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I am a big fan of the tiramisu at Morelli's on Payne Ave. in St. Paul. It comes frozen. It's shockingly good.

Aug 30, 2015
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best pick-your-own strawberry farm?

Sam Kedem Farm ( in Hastings has great berries, they're all organic (rare for strawberries), and it's usually not too crowded! We also do love Afton Apple strawberry picking-- they have ample fields, and now even a refreshment stand with delicious strawberry milkshakes made from their berries.... yum....

Jun 04, 2015
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Better than best croissants

Have you tried the croissants at Bars Bakery? Not that far from Trung Nam... they're my favorite croissants.....

Feb 07, 2015
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Tuna / Salmon Poke

Ha, will have to keep an eye on this one-- my wife got addicted to poke at Da Poke Shack in Kona (on the Big Island of Hawaii)..... if there were some place to get it here, look out...

Jan 16, 2015
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

What's coming in 2015?

Saint Dinette!

And new Alma bakery/cafe!

Jan 14, 2015
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area for "Best of 2014."

Our go-to date restaurant is Restaurant Alma. Their tasting menu never fails to make us happy; I always find something that pushes my food boundaries (trying something new) and am always happy I tried it; the service is impeccable and friendly; it's just a happy place-- it's clear that the people who work there love what they do and feel valued by their employer. Great sourcing, good value, I love the way they structure their tasting menu....

It's not new or trendy, but we know that our all-too-rare date nights won't be wasted on a less than excellent experience when we go there.

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area for "Best of 2014."

Dontcha know, it's the Minneapolis airport (despite not being in, you know, Minneapolis), the Xcel Center is in Minneapolis, and the whole metro area is Minneapolis. There are no restaurants, or anything else worth noting, in St. Paul. Those of us who live in the state capital can just suck it. #norespect

Public Kitchen + Bar in Lowertown

My impression of this place was that it's designed either for business lunches or for dinners for out-of-towners in the area for shows or sporting events. Impressive space, nice looking menu, but yeah-- not so much on the actual food and drinks.

Oct 12, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your Favorite Bakery

Bars is different from some of the ones mentioned here (as the name suggests, it's a bit more comfort-foody, though not entirely), but our family loves it.

Aug 14, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Quick! Where should we have date-night dinner tonight?

Hola Arepa? I've been meaning to get there and try some of Dan Oskey's cocktails.....

Obama eats Jucy Lucy burger at Matt's Bar; ice cream at Grand Ole Creamery

My #1 is Pumphouse Creamery by a comfortable distance. Izzy's is pretty good; I like some flavors from Sebastian Joes; Sonny's makes nice sorbets....

Jul 26, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Obama eats Jucy Lucy burger at Matt's Bar; ice cream at Grand Ole Creamery

Yeah, BHG is definitely the best GOC does. However, GOC is far from the best ice cream in the TCs (is it even in the top 5? not for me, I suspect).

I am agnostic on the JL controversy; Matt's was my first, so I have a certain love for it. I've never had one at the Nook.

But I share your appreciation for his patronage of Golden Fig-- that place is awesome!

Need a restaurant for Monday, June 30

Is everyone who's giving recs ensuring that the restos they're recommending are open on Mondays?

ten top MSP breakfasts

We've been going to brunch with our kid since she was a baby. She's five now. She loves it, we love it, the staff love her, it's a love fest all around. Brunch at TSC is a hidden gem (prices are easier to stomach, generally not crowded, the view from the window tables is to die for)....

Jun 20, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hot beef sandwich

Try a new place-- Cook St. Paul on Payne Avenue. They have a sandwich called "The Commericial."

Jun 13, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Go to place for fine dinning????

Have you tried the new Brasserie Zentral? Our go-to has always been Alma, though it's a good bit more casual than LBV...

May 22, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Lasagna from Morelli's

Don't neglect some tiramisu for dessert-- it's delicious.

May 09, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Your Favorite Source for Roasted Coffee Beans.

