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Carb Load For Red Rock Canyon Marathon

Would like to get off the strip and support a local privateer....

Inexpensive would be less than $20 entree. Perhaps less than say, Nora's

Feb 04, 2015
urika in Las Vegas

Carb Load For Red Rock Canyon Marathon

Friends will be running Red Rock Canyon race this coming March

Looking for inexpensive pasta eats

Have come up with Cugino's and Roma Deli as a place to start

Any suggestions?

Me, i will be guarding the box of Ace Donuts at the finish line as rec'd by uhockey

Feb 04, 2015
urika in Las Vegas

Basic kitchen equipment and supplies?

In no particular order....

A high quality chef knife and paring knife
Stainless steel measuring cups/spoons
An enameled cast iron dutch oven (as large as he can bare)
A stainless steel tripoly saute pan (12 inches)
A high quality non stick saute pan (12 inches)
Set of stainless steel mixing bowls
Ceramic or pyrex ramekins
Set of wood mixing spoons
Gallon and quart sized ziploc freezer bags
Wine steward styled wine opener and church key
Kitchen twine
Large high quality wood or bamboo cutting board

This is just a start....good luck

Aug 08, 2014
urika in Cookware

Lotus of Siam: What else to add to our order?

The braised short rib in Panang cream curry sauce was excellent

Jul 15, 2014
urika in Las Vegas

Sausages for the Grill - Recs?

Looks like we are going to have a sunny Easter weekend

Would like to do some sausages on the grill

Recommendations for purveyors on the East side?

Mar 28, 2013
urika in Greater Seattle

Sushi Mon - 2 Locations?


Thanks for your reply

We took in the Sushi Mon in Henderson as recommended

An excellent evening. Food was fresh, prompt and plenty of selections to choose from

Mar 18, 2013
urika in Las Vegas

Sushi Mon - 2 Locations?

Are the two locations related?

Would you recommend one over the other?

We have some AYCE sushi eaters in my group and they both look like good options

Feb 21, 2013
urika in Las Vegas

Lotus of Siam

The braised short ribs in the panang cognac cream sauce was exceptional.....

Dec 28, 2012
urika in Las Vegas

No flavor in the taste of meats, pork, poultry


Hate to break this to are getting old

For most people, like eyesight, sense of taste and smell will deteriorate as we age.

Jun 02, 2012
urika in General Topics

Bis On Main, Bellevue - Overpriced, Boring, Food which ruined a birthday and a romantic night out...


Sorry to hear of your experience at Bis on Main. I have only partaken their lunch service, mostly for business, so I can not comment on dinner service.

If you are looking for "similar" dining environment, I would like to recommend the following....

Cafe Juanita, Kirkland
Lynn's Bistro, Kirkland

We have been to these establishments on special occasions in the past and they have always been thoughtful and accommodating

Dec 05, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Buy goat meat

Try Butcher Shop Cafe in Kenmore. They were advertising on Facebook whole goat earlier this year if I remember

Aug 16, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Ahi Poke To Go?

No problem with Whole Foods, they are a fine establishment....would rather support a privateer

Had the poke from the new Uwajimaya in Bellevue yesterday; regular and spicy tuna. $16.99 a pound they were both bland in comparison to Fresh Fish Company. The quality of tuna lacked the real "meaty" flavor that Fresh Fish Company had.

Will try to make my way to Central Market in Mill Creek this weekend

600 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Apr 01, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Ahi Poke To Go?

Had the poke from Fresh Fish Company. At over $20 a pound, it was pricey in my opinion. Good size chunks of tuna, a tad over salted. I was lucky to get a small container as someone 5 minutes before me bought over 2 pounds.

The crab cakes though are another story! They are fabulous. Really great dungeness and an almost sweet flavor that only fresh dungeness gives.

Still on the lookout for poke

Mar 28, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Ahi Poke To Go?

Thanks bruddah....

Thought the Costco poke bars on the islands were the coolest thing ever. A rotisserie chicken and a pound of ahi poke, good night everybody!

Will have to try Fresh Fish Co


Mar 19, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Ahi Poke To Go?

Got back from Las Vegas and hit a small restaurant in a strip mall in Henderson called Island Sushi and Grill. Inside, they had a sub business named Poke Express.

At $10 a pound, the flavors and value was pretty good considering being in the middle of a desert. All kinds of ahi poke as well as others.

Anything local in Seattle metro that has poke to go?

As an aside, I would prefer Whole Foods to be a last resort.

Mar 19, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

Groceries and other Sundries

Chowhound Las Vegas,

We will be staying at the Marriott Grand Chateau for an upcoming stay and wanted some recommendations on stores that may have good prices on snacks and other items.

Usually, we hit a local Grocery Outlet for such items and don't mind hunting down bargains or eating off brands.

Saw a store called Fresh and Easy listed, but no Grocery Outlet.

We have wheels and are able to drive to sites.


