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SD Fair Must-Eats?

anybody recommend any "must-eats" at the SD fair?

Jun 27, 2009
kutiepotpie in San Diego

Help in Bakersfield

If you're looking for something casual and affordable, I recommend a place called Sarducci's Italian Deli. It's a sandwich place and there are other items like lasagna, spaghetti...etc. They have a pretty good variety of beers, and there's enough room for a larger group. I think a sandwich, soup AND fry plate runs about $5-$6 if I recall correctly... I personally like their salami sandwich, and I hear their pickled tongue is the best in town.

Sarducci's Italian Deli
4530 Stine Road
Bakersfield, CA 93313

Jan 19, 2009
kutiepotpie in California

Malaysian food hunt

for those who have gone to Overseas, I would also like to know what you guys recommend

Feb 20, 2008
kutiepotpie in San Diego

Yogurt World in Mira Mesa

thanks for the heads up! can't wait...!

Feb 13, 2008
kutiepotpie in California

Green Tea Ice-cream?

Mitsuwa Market is another good place to find it. It's a Japanese grocery store (4240 Kearny Mesa Rd). If you can find green tea ice cream made by Dreyers, I highly recommend that one. I have found it on ocassion at Seafood City Market (8955 Mira Mesa Blvd). Gluck!

I'm totally assuming you're in San Diego... But I'm not sure where you're located...

Jan 10, 2008
kutiepotpie in California

Best Agua Fresca in San Diego?

I have been craving good fresh agua fresca (particularly watermelon) in San Diego. I usually go to a place in San Juan Capistrano, but when my cravings get going, it's not reasonable to drive all the way up there to get it. I'm sure living in San Diego, around such great mexican places, there has to be a good agua fresca place I just don't know about. All recommendations will be greatly appreciated and visited!!

Dec 13, 2007
kutiepotpie in California