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Bacaro, Aroma or Pylos?

It's date night - heading to an early dinner and then to hear some live music at The Living Room. After much poking around - I've narrowed it to the above three restaurants. Looking for romantic and fairly low-key. Price isn't too much of an issue and these all seem comparable but to the point their not, I'd love to know that too.

Thanks for your votes and any anecdotes about these places that made you like or not like them.

Happy weekend.

Aug 08, 2008
jasbet07 in Manhattan

Ice Delivery? DUMBO

Having a party on Saturday night that will require many bags of ice to keep beverages cold in a tub - does anyone know of places that would deliver bags of ice? We are located in DUMBO.

I will check with local markets - but thought I'd see if anyone knew of a place for sure. Thanks.

Mar 28, 2008
jasbet07 in Outer Boroughs

Portland to Big Sur - Must Eats?

Coming from NYC in late May, am all set on great places to eat in Portland and have begun researching stops along the way down to Big Sur (taking just over 12 days to do the trip) - but I figure in all the small coastal towns along 101, there have got to be hidden gems that might not get attention elsewhere. Anyone have some places that they dream about?

All cuisines welcome - my partner is a HUGE shellfish fan and loves clam chowder so I think she'll be in heaven. I'm more looking for spots that embody the character of the various small towns that we will traveling through. Or places that make the best fries you've ever tasted...that sort of thing. Obviously, if you have recs for more upscale food along the way for a nice dinner here and there, that would be welcomed too. We will be alternating between camping and hoteling.

Thanks in advance for sharing your favorites!

Mar 07, 2008
jasbet07 in Pacific Northwest

Park Slope, group of 9, tonight...

Anyone know of places in PS that take reservations for large groups? We were planning on Maria's (used to love it when I lived there), but I was just hung up on 3 times when I called and their service was never great even before they expanded - so I don't want to take the chance. It doesn't need to be amazing food...just looking for a place that will be able to handle a larger group without being sent into a tailspin.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jan 04, 2008
jasbet07 in Outer Boroughs

Cozy but Quick Sushi place Trinity Church: Broadway at Wall Street

Going to see Handel's Messiah at Trinity Church tonight - starts at 7:30, would like to grab relatively quick but tasty (and with reasonable ambiance) japanese on way there from 42nd Street area.


Dec 18, 2007
jasbet07 in Manhattan

Xmas & New Year in NYC

There doesn't seem to be much Brooklyn endorsement here - but I'd say try to make it if you can. If nothing else, if you are looking for something other to TOTG and want something NY - The River Cafe, would be a great alternative. They have a Christmas Day menu (4 courses for $125) Great food and the view of Manhattan (right under the Brooklyn Bridge) cannot be beat. It's beautiful in there, I'm sure will be amazingly decorated for the holidays and the menu looks great for that day.

The cab fare from midtown (I live right near the restaurant in a neighborhood called DUMBO) will be about $16 + tip (you might have to take 2 with 5 ppl - but some of the minivan cabs will take you), otherwise you can take the A train (right near your hotel) to the first stop in Bklyn (about a 20 min ride) which is about a 3-4 minute walk to the River Cafe.


Dec 18, 2007
jasbet07 in Manhattan

Food/Drink items made in Brooklyn

Wanting to give an outside of NY foodie a basket of items made in Brooklyn or NYC for an xmas present. My initial thoughts were McClure's pickles, Junior's cheesecake, the pretzels from the farmer's market (I know they're outside of the city...but close enough), Brooklyn Brewery beer, Jacques Torres chocolates/hot chocolate mix, etc. Are there others? Are there stores/markets that tend to carry items made in the area? Thinking Bierkraft, Stinky, etc.

Any help much appreciated! All ideas welcome.

Happy Holidays.

Dec 13, 2007
jasbet07 in Outer Boroughs