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Chesapeake Rest??

Anybody been to the Chesapeake Rest on N Charles St in Baltmore.
It has been closed for 30 yrs and I hear finally reopened??

dupont circle

I need a lunch spot for business .

Where's a nice place for dinner tonight around Towson, Hunt Valley, etc.?

Brother there is a wasteland between Towson and Hunt Valley. Here are a few thoughts . Michaels on York Rd in Timonium has stepped up their kitchen and since they passed the no smoking law you can sit in the bar area, which is more casual without having to wear a mask.
Christopher Daniel also in Timonium has very good foor.
If want to go up York Rd 10 min from Hunt Valley consider eating at the bar at the Milton Inn which is a bit pricey but very quaint and the foods is better than any you mentioned.

near grand central station??

any recomendations for non steak resturants near gcs in nyc. thx

Dec 12, 2007
parkton in Manhattan