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Gluten-free fish and chips?

Never been there but I did see a press release for Billy's Chowder House in Los Gatos through our Celiac mailing list. Have no idea if it is good, but not aware of others. However, there are some good frozen battered Halibut that are widely available (whole foods, sprouts, piazzas, Draegers)

1 day ago
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - July 2014

We tried the uttapam - the texture was a bit off from our better Indian restaurants here, but not bad. Flavor was nice and tangy. Coconut chutney had the same aftertaste that much of the preprepared chutney has even when purchased at our abundant Indian groceries. I would rather just grab dosa or idli batter from the Indian grocery and stick it in the waffle iron - but for a quick meal or when no decent Indian is nearby TJs works.

Jul 18, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

Sour cherries

I got at Redwood City and saw at Mountain View - I think they are widespread - they are seasonal but come back every year.

Jul 17, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Sour cherries

Frozen at Costco right now. I think it works out to about 3-4 dollars per lb. I keep them in my freezer for snacking. works well for pie as does jarred Morrello cherries at TJs.

Jul 16, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Taking kid to visit Stanford next week, where's a good lunch place in

Students don't really eat lunch off campus. It is pretty isolated. When they do go out for dinner it tends to be at places that are fun hang outs (like Nola) rather than great food.

I would probably head to town and country. Howie's for pizza, Asian Box for a quick meal. I have had good meals at Mayfield and although I used to be a Calafia detractor after several subpar meals, the last meal I had there was actually quite good. I have not been a Gott's fan but others like it. The taqueria there is not great IMO.

I also like Oren's Hummus Shop and Mediterranean Wraps. Both have free buses that get fairly close. I remember as a student thinking that University Ave. was so incredibly far away (it isn't).

You could go to the Thai cafe on campus. It has a strong following on campus and I lived on their noodle salad in undergrad/grad school. I haven't had it for years and it isn't always open. Coupa is also pretty good for arepas. Fraiche is in Tressider and serves good frozen yogurt.

Another option if you have a car is to seek out the area's good ethnic food, like Indian or Mexican cheap eats. They can be the "in the know" person when someone in the dorm rounds up a car to go get grub.

Jul 08, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Looking for Good Chicken Enchiladas in Peninsula Grocery Stores

are you looking for heat and eat type or deli?

I would try Mi Pueblo which I know has chicken enchiladas and suspect Chavez market does. They are all in their taqueria area though - so already cooked. Mi Puebla has a large deli/meat section, which might have it too.

Jul 06, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

sandwiches- Palo Alto?

A Palo Alto favorite has been Village Cheese House - I haven't been there in ages to tell you re: the meat, but it is popular.

For a splurge of a sandwich there if Refuge in Menlo Park for pastrami - not cheap, but widely regarded.

Does anyone know if Schuab's in the Stanford Shopping Center does real roasted meats? They are a butcher/fish/deli that has sandwiches.

Jul 03, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - June 2014 [OLD]

May be too late but GF items that my son likes (and some I like too - but I am a salad girl)

- tamales, I like the sweet corn, he likes the beef
- Indian entrees - I think they have a kofta or something similar that people have been enjoying in addition to the panner dishes mentioned below.
- new item, I haven't tried, but promising, uttapam
- my son like the GF frozen pizza
- Cod Proven├žale

Not frozen - but decent price on Udi's bread if your caregiver likes bread.
A lot of their boxed soups are GF too.

Jun 27, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

Grocery Outlet (June 2014)

there is a special fridge case? I never go into the wine section, but LOVE having the new grocery outlet here.

Probably gone, but Monday got:

Hebrew National all beef hot dogs for 99 cents for kids.
Hillshire farms turkey - not great stuff, but for $3 for 3 packs - it was worth it.
Nature's Path gluten free cereals 2.50/bx- cinnamon and another. We haven't tried yet, but related to the maple sunrise which is decent stuff.
Sam's mill gluten free bars - great for biking. 1.29 per box.
We quickly depleted the saurkraut from Germany. Nothing but cabbage and salt in the ingredients. Doesn't replace my favorite local stuff, but pretty good.
Jamba juice bars, coconut passion fruit - not bad. $1.50 per box of 6.
Sunspire vegan natural peanut butter chips were not good.

