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Mother's Day 2014

Thank You so much everyone for the responses. I do know that Mother's Day is crazy. I am from Southern California and it is a zoo here as well. So, I know what I am in for. I appreciate all of the suggestions.
If you all have any suggestions on places to go not on Mother's Day that would be great as well!

Apr 08, 2014
Flatowleach in Greater Seattle

Mother's Day 2014

I am celebrating Mother's Day in Seattle this year. I have never been to Seattle and my mother has only been once and that was many years ago and she was there only a couple of days.
I would like to take her some place great for Mother's Day and am looking for suggestions. I don't want something super stuffy or overly fancy but I also don't want uber funky/hipster. A middle ground would be great. Good food, great atmosphere, possibly nice views.
I am staying in the Downtown area.

Also any other suggestions for places to eat on an average day would be great as well.

Thanks and sorry if I am being difficult.

Apr 05, 2014
Flatowleach in Greater Seattle

Great Birthday Restaurant for Mom in Vegas

I am taking my mother out to dinner for her birthday in December while we are in Vegas. I want to take her to a good restaurant that has great food.

Would like:

-- Good ambiance/ nice view would be great

-- Food that is not tiny and expensive (expensive is fine, I just hate restaurants that serve expensive and small portions and when you leave you are still hungry)

--Business casual preferred, don't want to go in jeans, but also don't want to have to dress to the nines either.

-- Food that is worth the price. I am good with expensive, but I don't want to eat some place where the restaurant has a famous name/chef but the food is just "ok" and overpriced.

-- Types of food she likes: Seafood, Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Sushi/Japanese

-- Alcoholic drinks that go beyond wine and beer.

Things not to worry about/don't want:

-- my mom does not drink, so having a great wine list does not matter.

-- French food is not her favorite. Unfortunately when I look online many of the top restaurants are French.

-- She is not elderly by any means, but I don't want to take her to a place that is pretentious and/or mainly serving the need to be seen 20 something crowd and is overly modern/sterile. But on that same note, I don’t want to feel like everyone is so old we should be eating at 5pm. I would like a place that is nice and for “adults” but not the elderly.

I know I am probably making this difficult, I am sorry, I just want to take her some place nice she will enjoy and leave feeling like she had a good meal and a great time.


Nov 13, 2011
Flatowleach in Las Vegas

Mom's Birthday Dinner

I don't mind paying about 30/40 a person. She is not a big drinker so wine etc... is not really something she will get. Her birthday is on a Monday.

Dec 16, 2010
Flatowleach in Las Vegas

Mom's Birthday Dinner

I am looking to take my mom to a nice restaurant for her birthday in a couple of weeks. I want something nice, but not something that is going to break the bank or that I have to take out a loan for. I would prefer to avoid a buffet and she is not the biggest French food fan.

I know this is restrictive, but any help will be appreciated.


Dec 12, 2010
Flatowleach in Las Vegas

Best restaurants and dishes that won't break the bank...

I am open to either the Quarter or downtown, I am staying in the Quarter so suggestions there are great, but I also would love suggestion outside the Quarter.

Jun 03, 2010
Flatowleach in New Orleans

Best restaurants and dishes that won't break the bank...

I am going to New Orleans in a week and will be thre for 7 days. I wanted some advice on places to eat and dishes to order that will not cost a fortune. 3 meals a day for 7 days can get expensive if you are spending $20/$30 a meal.


May 30, 2010
Flatowleach in New Orleans

Help!!! Need Good Restaurant in Pasadena

We are taking my mother out for her birthday and I need to find a nice restaurant to take her too that is not the Cheesecake Factory or Yard House or any other chain type restaurant. I would like to take her some place nice in Pasadena with good food and it does not have to be in Old Town any and all areas of Pasadena or the surrounding areas would be great.


Dec 13, 2007
Flatowleach in Los Angeles Area