is nice for that, but can get way too stuffy in my opinion. And then something like Stonewood or Biaggis is too snooty...not really a place you want to HANG out y'know?

As far as food...we like pretty much everything.

OH! CARY PEOPLE. RIGHT NOW AT NEO CHINA THEY ARE DOING HALF PRICE ALCOHOL THROUGH JUNE 10! I am not kidding. Liquor, Sake, Wine and beer ALL half price.

I just wish Cary had a few more hip restaurants.

May 16, 2008
shrixer78 in Southeast

Cary, NC - Any new restaurants worth checking out?

I've lived in Cary for the past 5 years and I always feel we are lacking in restaurants that are nice to just hang out in after your meal. You can only go to Ale House or Jack Astor's so much for drinks y'know?

Any new places that are fun and not so stuffy?

Are there any newish restaurants at all in the area I should know about?

May 16, 2008
shrixer78 in Southeast

Caswell Beach/Southport

I grew up on Caswell Beach and go there pretty often to see my parents so I have a few thoughts.

For a higher-end, but still authentic seafood meal that will blow you away go to Turtle Island (Long Beach)...if it's the weekend you might want to make reservations. Food is SO good. Try the Grouper Fingers omg.

Thai By The Sea (Yaupon Beach) is my favorite Thai place, but I prefer to go there for lunch. You actually get more food for cheaper if you go then and the crowds aren't so crazy.

Port City Java (Downtown Southport) has THE best all-fruit smoothies but you gotta be PATIENT haha.

Best hot dogs around can be found at The Trolley Stop (Downtown Southport).

I don't care what anyone says...the burgers at Provision Company (Southport Marina) can't be beat and the view is awesome. If you want something similar but on the beach there is a newish place next to the Yaupon Pier that's pretty decent. REALLY great fried flounder.

Looks like quite a few new places have opened up on the island...a BBQ place...some new Seafood joints...but I haven't yet been able to check 'em out.

What I WISH they would get down there is some sort of pub-type bar (NOT a biker bar) that is spacious yet dark and cozy. Sometimes you just want a place to unwind when you first get down there y'know?

Mar 20, 2008
shrixer78 in Southeast

Best Irish Pub/Restaurant in the Triangle

I have to agree with Phillip. They have some of the best food around.

However, I actually know one of the bartenders (Colin) and as far as service goes...he is one of the best. The only time I've had poor service was during off-times (2-4pm).

My only complaint is the's a bit too open and the painted scenes on the walls are pretty hokey.

Southport, Oak Island NC

I actually grew up in the area and frequently visit my folks who live at Caswell Beach. I can't go down there without going to Thai By The Sea (Yaupon Beach) and Turtle Island (Long Beach)...those are my number 1 and 2 restaurants followed closely by Provision Co (Southport).

They are all so different, but the Thai at TBTS is outstanding, the seafood at Turtle Island is fantastic (albeit a bit more $ than your typical Calabash-style seafood) and Provision Co has THE best burgers in the area if you can get a seat.

I'm heading down for the first time since January this weekend. Enjoy your trip!

Tiramisu in RDU area

I had NO idea this place existed until JUST now haha. And I've lived in Cary since 2003! My husband and I will have to try it soon. Tiramisu is only my favorite dessert.