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The Shame of the Dirty Martini Drinker

I like me a Sazerac one of the oldest original cocktails (spirit, water, sugar and bitters) and I like me a dirty vodka martini. As the Mr. Mackay stated he liked drinking the dirty martini in youth and now loathes it perhaps because his palate is more "sophisticated" or maybe it's the association w/ the girl.


May 29, 2011
snowstellie in Features

Rivoli, recently

i went back in september. had their duck and it was great. a crispy shell with moist, tender meat that was well seasoned. we also had gnocchi and portabella fritters as starters and they were both delicious. i'm pretty picky about gnocchi as i had a friend that made the most delicious, light and fluffy gnocchi from scratch and Rivoli's were quite good. the only thing on the current menu that i had is the portabella fritters.

Baked Radicchio and Mozzarella Pasta

Made this dish last week for a Holiday Party and it was great! Replaced some of the raddichio for some beet greens I had laying around. I made another batch and the leftovers were delicious too. Definitely a crowd pleaser with gooey cheese and hearty enough for meat lovers while being excellent vegetarian dish!

Dec 14, 2007
snowstellie in Recipes