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Atlanta for Aussie Group - Help please!

I am responsible for booking dinner for a group of ten Australians who will be playing golf in Atlanta the weekend before the Masters. Last year, we went to Two Urban Licks, which I believe everyone enjoyed, but was a little loud for some of the older members of the group. This year's group ranges in age from 27 - ??? and the attitudes go from really down to earth to extremely "snooty".

We are staying at the Westin Airport but will have transportation, so that isn't a huge issue, although I know we don't want to stray too far...

I really would like to go to a good Southern restaurant to give them some local flavor and was thinking Wisteria - is it too intimate and romantic for a group this large?

Australian wine and beer

Each state in Australia has it's own "special" beer. Toohey's is the one from New South Wales, XXXX from Queensland and Victoria Bitters (?) from Vic. Aussies think that Fosters is a joke....

As for wine, have just spent the past six months in the Hunter Valley - their main focus is on semillon, however, I love the unoaked chardonnay from Marsh Estate. They ship and can be reached at For a shiraz, I would suggest something from Barossa....hope this helps!

Dec 12, 2007
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