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I need Panamanian Coffee in Toronto!

I emailed Moonbeam - no go. Manic Coffee was boasting the Esmerelda (I think that's the name) coffee which is about $130 per lb (a biiit too much for a Christmas gift). I also called three coffee shops in the SLM, and they don't have it...AUGH! I didn't think this would be so hard!

It has to be Panamanian specifically for two reasons a) because the lady I'm getting it for is from Panama and b) she likes it over every other coffee because a lot of the plantations are in volcanic soil, which makes for a richer, more fragrant bean (I've been told).

I've thought of Hawaiian coffee, which would have similar properties, but it's just not the same!

I'll try the other suggestions listed...thank you so much for all your help! Anything else that comes to mind would be appreciated!

Good Irish-style brunch/breakfast?

The Dark Horse pub - Bloor West (Jane & Bloor area)

I need Panamanian Coffee in Toronto!


I need somewhere (anywhere!) to find Panamanian coffee in Toronto - I need the beans, ground or unground, for a friend. I've tried calling about a dozen gourmet shops, to no avail. I'm stumped - is it really that hard to come by??!!