Feb 27, 2011
urika in Las Vegas

Eastside Pizza Recs

Looking for a decent pie on the Eastside; Woodinville to Bellevue

Really enjoyed Flying Squirrel, would like to frequent someone a bit closer to home

Thanks for any recommendations

Feb 01, 2011
urika in Greater Seattle

what is the most useless gadget in your kitchen

Pineapple corer, not even sure how it ended up with us.

Oct 11, 2010
urika in Cookware


Will be meeting some friends who will be staying in Lynnwood next week. Suggestions for small plates or happy hour type setting? Fully understand the gentrified nature of the Alderwood Mall corridor....

Aug 06, 2010
urika in Greater Seattle

Copper River Salmon

QFC as part of the Kroger supermarket chain has enormous buying power. They have probably purchased ten fold more that Whole Foods, Central and Met Market combined. Kroger can then pass the savings onto the consumer and maintain similar profit margins to the other retailers listed

May 21, 2010
urika in Greater Seattle

Asia Kitchen in Kirkland

That's good eating...personally, I like the triangular zong. More hearty with mung beans, chinese sausage, duck egg, roast pork and sticky rice

Feb 16, 2010
urika in Greater Seattle

Seattle wedding caterers

I have been to a couple of their events. Top notch food and service.

Good luck and congratulations!

Oct 21, 2009
urika in Greater Seattle

Butcher Shop Cafe; Kenmore, WA

I have always tried to be supportive of the privateer versus big box vendors. Driving along Juanita Dr NE, I came across a purveyor of fine foods.

Butcher Shop Cafe at the corner of Juanita Dr NE and NE Arrowhead Dr.

Speaking with the butcher who was getting the shop ready for the day, he says that they are providing not only fresh meats but prepared foods and a lunch and dinner menu.

Kobe beef, Kubota pork, lamb....poultry including duck, guinea fowl, quail, and squab were all available.

A limited selection of charcuterie including terrines and to my surprise a foie gras

Prepared food looked to be reasonably priced for to go and their sit down meals.

Hope to hear of other Chowhounds experiences. I will update when I have another opportunity to try their foods.

The butcher also said they will be slowly expanding their meat counter and prepared foods selections. For those local to the area, a postcard campaign will be under way and a website as well

Aug 08, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

Izumi, Brazil, and Totem Lake West Shopping Center


Glad you posted this. Did not know that the Brazilian shop had hot food. The full name is "A Loja Brasileira" Stopped in to grab a bite on your recommendation.

My knowledge of Brazilian cuisine is the rodizio style of all you can eat and living vicariously through Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. To sum up, limited. I do remember from Bourdain's show the feijoada, basically a stew made up of black beans, pig and sausage.

For my first taste of "A Loja Brasileira" I loved their version of feijoada. Not spicy but a very well balanced stew. I liked being able to suck on the bones and the breaking down of the collagens added a velvety texture. This was served over white rice.

I had a side of their beans and also a side of stewed beef, all very delicious. Just over a pound of food to go, $6.89

Will have to add them to my "cheap eats" lunches on weekends. Certainly not fancy, probably more home style Brazilian cuisine.

Jul 25, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

Eatonville, WA

Tall Timber
121 Mashell Ave N
Eatonville, WA 98328
(360) 832-3535‎

Great diner style food and prices. Hand cut fries, spun milkshakes, you get the idea....
Last time I had the meatloaf sandwich and it was just like home but with their fresh baked bread.

Good luck!

Jun 16, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

Local's Favs in Bellevue Washington?

...if on an Asian theme; Bamboo Garden, Cafe Ori and Malay Satay Hut.

Apr 26, 2009
urika in Greater Seattle

Good burgers on eastside? elusive hunt to say the least....

Wibbley's Gourmet Hamburgers
(425) 747-7818
2255 140th Ave NE Ste B
Bellevue, WA 98005 47.6305 -122.1539

(425) 827-9292
12657 NE 85TH St
Kirkland, WA 98033

Palmers East
7853 Leary Way NE
Redmond, WA 98052
(425) 867-3837‎

Waldo's and Palmers East are both taverns that has full bar and menu

Good luck

Mar 12, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

Red Line Burger (Great burgers in Lynnwood)

Great burgers made to order....Hand cut fries were excellent.

Another great inexpensive spot for a value meal in Lynnwood

Anybody been to the San Fernando Roasted Chicken place across the grass from Redline?

Feb 07, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

New Banh Mi place Lynnwood- Yeh Yeh's

#1 Donuts and Deli has "okay" sandwiches. IMO, Yeh Yeh's are way better in comparison.

Go to #1 Donuts for their egg rolls.....big, full of meat.....cold rolls are good too. Not a bad donut either

Jan 19, 2009
urika in Pacific Northwest

Preservation Kitchen: Bothell, WA

Drove by today and they looked full for brunch....

Anyone have any comments of this place? Menu looks similar to Market Street Cafe in Kirkland which has closed to regular dinner service opting for private parties and events only.

I wish them well, that location seems to have been snake bit for the past 5 years.

Nov 30, 2008
urika in Pacific Northwest