Didn't buy but have been sorely tempted - large box (15 I think) salted caramel haagan daaz ice cream bars for $8.

Jun 19, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Afternoon drive from San Francisco to Reno

We make a similar drive (to the south lake side of Tahoe) every weekend for four months during ski team season. It can be brutal if you leave after 3 PM. However, before that it can go fast, especially using the Waze app. But 3.5 is optimistic.

As far as restaurant suggestions I admit that our dining selections are mostly based on kids starvation following practice. We usually hit fast chains, but a few non-chains or local chains my kids like are: Dos Coyotes in Davis, or Murder Burger in Davis (I don't think the latter is that great, but others love it), Fenton's in Vacaville (this one is a local diner and ice cream place, that is an institution in Oakland. It is OK, the salads are decent, but my kids LOVE it).

If you aren't in a hurry or want to kill time to let traffic in Sacramento subside, hit the Jelly Belly factory tour. Kids love it.

Jun 16, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Kirkland Greek Yogurt?

our carried both for awhile but did not have Fage yesterday. However we appreciate the price immensely. My husband eat a lot of yogurt and has come to prefer greek.

May 17, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2014

Mountain View CA Costco has had Simply Maize gluten free cereal by Kashi and we really like it. It is like popcorn and cornflakes had a baby and then dressed it in a glaze. unfortunately it has the dreaded "star" on the sign so is a limited time offer.

They also had gluten free Krusteax brownie mix - works out to about 2.50 a batch. I often just make brownies, but it is often nice to tell people where to get a mix for my son or just have them on hand. Haven't tried yet, but looking forward to it.

Nice to see the Kirkland Signature greek yogurt back. Better than most. Husband still prefers Fage, but this is much cheaper and the man eats a lot of yogurt.

Lots of clearance items in food this time too.

May 17, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

Grocery Outlet (May, 2014)

Not sure if I am supposed to start a new one, but

5/9 in Palo Alto

Nature Valley berry yogurt bars, 3/$1 boxes of 6 or 99 cents for 18 - we bought a hundred + bars! My husband is a cyclist and goes through a lot of bars. Also he bought golden graham extra large bars for same price and Fig Bars for 50 cents each.

99 cent Jif Hazelnut chocolate spread.

Didn't buy but their pint size ice creams were Dove chocolate. Never had to know if it is worth it.

May 09, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

recs near Stanford for August

If you are already buying a permit to park on campus, just walk on weekends or take the bus to Town and Country. From my office near Hoover tower it is less than a 15 minute walk.

Coupa has several locations on campus, and the dining hall n the business school isn't bad.

May 08, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

recs near Stanford for August

Zibbibo recently shuttered.

May 08, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

eating in SF with a kid and allergies

I don't live in the city, but do have kids with other allergies. SF isn't bad to eat with well behaved 5 year olds if you go on the early side. Most mid-range to upscale places do very well with allergies too. Just let them know when you make the reservation. Others should probably chime in on specific recs but...

There are a couple of good pizza places in SOMA - UPN and Zero zero.

There is a thread on teh best sushi in SF and another on burgers under the dish of the month.

May 05, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Non-chain take out food near Stanford?

DoorDash has many options for delivery at a reasonable price. First delivery is free.

May 05, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

recs near Stanford for August

I am better at cheap eats than high end eats, but...

Right across from campus is Town and Country. For a quick meal I do like Asian box and have had some nice meals at Mayfield. They do brunch as well. There is also a newly opened Gott's there, which I have not loved but others really do. It is a local mini chain that started in Napa. There is Howie's pizza there - a former high end restaurant chef turned pizza guy. My husband really enjoys their food.

For Mexican, the area does best with taquerias, which may or may not be your kind of thing. We tend to go to La Bamba in Mountain View the most because of proximity, or La Gruellense Grill in Redwood City.

