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Week in SF With an 18 Month Old!

whoa scary. ok thanks for the tip!

Week in SF With an 18 Month Old!

Hi Everyone!

We went to SF a few years ago for our babymoon, but now we're coming back with our 18 month old. We're looking for absolute MUST eats that's also baby friendly. We'll be walking and cabbing mostly, so places that aren't too far out of reach. We love to eat, so any and all kinds of food, and price range is not a problem as well. It's just if they have booster seats :). I have a list going so far:

Off the Grid!! (I'm SO excited)
Farmer's Market
Yank Sing/Golden Mountain for Dim Sum
Tadich Grill?
Swan Oyster Depot?
Sam's Grill & Sea Food?

Our favorites:
PPQ Dungeness
Slanted Door
Maybe Betlenut
Breakfast at Mama's on Washington

Sonoma and Napa:
Girl and the Fig
Backstreet Kitchen


Please tell me if these places aren't kid friendly, and any other suggestions I've missed! I was going to contact a driving service and ask their suggestions for wineries to see what route we can take, but I did copy down all of everyone's suggestions on the board.


Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

Tadich Grill
240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Swan Oyster Depot
1517 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Off the Grid
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123

Bachelorette Party in SOBE!!


Can we get good recs for hot, trendy restaurants for our bachelorette dinner in SOBE? We're around 10th and Washington but can cab. What are also some good places to hit afterwards? How's Mr. Chow? Cuisine has to be for both veggie and non veggie girls.


Millenium Park Foodie Musts!!

We're staying near the park and need to hit all of THE places to go within walking distance. Where are the must trys? Any type of cuisine! Pizza, hot dogs, etc?? Baby friendly would be a plus as well.

So we're hitting up the park, mag mile, etc??

Thanks a bunch!

May 24, 2010
pikachu2818 in Chicago Area

Road Trip: Dallas to Destin

We're driving to Destin taking I10E route. Where are places to stop? Chow?? Thanks for any suggestions!!

Jul 07, 2009
pikachu2818 in Texas

Bachelorette Dinner in SF?

I'll put these down. Have you all heard of BacarSF? How is that?

Bachelorette Dinner in SF?

We're staying in the city. We're flying in Friday so we wanted to find a nice place that had a good atmosphere, like good music, food, & wine! We do enjoy our cocktails! Sunday we're spending the day in Napa. We leave Monday. Thanks for all of your help!

Bachelorette Dinner in SF?

Sorry for 3 girls. Nothing big. But pricing isn't too much of a big deal if it's a really neat place! We don't need a private area...

Bachelorette Dinner in SF?

We're looking for a nice place for dinner with good food and good atmosphere. Any suggestions? Saturday night place? Thanks!!

Seafood around Hyatt Regency Baltimore?

Where is a MUST TRY place in the inner harbour? We're only there for the weekend. Any place we have to try before we head out? Thanks!!

Las Vegas Bachelorette Dinner?

Great!! Thanks!! I'll look into Tao!

Aug 18, 2008
pikachu2818 in Southwest

Las Vegas Bachelorette Dinner?

Where should a group of us girls go on the Strip? I was looking at Mix, Spago, Stack, Cut, but I don't know if it's too much for the girls to spend? Any other SMOKIN places we have to go try? Any places have specials for B-Dinners? Thanks!

Aug 14, 2008
pikachu2818 in Southwest

Season/Weather in Sydney & Auckland?

What's it like at the end of June? What's in season that we should look out for at the markets/chow?

Birthday Dinner MUST TRY in Sydney!

Wow! Thanks for all of the input!!!

Birthday Dinner MUST TRY in Sydney!

My apologies. I guess not too expensive, but very Sydney? I was looking at all of the nicer restaurants like Rockpool, etc, but my fiance doesn't want to spend that much. We're huge foodies and I'm armed with everything from this board. I just didn't know how to narrow my choice to 1!

Birthday Dinner MUST TRY in Sydney!

So I've gathered a ton of eating places off this board for our Sydney trip, but my question is, of all these places, where should I MUST go for my fiance's birthday dinner? So many restaurants, with so little time.....;) Thanks!!

Birthday Dinner MUST TRY!

So I've gathered a ton of eating places off this board for our Sydney trip, but my question is, of all these places, where should I MUST go for my fiance's birthday dinner? So many restaurants, with so little time.....;) Thanks!!

3 Days in Auckland!

Where to eat?? Drink?? And be merry!? ;)

Birthday Dinner in Nadji, Fiji

This is so helpful thank you!! Anything else we should do while we're there? We'll be in Fiji for 6 days. I'm pretty sure we'll tour other islands!! We're also goind to Auckland and Sydney....

Birthday Dinner in Nadji, Fiji

Any recommendations? We're heading over there in July and I wanted to see if there are any MUST TRYs while we're there. Not to mention a nicer place for a birthday dinner?

Nate's review - what happened to this place?

I agree about Nate's. It's kinda bland I think. We tried Dodie's last week. The fried platters were limp and soggy. The crawfish was also cold and bland. I did not enjoy it as much and will probably not be going back there.

Apr 02, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas

Birthday Dinner in Nadi, Fiji

Are there cool places for a birthday dinner in Nadi? We'll be heading over there in July and I wanted to scope out the digs!!


Firefly Restaurant in Addison?

I thought this place was really nice in decor. The food wasn't bad for asian fusion. I did however order some spring rolls and they tasted a little weird. I mean they have many different kinds of "rolls" but I ordered the traditional one and it had mango in it. And it was all vermicelli too. So I don't think I'll order that next time I come, but i would give it another shot.

Mar 10, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas

[DFW] - Mr. Shabu Shabu - Plano

I think another name for it is Lau. I'm thinking Bistro B might have it too, since they have such a big menu. Lau is really good especially during winter when it's cold.

Dallas Best Vietnamese?

I'm glad you tried it!! I agree about the smoke. No I checked and they didn't make Bun Cha Hanoi. I think that's another place. But I just eat whatever they have on the menu. Mainly pho and the other soups. Happy eating!

Feb 10, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas

Dallas Best Vietnamese?

My Tho has the best V-Food in Garland. I do not recommend any other place!!! Plano and Walnut is the place to be!!

Feb 09, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas

Bistro B (DFW)

Bistro B is D-town's best attempt at a "Tan Tan" of Houston. It's ok. You should just try it just to see how you like it. It's not like we can be picky in Dallas for Asian food!

Feb 09, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas

Pho in Dallas?

Dude I'm from Houston and the only Pho place I eat at is My Tho in Garland (Plano & Walnut). It tastes the best and they have other good food too especially Goi Cuon! Their Com Tam Bi is good too and Bun Thit Nuong. Just try everything. Take your time and keep coming back! ;) Otherwise I wait till I go to Houston to eat anywhere else.

Fun restaurant in Frisco? Help!

LOFT 610 or Chaucers!!! Both off 121

NORTH NORTH Dallas hot spot?

For bumpin spots in Frisco there's Loft 610 - Lounge & Bar. It's right at Tollway and 121.

On the other side of 121 in front of Stonebriar Mall is Chaucers. That's really bumpin too if you want sushi and drinks!

Feb 01, 2008
pikachu2818 in Texas