Sounds like you'd be a good candidate for home roasting. You can get a decent roaster for $100, unroasted beans for $5/lb (for organic, free trade, top quality stuff), and roast it yourself every three days or so.... is a great source for all of these things.

OTOH, if you want fresh roasted beans you can just buy somewhere local, I think somewhere that roasts a lot of their own coffee is a good bet, like Dunn Bros. or Caribou or such...

Mar 23, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

A few days in MSP, looking for some suggestions

Fantastic Vietnamese (/French fusion with local ingredients) food: Ngon Bistro. Also a superb local beer list, if that's of interest.

My favorite Ethiopian/East African food: Flamingo.

Both of these places would make great lunch destinations.

Feb 28, 2014
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Going to be in Minneapolis for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Restaurant recs?

I'd throw in the Strip Club in St. Paul (taking into account the possibility that, as an out-of-towner, you're referring to "Minneapolis" when you mean the Twin Cities area). It's a romantic little space, incredible view of St Paul (recently named the most romantic destination in North America, dontcha know), with incredible attentive service. And delicious food and a great cocktail program....

Xmas = Tamale Time. Picks?

My go-to is Hilda's on Payne Ave., but that's mostly because they're so close to home and work. Used to be affiliated with La Loma; tamales still mighty good.

Heidi's closing

I think it's fairly standard for servers to leave each shift with all of their tips.

Oct 31, 2013
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Maybe Ward 6 is Worth The Drive

A quick clarification: not all of our fries are fried in beef fat. Only the ones with the fish and chips and the ones in the poutine are automatically done that way. The rest are normally fried in vegetable oil. Carry on!

Aug 27, 2013
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Ginger Beer

Pour Decisions Brewing Co. makes an amazing ginger beer which is available at their taproom....

May 06, 2013
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Feb'13 Dish of the Month - Eggs Benedict

Yes. Thus my lack of general commenting of late!

Feb 05, 2013
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Feb'13 Dish of the Month - Eggs Benedict

I think I'm allowed to say this (as the owner of said restaurant): the muffin on the EB at Ward 6 should be toasted; it appears from the two comments here that there was some sort of glitch for a bit wherein it wasn't being toasted. But it certainly should be, and is, and has been every time I've checked.

Feb 04, 2013
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul


As of a couple of days ago, the St. Paul Farmer's Market still has some vendors with turkeys available for purchase, including Farm On Wheels (where we usually get ours).

Nov 13, 2012
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

George and the Dragon

Finally made it to this place and haven't seen a lot about it lately.... thought I'd add my 2 cents.

Beer: awesome to see a place that serves (and advertises that they do) half pints. It's lovely to get a glass of beer, either because a whole one is too much, or one wants to try a couple of different options.... List was nice, with an emphasis on the British Isles but some good local options too.

Food: Again, going for the British pub vibe-- a rotating curry special, bangers and mash, but also some interesting things: a unique take on a bahn mi (with green beans and a horseradish mayo), various toasties... The "chips" (aka fries) are not to my liking-- too thick and soft for me-- but others may find them just perfect.

Service: very friendly, if not especially fast.

Atmosphere: comfy and nice, though on the loud side, if one is concerned about noise level.

Was there for some market research-- I won't have much to say on Chowhound from here on out-- and generally enjoyed it. I'd be happy if this was my neighborhood place.

Sep 21, 2012
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for a place for a beer and light meal in St. Paul

I think Ngon is a great option-- plenty of appetizer type things for "light" eats and a fantastic, all-local beer list.

Otherwise Frost is great, especially if you or your guests appreciate a slightly more upscale, old-fashioned vibe (though the food is quite modern). And the Gnome could work, though it's probably fairly loud, esp. on weekends. Don't recommend the Pig-- food not very good....

Sep 19, 2012
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Hole-in-the-wall eats recommendations

I don't disagree. Some of the food is quite tasty (I love the "potato chips"), but generally it's the atmosphere and the company that makes it worthwhile. It is a seriously Old School Chinese-American greasy spoon kind of place. With a classic old school Eastside clientele.

Sep 14, 2012
mtullius in Minneapolis-St. Paul