I also like Oren's and Mediterranean Wraps and we often take guests to Evvia. WE've had some great meals at Reposado and some not so great meals there.

May 05, 2014
jsaimd in San Francisco Bay Area

Trader Joe's YAY/NAY - March 2014 [OLD]

I've noticed a vast improvement in the produce over the last couple of years. I used to be a big naysayer, but i admit that there are now many things that are better there than at our local chain grocery. I still prefer a local produce market, but I routinely will grab veggies and occasionally fruit at TJs.

On the other hand our Costco produce has taken a big dive over the last year or two.

Mar 12, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

Your Top 5 Trader Joe's Products? - 2014

Our most purchased have mostly to do with the good price for the quality on the things we eat a lot of...not too exciting of a list.

1. Wild blueberries (frozen) - great price and great tasting
2. Gluten free oatmeal
3. pound plus 72% bar
4. Low fat cheeses (irish cheddar and mozzerella get used the most, food for low fat cheeses)
5. Pizza dough (for the non-Celiacs in the house)

Things we love that are more exciting

1. Dr. Praegers California veggie burgers
2. Serrano salsa (refrigerated)
3. Sea salt and caramel bar (made by Vosges)
4. Fire roasted corn

Feb 27, 2014
jsaimd in Chains

I need help ! extremely picky eater & basically wont eat anything !

I had responded earlier with a few ideas, but I just wanted to note as well that this phobia is a real thing. My son has anxiety disorder. For years he wouldn't eat at school. He wasn't particularly picky at home, but short of candy (which i wouldn't pack) there was nothing that I could send him with that he would eat. I tried punishment, I tried bribing. I just couldn't figure it out. Turns out that he was having irrational thoughts about packed lunches. As a celiac he couldn't eat school lunch so he was doomed. It has slowly gotten better with treatment, but is still an issue. Now I just try to be more understanding and work to find things he can tolerate now.

Feb 13, 2014
jsaimd in Home Cooking

National Mall, on foot, gluten free, cheap

I returned from a nice, but yes, cold trip!

I took your advice and found an Ethiopian place in SS before I left for downtown. Although, wind chill and take out Ethiopian do not mix well. My veggie combo from Abol was tasty and very filling. A bit more oily than I prefer, but the injera was nicely tangy. Beets were basically just plain roasted, and the tomato salad was less flavorful - wrong season. The yellow lentil stew was my favorite, although I don't have a lot of experience with Ethiopian. They had all teff injera for an extra charge. Filling enough to keep me full through dinner.

Had a meal at Copper Canyon (sponsored). I did enjoy the cold smoked salmon, but just had it on a salad. Not amazing, but descent enough.

Frozen yogurt at FroZenYo was underwhelming, but convenient. I didn't expect much.

Another night my hosts picked Sweetgreen. It was a solid salad with nicely poached shrimp. Since I love veggies. this hit the spot. My teenage cousin was less impressed.

Jan 27, 2014
jsaimd in Washington DC & Baltimore

"Free" Meals -Use it Up

veggies, beans, meat, etc. go in omelets or tacos. You can stick anything in those and it can be good.

Leftover grains that are cooked we do stir fry with.

To use up beans I always cook a bunch, then freeze on a cookie sheet, break up and keep frozen in a bag. I take a handful here and there. I am almost vegetarian, and my kids/husband eat a lot of meat. It is handy to have beans.

We also put everything on homemade pizza - we have rigged up our grill and generally keep pizza dough on hand. We stick veggies, different types of cheese, veggies, you name it...kids will always eat that.

And lentil soup. Doesn't matter your veggies. Caramelize them and stick them with some stock and lentils - puree well and top with lemon juice. My family downs this like crazy and almost all my kids friends eat it too. Parents are shocked when we tell them it is mostly veggies.

Only my kids eat pasta in this house believe it or not, so I only cook it for them.

