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Nice Birthday dinner for my wife.

My wife's birthday is in a week, and she just told me she'd like to have a nice dinner out. So I called PS7s, one of our favorite special treats, only to get the prerecorded message "you have reached a number that has been disconnected." Despite no official word from the restaurant, after further investigation it would seem they are apparently closed.

We haven't been very adventurous in fine dining lately, so I'm at a loss for an alternative and hoping for suggestions. In addition to the delicious menu and great service we'd experienced at PS7s, we also like the quiet ambiance. (I'm hard of hearing, so a place like Jaleo or Zaytinya renders me incommunicado.) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PG county dining

[ Edit of my previous post:]

Re: New Deal Cafe - The baked salmon dish is in a thick shrimp sauce, not fish sauce. Just thought I should clarify that.

PG county dining

There are plenty of good cheap eats in PG County. Just not enough nice places with the combination of really good food, really good atmosphere, and really good service.

You could list a bunch of great sandwich shops and great hole-in-the wall ethnic places. Tiffin, Udupi, and Woodlands are all very good Indian food, but none are a "fine dining" experience. (They're also right on the border w/ Mont. County, so I tend to think of them as part of Montgomery. For most people in PG, they're not that much closer than Silver Spring, which is easier to get to, and has a greater selection of restaurants.)

Franklin's has a good, if noisy, atmosphere, but in my experience the food has been hit or miss. Sometimes it's great, and sometimes we have to send it back. I admit, it's been a while since I've risked anything other than their burgers or fish and chips, so things may have improved since my last bad experience (a year or more ago).

My wife and I tried Calvert House a couple years ago. The service was lacking. My wife ordered the steamed mussels and they smelled so bad we had to put them on an empty table to get them away from us. We haven't been back.

As for Jerry's Seafood in Lanham, I must confess, I just don't get it. They don't seem to do anything particularly special with their seafood. I've been a few times and always been less than impressed and stunned by their prices.

We just lost what, from my experience, was a restaurant with great fine dining potential: Williams American Bistro, which opened last year in Beltway Plaza in Greenbelt. The prices were very reasonable, the food very fresh and nicely prepared, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was classy yet warm. If it weren't in a mall parking lot between a Wendy's and Popeye's, you'd think you were eating at one of the nicer established places in downtown Bethesda. I'm guessing the location worked against them, which is a damn shame, because it was almost right around the corner from me.

So once again the familiar cry - Why don't we have any GREAT restaurants in PG county?

I haven't been to Nat. Harbor yet, but the reviews from friends and family haven't been too encouraging. I'll still go check it out myself.

I will put in a plug for the New Deal Cafe in Old Greenbelt. It's casual dining (order at the counter/food is delivered). They've got a good chicken shawarma, good kibbeh (meat AND vegetarian) and fatayer, and a really nice baked Salmon in fish sauce. Chef Karim takes pride in his menu, and on the rare occasions I've received something that's not up to par, I brought it to his attention, and he made it right. They've got live entertainment most evenings featuring a wide variety of music.