Jan 12, 2014
jsaimd in Home Cooking

National Mall, on foot, gluten free, cheap

Yes flying out of National. I am happy eating whenever, and eating in small doses as well. My kids always ask why in the world I have never been to the memorials when I go to DC often. Why not spend my time doing so - as long as I am moving I am happy.

Jan 03, 2014
jsaimd in Washington DC & Baltimore

National Mall, on foot, gluten free, cheap

Ha. I actually have to go to DC often for work, but usually just rush to and from Dulles. I rarely really eat out. But this time the kids are up skiing on Saturday so I could fly out a day later. Yes, I do know about January in DC...hoping that hauling it on foot with backpack will warm me up. It works snowshoeing : ).

I actually don't need to leave downtown until 3:15 on the metro. I will be doing a long swim/spin/run for a couple of hours in the early AM. I really do have 4-5 hours. I am also not much of a tourist. I am much more of a run around and glance at the scenery type person. Food stores are worth stopping, ice cream is worth stopping, but I don't need to see all the sites necessarily. I will bring my kids back for that one one of these days.

I will probably do Nando's in SS on Friday night, or maybe Ethiopian (if they do 100% teff injera - it can be hard to find).

Jan 03, 2014
jsaimd in Washington DC & Baltimore

National Mall, on foot, gluten free, cheap

Saw Maine fish market, but saw the typical fries cole slaw etc. Good simple seafood is always good, especially fish or oysters. Even though SF is on the coast, we actually have a pretty limited set of species in the bay. That combined with my husband having a psychological allergy to fish/seafood - usually means that we don't eat that. This is a decent option if there are real veggies.

Jan 03, 2014
jsaimd in Washington DC & Baltimore

National Mall, on foot, gluten free, cheap

I have about 5 hours before my flight out later this month. I thought I would stop on the Metro Ride from Silver Spring to see the site near the National Mall.

SF Bay Area hound, so looking for anything unique to the DC area, or just plain tasty.

I have done my research on chowhound and yelp, but nothing screams at me yet.

1. Love southeastern Asian, Indian and Latin American food, but the latter two are strong in SF Bay Area.
2. Need relatively cheap eats, say under $10 for lunch. I don't eat a ton, but need decent value.
3. I need vegetables...period. (sorry, living in a house with 3 boys and a husband, they always want to go to meat heavy places). I do eat meat, but am plenty happy with vegetarian and love fish. This removes Good Food eatery.
4. I have Celiac disease - so gluten free. This means no soy sauce. This removes I think Teaism. Also many sandwich only shops.
5. I will be on foot with my backpack luggage. I don't mind walking at all, but only have 4-5 hours to wander around. And I am a California wuss when it comes to cold : ). Happy to eat while walking too.
6. It will be a Saturday.

I see Merzi, the Native American Museum cafe, some food trucks. I like the idea of ShopHouse, but don't think it is worth my time to trek up to Dupont Circle.

Is Protein Bar good? Chop't? (yes, I like rabbit food if it is flavorful) Nando's Peri Peri -they have chicken livers mmmmm....

Jan 02, 2014
jsaimd in Washington DC & Baltimore

Apparently Olive Garden is for rich people ...

That was my reaction last time I went there. My son wanted to try it for his birthday - he had never been. But my boys eat a lot of food, so I thought it might be a cheap alternative. Not so. My mediocre salmon with overcooked broccoli was well over $20. Not worth it. But i can't eat the breadsticks. I don't hate the restaurant, but where I live you can do a lot better for the price.

Dec 30, 2013
jsaimd in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - December 2013 [old]

yes they are SF based.

Dec 30, 2013
jsaimd in Chains

Trader Joe's Yay/Nay Thread - December 2013 [old]

We use their corn pasta often. Great price and good texture. Neutral flavor. My kids hate all rice pasta we have tried - including Tinkyada and the expensive Italian imports. They all like this - even my non-Celiac kids. I find it needs to cook longer than the package says, but it doesn't go from hard to goo like rice pasta.

Similar to Sam's mill. My kids still say they like Schar's better, but I doubt they could tell the difference in a blind taste test.

Dec 27, 2013
jsaimd in Chains